Genres: action, drama, mystery, psychological
Themes: biological warfare, genetic mutation, girls with guns, human experimentation, special abilities, terrorism, tragic past
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Two years ago, Shibuya was ravaged by a biological terrorist attack using the deadly Ua virus. Maria Osawa was saved when her father inoculated her against the virus, but is left with partial amnesia from the shock. She works as a cameraman when she reunites with a girl named Canaan in Shanghai, China. A gifted assassin with synesthesia, she is under orders from an unknown organization for a yet unspecified mission.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2009-07-04 to 2009-09-26

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Anyways, this is one I’ve been recommended a few times to watch since I have a fondness for Girls-with-Guns type shows.
I can’t wait to try it out if it pops up on VOD, otherwise, I guess I’ll have to throw some cash at it as a blind buy.

In any case, I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

Yeah, I’ve heard it’s pretty good too. Even Robert at Anime Nation seems to like the show, and he never really likes anything…lol I can’t wait for this one. I preordered the bluray set already.

If you like girls-with-guns you will love this series. This is a must buy for me.

Girls With Guns?

I’m there!

If I have the money I’ll get this.

Is this show worth watching? And by “worth watching” I mean does it have plenty of sex, violence, blood, gore, nudity?

Oh wow…

They could be sisters…yummy, a sister sammich…

me… :woohoo:…

You just can’t have a “girls with guns” thread without a pic of Mireille. :wink:

or Irene “Rally” Vincent

This show look pretty sweet! I’ll be sure to buy it when it comes out. Plus it’s right up ADV’s “girls with guns” alley. Noir, Madlax, Dirty Pair, Gunsmith Cats…now one more gem to add to the crown (sort of).

Canaan English dub cast

Directed by Steven Foster
Translation by Javier Lopez

Canaan - Shelley Calene-Black
Maria - Hilary Haag
Minorikawa - David Matranga
Liang-Chi - Jessica Boone
Alphard - Lesley Pedersen
Cummings - Andy McAvin
Natsume - Kaytha Coker
Santana - Leraldo Anzaldua
Siam - Andrew Love
Yun Yun - Serena Varghese
Jin - Rob Mungle

Per: Janice Williams
Seraphim Digital

Awesome :slight_smile:

Canaan - Shelley Calene-Black

WHAT? Seems to me she would suit Alphard a whole lot better.

Shelley, Hilary, Jessica… sounds like a good dub to me! :slight_smile:

I’m downloading episode 1 from iTunes now, thought I won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow. I don’t like how iTunes sort of hides the SD downloads now. I didn’t even notice it was available in SD until after I was already downloading the HD version. You have to click on an icon in the lower left corner to bring up the SD downloads.

Oh well, I’ve been debating on getting an Apple TV to stream all my iTunes content and the DVD’s I’ve converted over the years, so I will probably want it in HD anyway.

Like Xam’d, the Canaan bluray set is also on sale at Amazon. It’s almost 40% off at $42.49. It’s not as good as a Right Stuf Studio Sale, but still one of the best prices you can get right now.

Oddly enough, the bluray set is actually $2 cheaper than the DVD set right now…lol

Downloaded the first 4 eps. from iTunes, and I have to say: Finally, a worthy sucessor to Noir…so far. Doesn’t hurt that the main protagonist Canaan is voice by Shelley Calene-Black, who by way also voiced Noir’s Mireille. Nope, it does not hurt at all…nope…no siree, Bob.

P.S. So are these new shows, as well as some older faves, being released on iTunes by Sentai or Warner Bros.? I noticed at the bottom of the Canaan iTunes page that it says Warner Bro. and not Sentai or Anime Network.

:huh: ?

Warner Brothers is doing distribution to iTunes for Anime Network. The shows are still offered by TAN though. It’s probably because they already have the appropriate infrastructure and relationship in place.

Watched the first ep earlier this morning.

It was actually pretty damn awesome.
This definitely seems like a series I’m going to throughly enjoy.
I am, however, going to wait out watching more of it until the dub shows up next week on VOD though, that way I can fully concentrate on the action and enjoy it more.

All episodes of Canaan (subtitled) are now up on the Online Player.

The dubbed version starts:

VOD: Oct 7
OP: Oct 28