Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation


Genres: action, supernatural
Themes: death, demons, survival, survival game
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Adaptation of the Nintendo DS game, part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. High school senior Hibiki Kuze and his best friend Daichi Shijima discover a website that will send videos of their friends’ faces just before they die, only to receive videos of each other on the very spot where they’re standing. When sudden disaster strikes, the same site that foretold doom allows them to summon the “demons” they need to survive, and the two friends along with classmate Io Nitta are thrown into an uneasy alliance with a secret organization fighting to stop the end of the world. (from ANN)
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-04
Opening Theme: “Take Your Way” by livetune adding Fukase from SEKAI NO OWARI
Ending Theme: 1. “Be” by Song Riders
2. “Each and All” by Livetune

ANN Page

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

April 18, 2013

Persona 4’s Kishi Directs Devil Survivor 2 RPG’s TV Anime

posted on 2012-12-07 02:05 EST
Bridge animates with head writer Makoto Uezu, composer Kotaro Nakagawa

Episode 1 -


It does remind me a little of Future Diary, but I’ll see how it goes. I already like that you can use your phone to summon demons.

The title almost threw me off. I thought it was a second season and I wasn’t going to bother, but then I read that it’s based on a game, so the anime is really the only one. I’m glad I gave it a shot.

Episode 2 –


So the kids join forces with the JP’s. Hibiki and Byakko are definitely a force to be reckoned with. But I also like the touch of mystery so far – there seems to be more people involved in this and perhaps they might have a hand in these demons appearing.

Episode 3 –


Wow, now you can bid on demons too. And the JP is incredible with their underground roads and private trains.

The kids have moved on to Osaka and meet other newly assigned Summoners there. They are tasked with finding the missing Prof. Kanno. They arrive at JP Command to find the computers under attack from a hacker. Hibiki realizes the hacker’s location and I don’t think the Deputy Director likes him or any of the Summoners very much.

I’m glad they were in time to save Keita, but he seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He talks tough, but it seems he will stand with his fellow Summoners. Poor Daichi has such weak demons – perhaps he should have bid on something a little stronger! And the hacker turns out to be the very Prof. Kanno that they are looking for! She’s been brainwashed into helping the demons!

In saving Hibiki, Keita dies anyway and now Osaka is without any protection at all. That huge thing flying overhead looks like it’s going to be a big problem. Can’t wait to see how they deal with it!

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Coming to Anime Network Online Player in May

STARTING: May 5th @ 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Episode 4 –


In the aftermath, Hibiki berates himself over Keita’s death, thinking that he should have been able to prevent it, since they were forewarned. But they still have to fight the giant Septentrion and Hibiki is dragged off to help. It was funny that they wouldn’t let Daichi go because his demons’ levels were too low!

With Osaka’s spiritual defenses down, the Septentrion, Merak has no trouble entering the city. It has manifested in order to destroy the rest of the barrier. And with that will come the end of the city. Hibiki is placed in the last line of defense and still blaming himself over Keita’s death, is determined to win.

One line of Summoners is destroyed and Merak begins an attack on the barrier. Daichi is assigned to the medevac team, but they are destroyed as well and it looks like Daichi is the only survivor. He warns Hibiki by phone and tells him to run, but Hotsuin cuts the line. Against Hotsuin’s orders, Hibiki goes off to fight Merak with Byakko and Hotsuin orders Nitta to replace him on the final line of defense.

Hinako is in the next line of Summoners and Hibiki is just in time to save her from being killed. He has Byakko attack Merak, but he was a little overconfident and Byakko’s electric attack doesn’t work. Byakko manages a physical wound before Merak takes him out. Hibiki runs to Byakko and Merak attacks again. This time, Hinako sacrifices her life for Hibiki and manages to tell him where Nitta is just before she passes out.

Alcor appears and introduces himself to Hibiki, saying that he’s an old friend of Hotsuin’s. He tells Hibiki that Nitta is fighting in his place in the final line and that it was Hibiki’s choice that led to it. Merak now appears before Nitta and the last line of defense. She calls forth Megami Kikuri-Hime and has the goddess attack Merak. Merak is damaged, but prepares another magical attack. Hibiki arrives with Byakko just in time to prevent it from targeting Nitta.

As it now targets Hibiki, he is ordered to give one final attack against Merak and gives it everything he has. Byakko shows incredible power as he totally demolishes Merak. Hibiki is praised by one and all, but it isn’t quite over. Merak tries a final maneuver, but is stopped by a mysterious man who warns Hibiki to “keep his guard up until it’s finished”. He introduces himself to Hibiki as “someone who resents JP’s”. He warns Hibiki that Hotsuin is “dangerous”. He tells Hibiki that he’d like him to come with him.

