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[size=17]C³ / C Cube / Cube x Cursed x Curious[/size]


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C³ (C Cube / Cube x Cursed x Curious) Official JP Homepage
C³ (C Cube / Cube x Cursed x Curious) info on ANN

[quote]Genres: comedy, fantasy, psychological, romance
Themes: curses, ecchi, school
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2011-10-01 to 2011-12-17

Plot Summary:
Haruaki Yachi is a high school boy and naturally resistant to curses. His father, Honatsu, sends him cursed instruments called “Worse” to try to break this. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu. During the night, he encounters a naked silver-haired girl stealing rice crackers. She is the human form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called “Fear in Cube”. Haruaki and the girl “Fear” fight together against other Worse instruments and their owners using Fear’s 32 mechanisms of torture.[/quote]

###C³ (C Cube) TV Anime’s 1st Promotional Video
posted on 2011-06-09 22:30 EDT

Just from the little promo, this actually doesn’t look too bad.
I’m kinda hoping someone picks this up for simulcast.

The magic cucumber says:

CR will stream.

That’s my assumption as well, at least to start with.
But after these past few seasons, and what’s been simulcast and where, there’s a chance they might not.
So I wouldn’t go betting my life on it as a guarenteed.

###C³ (C Cube) TV Anime’s 2nd Promotional Video Streamed
posted on 2011-09-08 13:20 EDT

[size=19]ANN Anime Spotlight: C³ -Cube x Cursed x Curious-[/size]

Fall 2011 Anime Showcase

First shows now posted

by Justin Sevakis, Sep 19th 2011

Our coverage of new shows for the season kicks off today with Spotlight pages for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, PHI-BRAIN and C³! Check them out now!

[size=19]C³ starts on Oct.20 on NicoNico![/size]

They posted the links in a blog, but still haven’t made a specific channel for it yet, so the link on the Anime Page only points to the first episode, so I’ll post the links here as well.

Episode 1.
Episode 2.
Episode 3.
Episode 4.

I added the C³ channel link to the first post.

Finished up eps. 01-04

This series is just awesome so far!
It kind of likes to bounce between cliche and awesome, but on the whole, it’s actually turning out rather well.

I especially like the soundtrack to this.

I can’t wait to see what happens though…

[details=spoiler]Peavey ‘killed’ Mummy Maker to use her blood for the cursed ax.

But I wonder if Mummy Maker is truely dead.
Since the nature of her cursed gauze can even stop death, makes one wonder if she used it on herself.[/details]

Finished up ep. 05

I don’t know why (though I actually do), but this episode I thought of Slow because it reminded me of her.

A lot happened this episode…

[details=spoiler]So the battle continues from the last episode.

Peavey is just hell bend on destroying Fear in any way possible, regardless of cost.

So she kidnaps the Student Body President, Kirika, to use as bait for Fear.
Then proceeds to ‘kill’ her right infront of Fear to goad her into releasing her sanity.

This plan kind of backfires though.
Fear, having made a promise, uses every ounce of willpower she has to stay in control.

Meanwhile, Kirika, who is thought to be dead, uses a Worse to tie up Peavey, and we find out what that bondage gear is
that we saw her wearing in an earlier epoisode.

It grants unlimited regeneration, but at a cost, if she takes it off, she will die.[/details]

:laugh: :laugh:


That is some outfit that Kirika can never take off! I hope things work out for Fear. I like that those disc things may be able to end her curse. They seem to be parts of her and I wonder if retrieving them will make her whole and happy.

Finished up ep. 06

We get a new character now…


She’s a cursed doll, who is stealing the energy of kids in school.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the Engrish though.
Not as bad as Revy’s Engrish, but still rather humorous.

I kind of wish JP VA companies would just stick to one language when doing anime though.
Most of the JP VAs I’ve heard have horrible English when they try to speak it.[/details]

Finished up ep. 07

[details=spoiler]You know, sometimes the ‘embarrassed by boob’ cliche just gets taken way too far.
Such is the case with the first part of this ep.

Though I have to say, the later half of this ep. made up for it.

The twist on Sovereignty was actually kind of unexpected.
An androgenous perfect doll whose curse is that their owner falls in love with them and then gets to die when they embrace.

So, from the way Konoha placed Haruaki’s hand, does that mean when

[details=spoiler]he holds her as a sword, her boobs are the hilt? :blink:

I like the way Sovereignty turned out as well. As you say, unexpected. But the back story was even a little on the sweet side.

And I think Fear is getting the hang of helping people too.[/details]

Finished up ep. 09

New OP & ED!

[details=spoiler]And it seems Kirika has become the focus for the new OP.



