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Non Non Biyori Alarm Mobile App for Your Sweet Morning

July 20, 2018 7:30am CDT
700 words are newly recorded by the four original voice cast of Renge, Hotaru, Natsumi and Komari


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Imagine if you’re the type that actually sleeps more soundly with AC.


That would be my problem!


So, thanks to YouTube bombarding me with TechTubers talking about the glory days of consoles, I dug into my electronics drawer and “exhumed” my GBA and GBA SP.

These things had been in there for years and years. The GBA, with the same batteries it had when I put it away, fired right up, as did the SP.

But what really struck me was how small and actually portable those things were, especially the SP. The controls on it are a tad cramped, but you can actually carry the thing around in a pocket easily, something Nintendo has forgotten in the 2010s. :cry: :sad

From the 1970s through the early 2000s, it seems like the trend was all about making tech smaller & more convenient. Now in the 2010s the hype is “thin and light”, but honkin’ huge in all other ways. :confused: :man_shrugging:


We’ve still got a handful of the GBA & GBA SP handhelds. Some purchased back in the day and some from various garage sales. My sons have gotten good a fixing them and they all still work.

Side story : We bought a nightstand at a garage sale a few years ago and it had “stuff” still in one drawer which included a nice Nintendo DS in black. We had all the various DS models that we could ever use so that one was traded in on a PSP and we got way more in trade than what the nightstand had cost.

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Why should anyone want this? Storing it in other countries, countries with greater security/privacy, seems better for everyone.

Besides, if it should be stored in the USA, it’s not as though it won’t still be directly managed by Indian nationals :wink:

Hopefully “Big Tech” will stand strong against this, though the only time I can recall of a company not capitulating to India (or China) was when Coca-Cola stood strong in the 1970s (though they’d sold out by 1993).


August 7, 2018


A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter

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August 7, 2018


I’m sure it’ll be fine, like all the other generations who didn’t have access to it :wink:

Wei Dilong, 18, who lives in the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou, likes basketball, hip-hop music and Hollywood superhero movies. He plans to study chemistry in Canada when he goes to college in 2020.

That makes me wonder what Beijing is trying to accomplish with its heavy-handed censorship of social media, because it seems like that Wei Dilong is a “Generation Z” Chinese guy who has still wound up yugely Westernized.



Lol, that’s crazy. I’d rather have a girlfriend though, machines just don’t cut it.


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Grand Blue Dreaming’s Camera App Filter Lets Fans Become Cakey

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Rockwell and Michael Jackson were right: I always feel like, they’re someone watchin’ me.


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They’re always watching, creepy…


Yet my weather app almost always has me in the wrong location lol.