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All these . Might Lupin at some point a future time and place .

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There’s no coming back from throwing up on your girl | DNA2 (1995)

Guile was ready to risk it all for Cammy, BUT… | Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995)

My last five brain cells sharing a meal together | Chargeman Ken! - Ep 61 (1974)

Chargeman Ken! - Opening | チャージマン研! by Hibari Children Chorus

HER first kiss gets stolen by a GIRL…while she’s in her boy form | Ultra Maniac (2003)

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Pretty anime girl turns into a MONSTER | 12 Kingdoms (2002)

Her dressing room breached by creepy anime roommates | Twilight of The Cockroaches (1987)

Heroic trolls burn down a furry convention | Shining Tears X Wind (2007)

The Fresh Prince of Japan can’t stop dancing to 80’s Hip Hop | 8 Man After (1993)


Don’t come for Eat Man’s girl, he’ll push you out the window | Eat Man 98 (1998)

Using the toilet in front of your girlfriend is true love | Kaiba (2008)

They’re not the hero we deserve or the hero we need, but they are cuteee | Ultra Maniac (2003)

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NFL players are forced to take a knee after 8 Man tears off their shins | 8 Man After (1993)

Roman man tries Japanese fruit milk for the first time and loses his mind | Thermae Romae (2012)

Is Japanese milk really that much better than the stuff we get in the states?

If so, I have a trip I need to plan :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Teenage queen escapes the brothel life in the most badass way | The Twelve Kingdoms (2002)

Telekinetically blowing androids makes ‘Stranger Things’ seem normal | Key The Metal Idol (1997)

One catchy song is all it takes to bring down Cromartie High | Cromartie High School (2004)

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Immortal 13-year-old princess gets wrinkles, ruins life | The Twelve Kingdoms (2002)

You gotta “Protect Ya Neck” in space | Space Warrior Baldios (1980)