She’s super cute and awesome!
She’s also going to fill that ‘super cute moe’ hole left in me by missing Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu!
And she even has the same VA (Yui Ogura)![/details]

I like the new OP & ED!

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Another doll character and she’s the cutest thing! I think I like Kuroe’s hair too. I could use that kind of help around the house! She’s also a healer, which would come in handy too. Alice has got to be one of the strangest enemies – so polite! But I have a feeling it’s an act.

Interesting that Kirika seems to have feelings for Haruaki. I wonder if her curse can be broken as well. And Fear is a lousy dancer, but I did enjoy her efforts.

Loved the bathing scene! Those misunderstandings are always hysterical. Leave it to a male character to hear one thing and imagine something completely different! And then get in trouble for it! Makes me laugh every time! The re-opening of the beauty parlor was funny and stranger still was that Alice was a customer! She also admits she’s the “culprit”. But I have to wonder what she means.[/details]

Finished up ep. 10


[details=spoiler]That’s one twisted cursed object Kirika has.
It basically desires to torture and kill her on a daily basis.

That kind of life must really suck though.

Two cursed objects…
One, makes her basically immortal, as long as she keeps wearing it.
The other desires to torture and kill her on a daily basis.

A true masochists life.
And hold up!
Is my super cute sweet Kuroe really the murderer?![/details]

They finally got the vid working today (suppose to be working Monday)
So I just finished up ep. 11 while TAN was down earlier.

[details=spoiler]We get to find out that Kuroe isn’t the murderer.
We also get to find out Alice’s intentions and motives.

But what was really cool, was the very end, when Fear and Alice prepare to fight!
Next week can’t come soon enough![/details]

C3’s (C Cube’s) 5th BD/DVD to Have Unaired Episode

posted on 2011-12-18 09:30 EST

“Slightly risque slapstick comedy’s” cast head to camp where something awaits them

Starchild Records’ official website for the C³ (C Cube/Cube x Cursed x Curious) television anime series confirmed on Sunday that the fifth Blu-ray Disc/DVD will have the 12th and final television episode as well as a new, all-original episode. Hazuki Minase, the author of the original light novel series, wrote the script for the unaired 13th episode, and the fifth Blu-ray/Disc volume will ship next April. The 12th episode just aired on Saturday.

In the unaired episode’s story, Haruaki, Fear, and the rest of the cast have arrived at a camp site for a school trip. However, something is waiting for them there in this “slightly risque slapstick comedy.”

In the original light novels and the anime that they inspired, the high school boy Haruaki Yachi receives a mysterious black cube from his father. Later in his kitchen, Haruaki discovers “Fear” — the female human personification of the cube and an instrument of torture. Funimation and Niconico streamed the television episodes in North America as they aired in Japan (after an initial delay).

Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Alice is definitely an odd one. I haven’t quite figured her out yet.

Kirika admits to being blackmailed. And her curse tortures her – sometimes every day. How horrible! But she shares this with Haruaki, hoping he doesn’t hate her for it. Haruaki just says that she is kind to suffer this way so others won’t get hurt. Then Haruaki asks Kirika to give him Kurokawa Karen. I think he’d like to save her all that pain, but Kirika refuses, saying that is her strength. Haruaki seems to understand and doesn’t push the issue, but leaves her to rest.

Now for Kuroe! Fear catches her doing something to her client’s cut hair. But what? Fear thinks that the victims of the serial killer were also customers of the beauty parlor. And it’s later proven to be so. Does this mean that cute little Kuroe is the killer or is she somehow manipulating Alice? I hope it’s just coincidence! [/details]

Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Kuroe is confronted with Fear’s suspicions and volunteers to be confined. But it turns out that Kuroe eats the hair in mourning and it revitalizes her. Alice shows up again and manages to take Haruaki, Kirika and Kuroe as hostages this time, just to use as leverage, so that Fear will join the Vivolio Families. And of course what they stand for is just plain wrong.

Himura shows up as Kirika’s “partner” and torments the hostages before freeing only Kirika and taking her away. I liked the reference to the Man in the Iron Mask bit. It also turns out that Alice is the head of the Vivolio Families and is truly insane. And the serial killer’s victims were people that were only too happy to die.

An injured Kirika returns to Fear and Konoha to help save the others. I hope that Himura was killed in the accident, but I doubt it. Ones like him don’t die easily. Kirika confesses everything to Fear and Konoha and even tells Fear about Kuroe. Fear then feels bad about suspecting her and promises to bring everyone home. I hope she can!

Fear is really coming along nicely too. I’m sure she’ll be able to break her curse soon. And that Kuroe is such a little pervert! I adore her![/details]