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Breath of the Wild, Anime Cons, Kemono Friends | Crunchycast #75

Who is BEST GIRL? | Anime Academy

###Crunchyroll Announces ‘Powered by Crunchyroll’ Program, Launches New Events Site
March 28, 2017 1:00pm CDT

Today, you may have noticed a certain FOX GIRL on the Steam sale!! It’s ME ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve partnered with Steam to bring you anime as part of Steam’s Anime Weekend Sale, and we’d like to answer some of the questions you might be having!

What’s this?
We’ve partnered with Steam to distribute some of our favorite titles through the Steam platform so you can watch anime in new ways!

What am I paying for?
Purchasing anime on Steam gives you the ability to stream series through the Steam platform, whenever you want. You will have access to anime purchased on Steam without expiration.

These titles are not available for download at this time.

What is the video quality of these streams?
The videos provided to Steam are 1080p videos (when possible) encoded from the Crunchyroll masters.

Why isn’t X available in my region?
Anime on Steam is available in the regions that Crunchyroll has secured the rights to distribute in, and varies from title-to-title. Crunchyroll is always working to continue expanding availability for anime to the broadest global audience possible, and your feedback and support is helpful in our efforts to secure broader rights.

Will Crunchyroll support languages other than English on Steam?
We are currently working with Steam to expand language availability - please keep an eye out for updates shortly.

Do you plan on adding more anime to Steam?
Yes! Of course!

Why can’t I buy full season bundles in some regions?
If you’re experiencing any unexpected behavior with the sale, please contact Steam Customer Support at

Does Steam include [x feature]?
The Steam video player is a different way to experience your favorite anime. If you have questions around the specifics of the Steam video player, please contact Steam Customer Support!

Please let us or Steam know if you have any questions or concerns, and please enjoy!!

Anime Lightning Round with Gabriela

Tokyo Trip, Learning Japanese, Bloomingdales is Lit | Crunchycast #76

###Crunchyroll Adds “The World YAMIZUKAN” to Spring Anime Lineup
April 01, 2017 12:00pm CDT
Starts Sun/2 at 1:05pm PST

###Crunchyroll Adds "World Fool News Part II"
April 01, 2017 2:00pm CDT
Starts Sun/2 at 4:00am PST

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What Does FUJOSHI Mean? | Anime Academy

Kemono Friends, Souwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Tanya the Evil | Crunchycast #77

###Crunchyroll Adds “FOREST FAIRY FIVE ~Fairy tale~” Anime
April 10, 2017 7:00am CDT
Launch time is set for… right now!

Oh god, they’re making for of that show?

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Kawaii Monster Cafe! | CR Japan

###Crunchyroll to Stream “100% Teacher Pascal” and "PriPri Chi-chan!!"
April 14, 2017 2:00pm CDT
Both shows to launch on April 14 at 4:30pm Pacific Time

ANIME BY THE NUMBERS | What to Watch This Season

###Crunchyroll Announces C2E2 2017 Plans!
April 20, 2017 3:00pm CDT
Find out what’s going on at this weekend’s event

###Crunchyroll Adds “The Devil is a Part-Timer” to Anime Catalog
April 20, 2017 7:55pm CDT
Available to watch now

Rejected Tweets Exposed: Round 2

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Japanese Starbucks’ SECRET MENU Taste Test | Crunchyroll Japan

###Sumitomo, Crunchyroll’s Parent Chernin Group Announce Strategic Partnership
posted on 2017-04-26 10:00 EDT
Sumitomo, Crunchyroll partnered in 2015 to fund anime co-productions