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When a Prideful Demon Girl Transfer to a Japanese High School | Beelzebub (2011)

Stellvia - Opening | “Asu e no brilliant road” by angela

What going to school in space might look like in the year 2356 | Stellvia (2003)

Kunieda Doesn’t Want to Put On a Maid Uniform :joy: | Beelzebub (2011)

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When the shy depressed girl falls in love :flushed:… | Ultra Maniac

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Boy/Girl pair ups at field trip go horribly wrong | Ultra Maniac

Saddest anime death… in space? | Stellvia (2003)

When your pet cat turns into a catboy :flushed:| Ultra Maniac


Iria the Badass Bounty-Hunter Girl | Best Moments from Iria: Zeiram The Animation (1994)

Beelzebub - Opening 3 | “Hey!!!” by FLOW

Villain named Mr Halloween goes out with a bang! | 8 Man After (1993)

Director Mamoru Oshii Reflects on His Anime Classic Beautiful Dreamer

by Richard Eisenbeis, Nov 8th 2021

Discotek Releases Ninja Senshi Tobikage, Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love, More on BD on January 25

posted on 2021-11-08 12:50 EST by Alex Mateo

When two ikemen participate in the world drag queen contest | Kyo Kara Maoh! R (2007)

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Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective - Opening | “Gessekai” by BUCK-TICK

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective - Ending | “Mirai Kouro” by La’cryma Christi

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