Dubbed rather than subbed

Why do they keep giving subbed titles rather than dubbed. People such as myself with certain handicaps cannot truly enjoy subbed presentations. I would think that when an anime is presented, it should have the option of both, to allow all parties enjoy them in the best possible manner. Case in point, they are soon to be coming out with Girls in Panthers, a title that highly interests me as I am into tanks. However, it is going to be presented only subbed, which causes me severe distress and an impossibility for me to really follow it. Is there anyway they can fix these problems for the handicapped viewers?

Unfortunately, Sentai/Section 23 is no longer able to dub everything they license.

Now they wait and see how a title does in sales/streaming/etc. before deciding if it gets a dub. (Some titles are decided beforehand if they think it’s a sure hit.)

I wish I could say something else to help you out, but the fact is that dubs are expensive.

Tell all your friends to watch or buy this! Push the numbers up!

I expect that Girls und Panzers may end up being simulcast.

You can expect simulcast series to be subtitled; there is not enough time do get a dub done. Take To LoveRu Darkness for example. It premieres at 1AM Tokyo time, and the streaming on TAN starts just 9 hours later (10AM Tokyo time on Friday = 6PM Pacific time on Thursday).

You can also expect several months to elapse before a simulcast series comes out in dubbed form. Infinite Stratos and High School of the Dead come to mind.

Also, is there going to be a dubbed season 2 and 3 of You’re Under Arrest? This title has been in the line up for years. I enjoyed the first season surprisingly and would love to continue.


I wouldn’t hold my breath for a dub of You’re Under Arrest. If there ever was to be one, it would have been done when Sentai released the DVDs.

The good news is that Sentai release now more dubs than they were doing in the past.