In the end, Hinako may not be dead, Prof. Kanno awakens from unconsciousness and JP’s Nagoya Branch has been seized! And the one behind taking it was just speaking with Hibiki – Ronaldo Kuriki – a former JP’s team member! All team members are then ordered to return to base, but there is no trace of Hibiki! I am truly hooked on this show now – I can’t resist these cliffhangers!

WHEN DID THEY GET THIS ONE? I totally missed that news…

Here’s a thread just for you!

Episode 1 is live at ANO

Episode 5 –


As the JP’s forces make their way to Nagoya, Daichi and Nitta are stowaways. But as they arrive, they receive a “dead face” clip and it’s Hibiki!

I wonder how Hotsuin knows so much about the enemy and where they will appear.

On their way to the Nagoya Branch, Daichi and Nitta fall in with the insurgents that are against the government. Demons appear and Daichi tries to help, but once again realizes just how weak his demons are. Nitta calls upon her Kikuri-Hime to take care of things, but the demons keep coming. Suddenly Hibiki appears with a new demon, Sazuku, and destroys the enemy with fire, saving the people. Nitta tries to warn him about the dead face clip, but Hibiki disappears just as quickly as he appeared.

The leader of the insurgents, Ronaldo, tells everyone that Hotsuin will take over the world and must be stopped. Strangely, Hibiki doesn’t seem himself as he stands at Ronaldo’s side and he later seems to be questioning Ronaldo’s motives. Ronaldo is also looking for whoever developed the summoning app and wants them to join his side. And based on his research of Hotsuin, Ronaldo also knows that a Septentrion is about to appear in Nagoya.

Ronaldo plans to put up a good defense of Summoners without sacrificing anyone or using them as human shields. Hotsuin is beginning to seem like a very scary man! He was also a scary child. I can see him wanting to rule the world. And he seems a little too friendly with Alcor as well. Interesting that Hotsuin also gets Hibiki’s dead face clip when he isn’t a friend, but it looks like he has a different version of Nicaea. Interesting too that Hotsuin is fond of the black king chess piece, but I wonder if Alcor is the true black king.

Episode 2 is live at ANO

Episode 6 –


As they await the third Septentrion, Otome asks Hibiki why he’s with the rebels and he tells her that he wants to protect the people – Hotsuin has caused too many deaths with his orders. Otome tells him that Hotsuin probably chose the path with the least amount of deaths, but Hibiki’s heart just can’t accept that.

Daichi and Nitta are reunited with Hibiki. They scold him for leaving them behind and tell him about the dead face clip. He finds out too that there are there without JP’s permission. They also expect Hibiki to return with them to Tokyo. He explains why he can’t go back with them His friends are really worried about the dead face clip and elect to remain with him to try and protect him. At least his hood with those silly rabbit ears finally falls off his head! LOL

Two more Summoners, Airi and Jungo, show up at the Nagoya Base to take it back. Airi’s demon made me laugh – it looks like Puss in Boots! Jungo’s demon is also a cat. The cats may be small, but they sure are strong! Ronaldo appears and stops the fight, telling his men to pull back. Ronaldo tries to turn these two to his side as well, by Airi attacks him instead. The fight ceases with the manifestation of a Septentrion – and it’s appearing inside the base! Ronaldo had said that Hotsuin had a “contract” with the Septenrions, so I wonder if this is Hotsuin’s doing.

The Septentrion appears right in the command center! Ronaldo orders the non-fighters to the shelters and informs Airi and Jungo that they will be fighting with him. Airi puts up a protest, but Jungo reminds her that there is a common enemy in the Septentrion. Airi is a bit of a hot head but she’s a good fighter. However, between Ronaldo, Joe, Airi and Jungo – all very powerful Summoners – they haven’t damaged the Septentrion at all.

The monster lets off a whopper of an electrical attack, causing the Avatars to disappear and the lights to go out. Another such attack will destroy Nagoya, but Hibiki shows up and has his Sazuku attack. Nitta joins him with her Kikuri-Hime and Daichi is there as well with his weak demons. Otome joins them with her Sarasvati and the battle is about to be won. However, the Septentrion gains more power and splits! Another attack from the monster and Sazuku and Kikuri-Hime are taken out. Things are beginning to look like the dead face clip and Nitta tells Hibiki to run.

He does run, but towards the monster! Hibiki summons his Byakko. Another blast from the monster and Hibiki drops his phone which severs his app. He’s all alone in front of the Septentrion now and it’s preparing to attack again! He’s going to die! At the last possible moment, Hotsuin’s Cerberus appears and attacks the Septentrion. Then Hotsuin himself appears and reveals his true power. He has Cerberus finish the Septentrion. Great, but the bad news is that Nagoya has been retaken by the JP’s – with the same method Ronaldo used!

