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There it is at long last.

But still no bluray :frowning:

Buddy Complex, Giant Gorg plugged on the same slide. I am amused #nycc #NYCC2015

“Beelzebub” Anime Returns to Crunchyroll

October 14, 2015 7:40pm PDT
All 60 episodes are back!

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Now I can finish this up, since I believe the DDoS made me miss out on doing that before it left last time.

Delayed until December 8

RE: Street Fighter II
Gave SFII a little more TLC than it’s gotten in the past for @discotekmedia’s DVD release.
To clarify for people askin’, the new SFII Animated Movie DVD has Uncut UK + Uncut US English, synced the uncut master in anamorphic ws.
It also has better subs for the JP track, reworked by translator/SFII-fan @earlfriend4649, with options for both US and JP character names.

Date is now January 12, 2016

Race into the new year with IGPX. It’s not that long of a wait.

If only the wait brought Blu-Ray as then it wouldn’t be a wait at all.

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Here’s the Packaging for IGPX:

**IGPX Packaging**

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Very cool. The reverse cover sheet would be my choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Street Fighter II
New release date for DVD: December 22, 2015 (was December 15, 2015).

The Venus Wars
New release date for Blu-ray: December 22, 2015 (was December 15, 2015).

Discotek FB

We have the February release schedule mostly confirmed including a new license.


Getter Robo Armageddon DVD complete series
Iria Zeiram DVD complete OVA series
Jigen’s Gravestone DVD
Requiem From the Darkness DVD Complete Series
Blue Submarine No. 6 single DVD
Night on the Galactic Railroad Blu Ray

Discotek Adds Requiem From the Darkness Horror Anime

posted on 2015-12-10 16:35 EST
DVD release slated for February

Discotek FB

And here’s the March schedule with another new license.


Jigen’s Gravestone Blu Ray
Darkstalkers complete OVA series DVD
Magic Night Rayearth complete TV series DVD
Earl and Fairy DVD complete series
Dai Guard complete TV series DVD

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Wow, I vaguely remember that Requiem from the Darkness show. I also recall Dai Guard, a “C list” ADV dub that, if memory serves, could hold its own against all the “upstart” modern dubs lol.

I’m a bit disappointed that they’re DVD only…and I still haven’t seen a Discotek release that I couldn’t blame Greg Ayres for mistakenly running over with a steamroller

  • Giant Gorg [pre-order]
  • IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix - The Complete Collection [pre-order]
  • Wicked City - Remastered Special Edition [pre-order]
  • Yowamushi Pedal: Season 1 [pre-order]
  • Night on the Galactic Railroad Blu-ray
  • Samurai Pizza Cats: The Complete Collection Blu-ray
  • Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie Blu-ray
  • Venus Wars Blu-ray
  • Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Complete Series
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
  • Z/X Ignition - Complete TV Series Collection

###Crunchyroll Adds Samurai Pizza Cats Series With Dub to Catalog
posted on 2015-12-28 00:00 EST / ANN

(click link to view short video)

###IGPX DVD Set Delayed Again Due to Misprint
posted on 2016-01-04 19:00 EST

“Instead of keeping the error”…yeah I would hope not. :neutral_face: At least they sought this out now than dealing with complaints later. The delay doesn’t bother me at all.

Working on this one! Japanese with English subtitles and English dub. Planning an April or May 2016 release date.

###Discotek Media Picks Up Cromartie High School Anime
posted on 2016-01-21 14:40 EST
Comedy series previously released by ADV