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Genres: drama, mystery, psychological
Themes: death, heaven & hell, reincarnation
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2015-01-09
Opening Theme: “Flyers” by BRADIO
Ending Theme: “Last Theater” by NoisyCell (from ANN)

Plot Summary: Whenever two people on Earth die at the same time, they are sent to one of many mysterious bars run by bartenders serving as arbiters. There, they must participate in Death Games with their lives on the line, the results of which reveal what secrets led them to their situation and what their fate will be afterwards, with the arbiters judging if their souls will either be sent for reincarnation or banished into the void. The series follows Decim, the lone bartender of the Quindecim bar, whose role in judging these souls changes when he meets a curious black-haired woman.

Anime Mirai Short Death Billiards Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-10-31 09:30 EDT
Death Parade premieres in 2015 with original creator Yuzuru Tachikawa as director at MADHOUSE

Rumi Ookubo, Yoshimasa Hosoya Join Death Parade Anime Cast

posted on 2014-11-21 18:20 EST
Tomoaki Maeno, Asami Seto to reprise roles from original Death Billiards short

Death Billiards’ Death Parade TV Anime Slated for January 9

posted on 2014-12-09 23:57 EST

Death Billiards’ Death Parade Show Previewed in 2nd Video

posted on 2014-12-12 10:25 EST
Kazuya Nakai, Ayako Kawasumi star in premiere episode of anime based on Anime Mirai short

Death Billiards’ Death Parade Show Listed With 12 Episodes

posted on 2014-12-15 12:30 EST

Funimation to Stream Death Parade Anime

posted on 2014-12-23 15:17 EST

ANN: The Winter 2015 Anime Preview Guide - Death Parade

Jan 9th 2015

AnimeLab Announces Six New Titles for Winter Season

posted on 2015-01-08 11:12 EST

Viewster Adds Death Parade

posted on 2015-01-29 12:24 EST

Death Parade Twitter Account Shares Key Animation Videos

posted on 2015-01-11 16:30 EST
Series animator also shares comedic sketches from OP sequence

Funimation Dubs Death Parade

posted on 2015-02-13 17:52 EST

Funimation Announces Death Parade English Dub Cast

posted on 2015-02-17 18:00 EST
Alex Organ stars as Decim, Jamie Marchi as Woman

Death Parade Final Episode’s Long Preview Streamed

posted on 2015-03-25 00:00 EDT
Last episode to air in Japan on Friday

Just by watching the first episode, I can tell that this is one twisted show!

Episode 2 -


I really liked that it was opposite viewpoint of the first episode. Nona explains what is really going on in detail and it seems that she’s the big boss – but of what? She calls the other girl an “assistant”, but I wonder if she’s grooming her to be an arbiter or if there is some other mystery about her.

The assistant has some good insight about the wife from the first episode. Her assumptions seem to be correct and it looks like Decim has no emotions or feelings. He may have actually made a mistake! And that appears to be why the assistant is there – to balance Decims’s lack of emotions with her own. Perhaps. It’s all very mysterious and interesting!

One of my biggest favorites from the winter '14 season. I really enjoyed this series throughout.

Welcome to Quindecim. How would you like us to annihilate your body parts today?

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VIDEO: NoisyCell’s “Death Parade” ED Song MV with Japanese Lyrics

June 02, 2015 6:15am CDT
Their 1st major full album “Sources” will be released on July 1

Episode 3 –


Well, the assistant seems to fit right in at this point. And it was another twisted episode too. But at least it was a little on the sweet side as well. The bowling was creepy, but I liked that they showed the “date” during the end credits. And at least by the masks shown over the elevators, it looks like both kids got the “good” ending, which was nice.

Episode 4 –


So, the suicide gets heaven and the murdered mother is sent to hell. Very emotional episode!

Episode 5 –


More interesting mystery about the assistant is revealed. And again, it’s in a weird, twisted way. I did enjoy the pool game and would love to play that type of game myself someday. LOL So, what happened with Ginti was just an elaborate test set up by Nona and it seems that Decim is changing. Is he evolving or is it something else? And why is Nona reading the story that the assistant keeps dreaming about? Very mysterious!!

Death Parade Original Soundtrack Trailer

Episode 6 –


I would never want to end up in Ginti’s bar. What an awful host! He must have been doing this for far too long. He seems very uncaring and bored, not to mention rude. Interesting game of Twister though. I don’t think I’d ever want to play that version! And I enjoyed watching the cat play with the false eyelash later on too. I am guessing Harada and Mayu both get the good ending, since nothing is said or shown.

Episode 7 –


So, arbiters are not “allowed” to have human emotions. That’s interesting, especially since Decim seems to be getting some, thanks to the assistant. And she is still having that dream. The she finds the book that the story is from and gets a flash of someone reading it to her when she was a child. The assistant somehow realizes that she is dead.

Then we get a little flashback with Quin, the arbiter Decim replaced. She leaves Decim with some “words of wisdom” that Decim seems to have taken to heart. He has the odd hobby of making dummies of the people that pass through his bar. He does this so that they will not be forgotten. It seems he has a soft spot for his “guests”.

Quin visits Nona and complains about her new job. She also finds out that Nona isn’t too happy about Decim at the moment. It seems he’s some kind of experiment, since Nona was the one that gave him human emotions to begin with. Interesting, given that he didn’t seem to have much in the way of emotions until the assistant came along. Nona explains her reasons to Quin for doing what she did with Decim.

Oh wow! Mayu is still around and still at Ginti’s bar! I wonder why she hasn’t been judged yet. The assistant sleeps with the picture book. And Oculus has his suspicions about Nona lying to him. Good episode that gave a lot of needed info!