Hibiki questions Hotsuin’s power, telling him that he could have fought all this time and that no one would have died. But Hotsuin beings up “Judgment Day” and tells Hibiki that defeating the Septentrion will require “pawns” – is this all just a big chess game to him? He tells Hibiki that he is an excellent pawn and Hibiki takes offense at this. Hotsuin just tells him that pawns shouldn’t have emotions. Hotsuin also orders Hibiki back to his side and to follow his orders. And so the tug of war between Ronaldo and Hotsuin begins.

The other Summoners are shocked to learn that Hotsuin wants to rule the world and he doesn’t deny it either, saying that “He who is blessed with strength should become the guide”. Ronaldo’s men appear and train their guns on Hotsuin. Big mistake! Hotsuin summons his Cerberus and Hibiki brings out his Byakko. Hotsuin questions Hibiki and Hibiki tells him that he will not allow him to hurt people. Then Alcor appears near Hibiki, saying that he never thought that the “Sparkling Ones” would fight one another.

Alcor informs Hibiki that Hotsuin came because he saw Hibiki’s dead face clip and that surprises Hibiki. Hotsuin didn’t want Alcor to tell him that. Now Hibiki doesn’t know what to think!

Episode 3 is live at ANO

Devil Survivor 2 Anime Opening’s Animated Music Video Streamed

posted on 2013-05-20 20:30 EDT
AKB0048 unit director Kazuya Miura directs footage in livetune’s “Take Your Way”

Episode 7 –


Alcor now gives Hibiki a choice – stay with Ronaldo or go back to Hotsuin. The others still question Alcor’s presence and think he’s a demon. He tells them that he is the “Anguished One” and that he doesn’t “intend” to be their enemy. But he can’t give them an answer as to who or what he is. Ronaldo tries to take him into custody, but Alcor’s Bifrons thwarts Ronaldo’s men and their demons in an instant. And the others are amazed to see that Alcor doesn’t use a phone – and Bifrons can speak as well.

Hibiki says that he will try next, but Alcor announces that he was the one to give them all the summoning app. He also created the Nicaea site. All to help them in their fight with the Septentrions. Alcor says that thanks to that, he was able to find a new “Sparkling One” and he looks at Hibiki. Alcor asks him again who he will side with. But he still doesn’t answer.

Hotsuin tells them that the next Septentrion will attack the following day. This one is called “Trinity” and will attack three places at once – Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Hotsuin entrusts Osaka to Hibiki. Hotsuin had once called Hibiki a tool and now Hibiki tells him that he will not be Hotsuin’s pawn – that he will fight of his own will. But the one goal they can all agree on is eliminating the Septentrion. However, if Hotsuin tries to rule the future, Hibiki promises to stop him.

As Hotsuin leaves, he tells Ronaldo to stay in command of Nagoya and Ronaldo takes offense at his “order”. But again, they need to work together right now. Hibiki is determined that they all survive. Alcor has disappeared and it seems he’s interfering in the “Purge”. Then again, he says that he is sometimes surprised by his own actions and he still wonders what he is. Hotsuin will protect Tokyo himself. And physical exams at a time like this? Geez!

The following day, Trinity appears in the oceans. Once it makes landfall, all three Megrez will have to be attacked simultaneously. Hibiki, Nitta and Daichi are transported over to Osaka. Hibiki reminds Makoto that he’s no long with the JP’s and Makoto says that she realizes that, but places hope in him as their friend. Once the trio arrive at Osaka, they are greeted by Hinako and are very happy to see her alive. And when Kanno is asked why she isn’t on standby, she says she’s found the sacrifice for Lugh! And she’s looking at Nitta’s info! Now what?

Episode 4 is live at ANO

Episode 8 –


Trinity has appeared and the Megrez are heading towards land, but the assembled Summoners are ready. However, they aren’t doing much damage and it’s discovered that the Megrez can regenerate. There was one funny moment when Daichi summoned one of his demons and it took one look at the enemy and disappeared, refusing to fight!

Hibiki’s group destroys their Megrez, but it quickly regenerates in its entirety and perhaps even stronger. The plan now is to destroy all three cores at once and in destroying them at the same time, perhaps this monster won’t be able to regenerate. Hibiki receives a dead face clip – it’s Ronaldo and his group! He calls Ronaldo with a warning, but there isn’t much Ronaldo can do. He can only promise to be careful.

The Megrez keep moving and the Summoners and their demons are beginning to tire. Finally, all three cores are exposed and the Summoners all attack at once. Trinity is destroyed! Or is it? It sends out a final missile blast and Ronaldo, Otome and Joe are lost – just as the dead face clip predicted. It begins to rain and Airi goes off the deep end, calling for her lost teammates and screaming in her grief. The others grieve as well. Jungo brings something to Airi’s attention – there is no sky. In fact, where he points, there is nothing.

