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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action


I hope they decide to continue it!


Iron Horse Cinema to Release a Fan-Made Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Project

Mar 3rd 2016


June 6, 2017 7:00am


Netflix Produces Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Series

posted on 2018-11-28 00:37 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
10 episodes with anime director Shinichiro Watanabe as consultant, Sunrise staff as executive producers


December 12, 2018


Canonically, is Jet Black actually black?

So Spike, Faye, Vicious, and Julia can be 20-37 years old, and Jet Black can be 34-53 years old, but Radical Ed must be exactly 14 years old? :thinking: :confused:

Also, they’re casting Vicious and Julia when this is only going to be a 10 episode series? Won’t that be pretty rushed? As I recall, in the anime those characters only really came out in the final episodes, and weren’t there for the bulk of the show for all the episode-of-the-week hijinks?


So maybe they’ll do away with the episode of the week hijinks and get at the meat of the series, plus more than likely each episode with be +/-50 min. - about 2 1/2 episodes of the anime. Or like the anime they may be teased in the live-action for a potential 2nd season if it gets the views/subscriptions.



That’s pretty likely, I agree. It’s also concerning as many of these Netflix shows that I’ve seen go for episodes that are 50+ minutes long wind up with bloated episodes that seem to drag on too long.

From what I remember, basically every Bebop episode goes: the crew is flat broke, they take a bounty and, just before making a big windfall, zany hijinks ensue, causing them to wind up broke all over again. I wonder how Netflix will handle that without the pacing slowing down or it seeming too repetitive.

…why isn’t Netflix making another Bebop anime?


They should… :wink: