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Clannad and Clannad After Story

FWIW, I was going to buy afterstory until I saw they were dubbing the first set, and decided to hold off and at least buy one set dubbed.

I know I’m performing a bit of a resurrection here, but has there been any chatter on whether Sentai is planning to dub Clannad After Story?

Nope, nothing. Even if they do dub it, we likely won’t know until the release is solicited.

Y’know, I really do miss Dragoon.

The same here…

Ditto. :frowning:

I concur :frowning: .

I’ve been keeping an ear out and have some people I know doing the same ,but so far no one knows anything conclusive. Not even heard anything about Australia company releasing it with a dub. That’s typically been the leak we are getting a series dubbed. While I know the Clannad bilingual set did well here in online sales at least I’ve not heard anything about how it did over in Australia or other countries that helped pay for the dub. I’m not really sure how much money was from them and how much was from Sentai Filmworks. Some of the series that have been dubbed are a really a scratch on the head to. Which makes me think it’s more the other countries companies making the choices.

I honestly doubt Siren, or any of the other companies releasing the English version will go for After Story until they see how the sales of the first series are. The first set of Clannad doesn’t even go on sale until 9/22, so it will likely be a while until we know anything. Even if they bought both seasons of the show, there is no guarantee that they will dub season 2, particularly if season 1 doesn’t live up to expectations. Fan favorite series aren’t always big hits when it comes to the actual numbers.

Also, from what I’ve been told, Clannad was an extremely expensive license, as a few other companies had expressed interest in it as well. Ultimately, the other big contender didn’t want to pay what TBS wanted but Sentai was willing to bit the bullet, as Clannad was probably the best title for the old ADV crew to get back into the market with. So they have to tread carefully with this one.

Like Psychopuppet said, it has done quite well with online sales, particularly at places like Right Stuf and Anime Corner. However, that is not always a good indicator of how it did overall. In particular, there appear to have been few B&M sales of Clannad as the dubbed set was carried primarily by online retailers. That can all factor into the overall success of a title.

I’m hopeful the show will get a dub, but it’s far from certain. The best indicator we might get is if Siren Visual or another anime distributor announce their acquisition of After Story. I think I have to agree that it appears their foreign partners have a lot of say in what gets dubbed and what doesn’t, particularly judging from the fact that Ghost Hound got a dub. Not only was that license also very expensive, but the sales didn’t appear to be particularly strong due to the higher sale price.

BTW, the cover to the australian release of Clannad part 1 is adorable:

Yeah…I don’t like that cover. Our U.S.A. cover is way better.

I think I like ours a bit better too, but the dangos are cute:P
@Sentaifilmworks Any updates for back-catalog CE releases? Still holding out for Clannad After Story! #SentaiNotakon
The only update I can give you is that backlog titles are also in the CE mix. #SentaiNotakon

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Good Smile Company is making a nendroid of…

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Clannad & Clannad After Story Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art




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Clannad/Clannad Afterstory Cover/Disc Art




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Nice looking art on that . I’ll order at some point . Just waiting on a better price at Sentai or Rightstuf as that case won’t survive well shipping from Amazon or others who don’t give a .