Broadcast Dubs

I know Funimation has started producing Broadcast dubs for anime since 2015, and I feel its nice being able to watch your favorite anime dubbed a year ahead of its home video release. I think anime network and Sentai Filmworks should consider such a move with its titles.

It’s a nice idea, but not really sure if Sentai has the capability to be able to do Broadcast dubs. You have to understand that Funimation has been pouring a ton of money into this project, and really doesn’t see any type of payoff until the Home Video sales almost 12-18 months later, unless the title gets shown on Broadcast TV

Now that the Winter 2017 broadcast dub season is rolling, I’m still not sure that they’re really all that much of a benefit.

Seems to me that each broadcast dub season breaks down something like this:

  • 1 (maybe 2) dub that rivals the top-tier traditional dubs (eg: Interviews with Monster Girls)

  • A few dubs that are almost as good as a traditional dub (eg: ACCA 13)

  • A swath of dubs that seem rushed (eg: Saga of Tanya the Evil)

In fairness, this does make following the seasons more fun for me, and it leads to me watching shows that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have (eg: ACCA 13).

Unfortunately, it seems that what we hear in the broadcast dub is pretty much what we’ll hear on the blu-ray/dvd, as Funi can’t/won’t really spruce 'em up before shipping them out, so IMO this leads to many shows getting short-changed in the dub department.

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