Hibiki questions what the Septentrions are and why they attack. He just wants to wake up form this horrible dream. Alcor appears next to him and tells him that this is reality. He tells Hibiki that three enemies remain. Hibiki asks Alcor to help humanity, but he says he can’t because this is humanity’s trial. Hibiki wants to know who would test humanity in such a way and Alcor says “Polaris – The Almighty Administrator of Order”. Hibiki questions if this is God and Alcor says that some perceive it that way. But Polaris only wants to preserve the natural order of the world. Alcor actually agrees with Hibiki’s views on this unfair testing of humanity, but there’s nothing he can do since he is the “Sword of Polaris” – a Septentrion!

He is just a machine, but he does have feelings for the humans and so he gave them the tools to survive in the form of the summoning app. Hibiki is confused and Alcor admits that he is too. Why does he have a conscience? Does this mean that Polaris isn’t all that powerful? Alcor questions his own existence and wonders if he’s a mistake. Hibiki asks if Hotsuin knows all this and Alcor confirms that he does. Alcor says that unless humanity wins, the world will return to the Void. Is that what Airi and Jungo saw? And now Hibiki sees it too! Alcor tells him that once things return to the Void, humanity’s very existence will be erased. There will be nothing left to prove that there was ever a human race. How dismal! Hibiki wonders how the world can be saved, while Hotsuin doesn’t believe that it can be. It there even anything left to win at this point?

Episode 5 is live at ANO

Episode 6 is live at ANO

Episode 9 –


Hibiki awakens to find Alcor sitting next to his bed – “because no one told him to go home”. LOL At least they have a nice chat and Hibiki suddenly realizes that Alcor is his roommate. LOL Alcor is still plagued with the meaning of his existence. Hibiki tells him that as long as he isn’t their enemy, he may stay with him. But Alcor doesn’t seem to walk either, he just kind of glides around the room. Once again, Hibiki wonders just what Septentrions are and warns Alcor not to tell anyone that he’s Septentrion.

There’s more comic relief when Nitta and Daichi arrived to find Alcor in Hibiki’s room! I don’t know how Daichi thought he was going to fend off Alcor with a wastebasket! LOL As he tries to explain about Alcor to the other, Alcor keep interrupting and Hibiki keeps telling him to “be quiet”. It was just funny. Hibiki gets Nitta and Daichi to keep the secret, but Nitta notices that Alcor floats. Instead of putting his feet on the floor, Alcor just agrees with her, and Nitta takes it as proof that he isn’t human.

Hibiki tells Alcor that humans keep their feet on the ground, so Alcor complies, but notes that Hibiki looks pale. LOL Alcor then notes how hard it is to walk on the ground. Elsewhere, Hotsuin notes that there are three more Septentrions to go and then a “proper world” will begin, but he seems to be in pain.

The Fifth is about to arrive and Hinako and Airi are chosen to fight it. Everyone else will be on standby. Alioth appears in the ionosphere above Sapporo and it’s massive! Hinako and Airi are positioned with amplifiers to fight Alioth. Its core is quickly destroyed, but that seemed way too easy. Everyone is cheering the defeat of Alioth, but I’m sure the celebration is too soon. As everyone returns to command, a shadow is seen darkening Sapporo. It’s identified as Alitoh’s shell and it’s falling on Sapporo. I thought that was too easy!

The barrier won’t hold the shell and the staff is evacuated. Sapporo is destroyed as the shell hits – and the civilians are killed. Hibiki is shocked as Makoto tells him that they could not evacuate everyone. He’s angry that Hotsuin knew this ahead of time and did nothing about it. But with the Void, there’s really no place for anyone to go. Hibiki looks over the information on the Hotsuin family that Ronaldo gave him just before he died. With all that he knows now, Hibiki is determined to survive, even if everyone else dies. He has to stop Hotsuin.

Hotsuin throws a modest feast in honor of Hinako and Airi defeating Alioth, but no one except Hotsuin and Kanno are really in the mood to eat. The destruction of Sapporo and the loss of life there have really depressed everyone else. They talk about Hotsuin’s lack of feeling and I am beginning to wonder if he’s even human himself. But he has his own way of thinking. He’s actually assembled everyone here to ask for their decision. He tells them the invasion will end in two days and that they can meet Polaris once the last Septentrion is defeated.

However, Hibiki tells them what that really means, based on his new found knowledge. Hotsuin intends to ensure this new world “where those with talent will govern”. Their choice? Those who do not obey Hotsuin might die. And they don’t have much time to think about it either! The final words between Hotsuin and Hibiki were just plain scary. Makoto visits Nitta in her room to inform her that the next day, she shall die for them! Is this the sacrifice that Kanno once mentioned? What a drastic change from the beginning of the episode!