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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action

It would be interesting in a way to see how they do this, but probably not going to see it in the theaters.

I couldn’t believe I read this. Spike is a very complex character! The tough thing to figure about Spike is why he rarely opens up about himself to anyone else other than Julie and maybe Jet a little.

Spike just has a lot of swagger to me ^_^. He’s got a certain way he walks, a certain way he pulls out a cigarette, and so on. I not entirely comfortable with the idea of Keanu in this part. But I will be seeing it in theaters, assuming it gets a wide release.

Hes complex, but spike does not have personality and if reeves is pushing for the movie then he is obviously a fan, and obviously wants to make his interpretation of spike good…

If they are going with Reanu they are going to have to throw in a couple WOO’s for it to work, but knowing Hollywood you figure they would have tried to get Hugh Jackman since they seem to want him for everything.

Hmm…Wolverine in space. He can sit down and have tea or coffe with Jason, Leperchaun, or Pinhead.

Personaly, I can see Reeves as Spike more so than Jackman. He’s played the

character. John Constatine, Klatu, Johnny Mnemonic, etc. And he has a certain swagger in a suit as evidenced in the above movies.

The question is not wheter he can pull it off. No, the real ? is whether the movie will get made with him period and not end up in the hands of someone like Uwe Boll or Michael Bay, which will be nothing but explosions for 2 plus hour…LOUD EXPLOSIONS.

Jackman would not suit Spike…the face is off…

not only that I think Reeves is the driving force behind the movies realization…I think if he wanted it done sooner, all he has to do is get Brad Pitt to back it, I mean come on, Brad is the most powerful man in Hollywood…I’m not saying to put Brad in it, tho if he was Viscous, maybe, just get him to push for it to be done and they would be in post production already…

Powerful actors get Hollywood to move you know? He sells movie tickets, and well, how many bad Brad Pitt movies are there?

Yeah, Brad as Viscus might be interesting.

Get Morgan Freeman to be the Black Guy…you know on the Bounty Hunter Show…

LOL! (that is all.)

I agree I could not see Reeves as Spike what so ever!@~@:angry:

Keanu Reeves Discusses Live-Action Cowboy Bebop

posted on 2010-09-15 21:01 EDT
Actor: Cost to make script would be “very expensive”; current status is unknown

:blink: Half a billion…yea, do it. It’s worth it.

Keanu Reeves: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Still Uncertain

posted on 2011-04-05 23:55 EDT
Actor says team is “still knocking on that door, but it has not opened”

Live-Action Cowboy Bebop’s Instavision Involved in Lawsuit

posted on 2011-11-22 15:50 EST
Investors claim US$250,000 loan in company was not paid back

on a side note regarding reeves. i’m sure he might be able to act the part but he just doesn’t seem tall & lanky enough like spike is.

Keanu Reeves: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Not Likely to Happen With Me in It

posted on 2013-10-21 13:30 EDT
Actor: Script was written, but would have cost ‘half a billion dollars to make’

How on Earth could it take 500 million dollars to make a movie about 2 bounty hunters bumbling their way through space? Was Keanu Reeves supposed to play the gaunt, chain-smoking mentally-challenged martial artist Spike Spiegel?

If a live action movie gets made I hope that they’re smart enough not to cast the actor for Jet Black based solely upon his (character’s) last name.

i just dont think reeves has the charisma of spike

Cowboy Bebop Director Discusses Proposed Live-Action Film, Hypothetical Anime Sequel

posted on 2014-11-03 23:57 EST
Watanabe says live-action adaptation suffers from “a lot of ‘Hollywood’ problems”

we don’t need a live action Cowboy Bebop, we have Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Gundam/ Eva/mecha…we got Transformers and Pacific Rim
Sailor Moon/modaka…Sucker Punch

We also have a zillion other works that have the basic plot of Bebop. Firefly was strictly better than Bebop as far as I’m concerned. Why spend half a billion to make a movie that will live in the shadow of a TV show? :wink:


‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live Action Hollywood Movie Shooting This 2015? Anime Continuation Still A Possibility

By Joey Parsons | February 25, 2015 12:14 PM EST