Daphne in the Brilliant Blue / Hikari to Mizu no Daphne

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue / Hikari to Mizu no Daphne

Genres: comedy, drama, mystery, science fiction
Themes: bounty hunters, ecchi, fanservice, girls with guns, submarines,
Objectionable content: Intense
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2004-01-15 to 2004-07-03

Plot Summary: In the future, the earth is mostly covered with water, but the several cities that do remain are flourishing. Maia Mizuki has been trying hard to achieve her dream of joining the Ocean Agency, a government organization. When she fails to be accepted and faces homelessness and hopelessness, a series of unfortunate happenings force her into a job with Neres, a security and investigation company that will also do almost anything else for enough money. It soon becomes obvious that no one “normal” works at Neres. Shizuka is a kind, tech-crazy young woman with a passion for food, Glora is a trigger-happy, money-loving tomboy, Yuu, a quiet, brooding woman is frighteningly deadly in combat, and Rena is the capable, alluring, unofficial leader of this particular Neres office. With Neres, Maia faces danger and crazy situations daily; it’s almost too much for her, but Maia is strong, and she does her best to hang on and make it through this unexpected turn her life has taken.

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Just finished up episode 9 on VOD.

I’m highly enjoying this one so far.
Not quite sure what the actual plot is suppose to be about, since we haven’t seen a sign of that yet, but the frivolous humor makes this a really fun series.

Also, not sure why it’s called Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, since the title really has nothing to do with the series thus far.

But hey, it’s fun and I’m enjoying it, and that’s what matters to me in the end.

I had a nice post written but the stupid worthless forums ate it with an error so read here about Daphne and make your own conclusions. :angry:

This is a fun show and I’m glad I am re watching it before it gets to where I left off watching the dvds. I was up to 20. I always wonder about the title too but didn’t hurt watching it.

Just watched ep. 9 and that was hilarious.

Did immediately guess most of the overheard conversation was about Gloria’s pistol.

I just can’t stop staring at their big foreheads. Dude, why are they so big? Other than that, the show’s pretty cool.

Maybe Daphne was too shy to appear in the skimpy outfits they wear on duty. The only thing that I thought odd was one minute Maia is embarassed to be only wearing a too-short T-shirt, then runs around in a bikini who’s bottom is essentially a thong.

Episode 17 was funny as hell. :laugh:

As the show put it “Five heavily armed women and a baby.” Can you say chaos and lots of laughs.

If you pay attention in episode 15, when Maia searches the red-light district of Siberia City, one of the buildings reads “Californication”, although the F has somehow become an E. I guess to avoid any copyright issues with HBO…

I doubt it the series was made in 2004 in Japan and originally released by Geneon USA in 2005. Californication was not on TV to 2007 I believe.

Guess it could have something to do with the 1999 Red Hot Chili Peppers, album Californication.

The boxsets are definitely on my radar but won’t be on this next buying list. There’s been other ADV titles that have been waiting very patiently.

The 5 episodes I was able to squeeze out at the end of the “Free Day” were highly enjoyable and suspenseful. The show reminded me a lot like Najica Blitz Tactics.

Same here. I figured it had to do with the waters/blue sky. I don’t know. Of course some anime titles are just oddly named.

I picked up something cool about the title.

Well, either way. A lot of that HBO stuff all runs together for me timeline-wise, I couldn’t remember if it was that old or not. Heck maybe they just couldn’t bring themselves to actually let it say “fornication” on the building, but you get the idea.

I’ve wondered why the headquarters building says “November” on it, though.

Watched episode #19 on VOD -

Maia got kidnapped…again. And she had to save the kidnappers…again.
Pretty funny. But the thing that made me really laugh this episode was the fact that Maia wore an actual swimsuit!! :lol:
And now she might be remembering a big brother - interesting.

I’m not so sure about that…

I think that might be her underwear rather than a swimsuit. When did she have a chance to pack one? And given the designs for this show, it’s not skimpy enough to be a swimsuit either… lol…

since everyone else is hiding their text…
all the other girls just kinda seem to either be wearing their “suits” everywhere or they just rip off the other clothes they have on, maybe she was wearing it under her clothes to begin with?
just saying…
if any of the other girls wore what she had on it would be much skimpier, due to maya(sp?) being less endowed than the other girls…


Episode 20 -


Maia is dreaming of a big brother and a time capsule! But she can’t find any evidence of having an older brother, yet she is convinced that the time capsule is buried under the laurel tree in Siberia. She gets permission to go and there is a funny scene of her suitcase getting stolen - exactly as predicted!
Also, she digs around the tree so much that she gets blisters, but doesn’t find any time capsule. Was it her imagination? And who is taking her picture?
She also goes back to the street she seems to know and almost gets strangled. She is saved by the guy in the sunglasses. I wonder if this is her brother (as she seems to think)? Is someone trying to kill her on purpose? Is there something locked away in her memory that is dangerous? There seems to be more to this story - it is getting really good.
And who saved her in the last episode and set off the flare? Was it also the guy in the sunglasses? Perhaps too, if the time capsule is real - maybe there is something in it that someone wants? Too many questions and not many episodes left!! But I love the mystery!!

I absolutely agree with everything you said, LOW… That’s why Maia was my latest choice in the Claim Your Bishoujo thread.

And a great choice it was! :slight_smile:

Ep. 20

Personally I feel Maia and her brother(?) past is tied to that lost city. I’m sure the public has not been told the whole truth about the city. If Maia were to get her memory back she would remember facts others would wish remain forgotten.