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Takuya Eguchi Voices Ikemen Character for Smart Speaker Personal Trainer App

posted on 2018-08-19 13:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman


One time I got some weather alert about Canada.


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“It is a serious problem for Japan not to be able to impose corporate taxes on online companies at a time when funds for paying into social security programs and public annuities are drying up,” he said. “It is time to have a sweeping review of the taxation system.”

Sounds like what the talking heads and politicians in the US are saying. Politics…politics never changes :roll_eyes:

On a side note, my state is starting to wake up to the realization that an online sales tax is gonna net them basically bupkis because the lion’s share of online shopping here is done on Amazon, and we already tax that.

Though I can see why pols apparently the world over think that taxing Amazon will be the silver bullet to their financial problems, but if Amazon Japan were to fork over their entire take of $7.9 billion yen reported in 2014, I don’t believe it’d make a dent. .

History class taught about that time J.P. Morgan bailed out the USA, but I doubt that even Jeff Bezos could bail out Social Security or its Japanese equivalents. :thinking:


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Rem and Shera from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Want to Wake You Up

August 27, 2018 7:16am CDT
AR / alarm software for smart phones is currently in development


So the fam, grandfathered into an ancient plan, saw that they could get a new FiOS plan that gives 10x the speed at a lower price.

Verizon’s tech came out and installed the upgrade for them. No issues, everything seemed excellent on the internet front, though there was the curious bit that Verizon’s new FiOS install no longer comes with battery backup.

Unfortunately, the MoCA setup was all screwed up for the fam’s ancient DVR boxes, and it took Verizon hours to kinda fix this.

But what puzzles me is how pointless the problem seemed. MoCA seems like a cool technology, workable gigabit+ networking over the home’s existing coax cabling, but why not have the option to instead use WiFi?


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Maybe, if it doesn’t diminish MPG, that tire tech could take off and eliminate one of the last major complaints people have about cement roads.

I’d like to see that. Right now it is “road paving season” here…our asphalt roads don’t even last 5 years but the cement roads have never closed for a complete grading and repaving.


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Apple saw revenue of $229 billion last fiscal year? :astonished: Sounds to me then that they’ll be able to survive the proposed tariff just fine.

Besides, wasn’t Apple’s big-time manufacturing partner, the chinese company Foxconn, planning on opening plants in the USA, so maybe Apple could already have a way to avoid the tariff in the pipeline?

Though, in my experience, Apple devotees will pay whatever Apple charges :wink: