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Delicious “Eyeballs” Cooked by the Sisters | Funny Scene from 07-Ghost (2009)

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EPIC Full Demon King Fight | Kyou kara Maou! S3 (2008)

He Uses His Ability to Transform Trash Into Trees to Punish Bullies! | The Law of Ueki (2005)

Ueki Uses His Tree Power to Fight Crazy Robot User! | The Law of Ueki (2005)

He Made Friends With a Celestial Beast Who Is Trying to Eat Him | The Law of Ueki (2005)

The Law of Ueki (2005) Openings 1 & 2

Girl With Tragic Past Found the True Meaning of Nakama | The Law of Ueki (2005)

Ueki vs Carpaccio FULL FIGHT | The Law of Ueki (2005)

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Most Broken Ability?! She Can Change One Second Into Ten Seconds! | The Law of Ueki (2005)


Discotek Licenses 2001 Shaman King, Lupin III: Part 5, Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare, More Anime

posted on 2021-06-07 22:46 EDT by Alex Mateo
Discotek to also release Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, Super Dimension Century Orguss anime; Fatal Fury OVAs


I’m in for everything .

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Probably just Orguss for me


Discotek Issues Call to Find English Dub of 4 Ninja Senshi Tobikage/Ninja Robots Episodes

posted on 2021-06-08 11:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

This Villain Is Too Overpowered for All of Them to Handle | The Law of Ueki (2005)

Beelzebub Ending Songs are Pretty Underrated | ED Compilation

Discotek Continues Search For Ninja Robots English Dub Episodes

June 10, 2021 11:15am CDT
Discotek is currently missing four episodes for the upcoming release

She is MADLY in love with him | Sorcerer Hunters (1995)

INSANE Final Fight! Ueki vs Hanon! | The Law of Ueki (2005)

Ai Mori Has the Most Ridiculous Yet Broken Power Ever! | The Law of Ueki (2005)