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Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Genres: action, drama, horror, romance, supernatural
Themes: gore, vampire, Werewolves
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: Mina Tepeş, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants her race to stop hiding from the humans. Using her vast wealth, she has paid off Japan’s entire national debt and by doing so, gained the right to create a district off Japan’s coast that is to become the future haven to vampires worldwide. But when she finally attempts to make public the existence of vampires to the world some politicians, terrorists and rival factions are plotting to assassinate Mina before she has a chance to get Japan’s and international recognition for the Vampire Bund. Now she must rely on her strength, cruelty and those closest to her, while trying to make a normal life.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2010-01-07 to 2010-04-01

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Funimation Addresses Dance in the Vampire Bund Edits

posted on 2010-03-05 13:30 EST
N. American streaming, home video releases edited; still no edits for Strike Witches DVD

I find it a bit funny that Funimation finally licenses a show I’m actually interested in and they decide to edit it. Of course…lol. But I find it so strange that they are releasing Strike Witches and Rin uncensored, but not Dance in the Vampire Bund.

I’ve been getting many chuckles out of this all day.
Still my thoughts are always if you can not release it uncensored then don’t license it.

Not seen this much cussing out of Anime fans in a while. lol

Yeah, I can’t help but find it all a bit funny as well, not to mention quite a bit disappointing. I can completely understand doing a release like Afro Samurai, where the TV edit is available, as well as the uncut. Though in that case, the show probably has the sales to support that method. But to not make the original version available at all, I think is too far, especially given the other shows they are releasing.

Right now the poll at AoD is running with about 98% either saying they weren’t going to buy the show anyway, or no longer desire to buy the show. I think this one is definitely a big mistake, as this show will likely have some problems picking up sales outside the otaku crowd as it is.

Either this is some marketing scheme to get buzz by saying they are going to censor it and then say we decided not to after the fan outcry or they really think the story is strong enough.

I also wonder maybe they picked this up on the fly to appease the fans they pissed off by not getting the stuff Sentai and Media Blasters have been. Then looked at the show after the signed they

Like I said to PP as soon as the news came earlier, smells of marketing to me. Very unusual chain of circumstances. Negative buzz and backtracking can work, it’s in a marketeers playbook. :wink:

As far as why not Rin but this, easy… loli and the Handley case.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Funi retreats and the next day everyone’s all YAY thanks funi for listening to us. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other possibility is what PP mentioned. After the disaster of the roll out thing a few months ago, they were getting a lot of heat, especially after NIS and Sentai’s recent acquisitions. It’s possible they were in such a rush that the deal wasn’t as carefully looked over, who knows… there are a lot of variables.

But I still find it hard to believe a company with that much of an army of staff would do this on purpose. There’s something more to this in terms of the strategy.

I also wonder if retailer and consumer complaints might play into it as well. I know some retailers received complaints about about Rin and Strike Witches, and at least one or two of the titles are “facing review”.

I am wondering if its idea of censoring or if its what they are censoring that is enraging people?

For me its the idea.

The same here. I may not like the content, but I feel art should be viewed and appreciated in it’s original format. If you don’t like the subject matter, there is a very easy solution. DON"T WATCH IT!

Well I will be watching this fansubbed I guess, no reason to pay Funi to cut anime.

I imagine you all are excited though, Funi made a big mistake and it is another sign that the industry is going back to the “before the boom” period.

A cut DVD, I spit on thee.

For shame on you. Instead of praising Funi for their smart editing decisions and hard work at releasing more anime, you’re al…:lol:

I can’t go on…:lol:


I have to say, someone over at Funi sure is making some very funny decisions (hey, that’s funny) as of late. They licensed these two anime for simulcast/eventual DVD instead of continuing current series they DO have, and that according to them have done well. Do they realy think these will do that much better?

Whether this is a marketing stragety or a rushed deal, it ultimately boils down to desperation or arrogance on Funi’s part, my opinion of course.

Someone’s not doing their homework.

I hate censorship on the principal of the matter and have a policy to never buy censored DVD. What a shame I actually liked what I saw of this.

I hope you are right, I would like to purchase this show. I have a policy not to purchase censored material. Now I may rent this title from Netflix but that is as long as it goes.

anyone have any ideas as to what they will be cutting? i havent heard much about this show but now im interested…
i dont see what could be in this series that hasnt been in other releases in the US.

as for the censorship deal… this really sucks… i hate when someone else decides whats right for me… i should be able to view whatever i choose to even if it’s somewhat offensive to others.
thanks Funi for knowing whats best for me!
i’ll always be safe and sheltered by your side


Only thing that keeps coming up is Naked loli Vampire. I’d guess that would be enough. For some reason I keep thinking of the loli scene from Excel Saga. lol

I think it’s a smart idea for Funi to cut loli scenes out of their show. I hate Funi, but something like that put a guy in jail, and on the sex offender website. Just think of how Funi executives would be treated for distributing that sort of material.

As some would say, and some have on other forums, then they shouldn’t have licensed it, period. And if it was part of a packaged deal, they should have said no to the deal. It’s not like they are in desperate need of titles…after all.

Perhaps, being the vultures they are, they picked up the title without realizing how graphic the series is. After they had a contract, they had to do something with it. That’s hypothetical, but could have happened.

I still wonder what this has that Strike Witches doesn’t, which they are going ahead uncensored with – Strike Witches has some pretty eye-brow raising material with young girls… Including a shot of a young girl with her legs wide open, without any covering… Funimation has no problem releasing that. Granted it’s a possibility that they feel it might be too late to change course given SW is only a few weeks away from release, whereas this is more directly related to the Handley verdict.

I’m still taking a wait and see approach on this whole thing, as I suspect this has not played itself out yet. Personally minor edits like these would not make me shift to boycotting or even not buying (if I like the show itself enough with the edits, I still may buy it), but certainly censorship isn’t something I support and if this decision sticks… it’s a less desirable product and I’m less interested in their offering now.

Quite a day, regardless.

I think it points back to the general misunderstanding that cartoons are for kids, therefore we must remove objectionable material from their view - even when the DVD has an 18+ rating on the box. Funi gets complaints about Strike Witches, someone takes a minute to look at the latest show, and decides to cut out anything that resembles what people complained about in the other shows.