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Doctor Who / Class (BBC America)


Matt Smith is my first Doctor too. It’s great! It’s nice that with every new doctor/companion they make it relatively easy for the uninitiated to jump in.



psychopuppet wrote:


Yes, I’ve been waiting for this news. Thanks PP!


April is going to be an awesome month! I can’t wait!


Oh damn, it’s like a fog has lifted.



Only a few remaining episodes and specials of season 4 left, and I’ve seen all the episodes from the revived Doctor Who series. It’s been a fine ride.


I loved the last few specials they made before ending that era of the Doctor, since it’s just the Doctor on his own getting into crazy adventures without a static companion. Which is what the Doctor kind of felt like in the last two seasons after Rose left.


Did anyone else see the charity shorts episodes? They’re pretty entertaining, and involve Amy wearing a short skirt. Here’s a link to them, they’re pretty low quality though.!5783593/doctor-who-reveals-the-real-problem-with-amy-ponds-short-skirts/gallery/1


less than a week to go.


5 days to go…


Newshawk wrote:

I can’t wait. I like how they’re going to split the season up this year.


Elisabeth Sladen dies aged 63[/size]

The actor Elisabeth Sladen best known for her role as Doctor Who’s time travelling companion, has died of cancer, aged 63. Sladen played many roles over the years, but was defined by her portrayal of tough-talking journalist Sarah Jane Smith in the BBC series, and later went on to star in her own spin-off programme, The Sarah Jane Adventures.[/quote]


That is really sad psychopuppet. I liked her in a bunch of stuff she did. I came here to write how excited I was that the new Doctor Who was an hour and a half away but I will tone down my excitement out of respect.


psychopuppet wrote:

Damn, it was Elizabeth Sladen and Tom Baker that brought me into Dr. Who when I was a kid. I have some very fond memories of her travels with the Dr. and K-9. RIP.


That being said, can’t wait to see the new episode!


R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen. You will be missed.

Just finished the first episode a little bit ago. It was pretty good. I’m curious to see where the show will be going.


psychopuppet wrote:

Really sad to hear this. I enjoyed watching her in the Sarah Jane Adventures. RIP Elisabeth.


New beings/aliens totally cool You forget them when you do not look at them. That is pretty unique.
I should say they were unique to me. For the Sci Fi readers here, someone may have seen this particular case.
I was also a little bummed to see the Dr not being the one who knows everything, however, he does impress Amy and River with the road intersection. All is good again with him being the brightest. River kinda bugs me though. Great actress, just do not like her sometimes.

Also, this episode was dedicated to the best companion ever. RIP Sladen


Well, Not sure if it has been seen or not, but the last episode was great, although I felt completely LOST in the first 15 minutes.
Was not expecting Tricky Dick to be such a help… er, well as much help as he could be. Funny that everytime he came on the screne the Presidential theme (American) kicked on.

Not sure if everyone knows that the episodes are showing up in the OnDemand section in some markets. I am getting it up here in Seattle.
Makes it easier than trying to find it. Also I am not able to subscribe to the BBC America Channel at this time.

Anyhow, 2 episodes down, and still lots of questions.


How’s everyone liking the show? I love how everyone has been excited about this here, and yet no one’s really posted their thoughts since it aired (except for Funkgun). Does anyone else nearly wet their pants at the thought of the silence? As sad as I was to see them eradicated so fast in the second episode, I realized that we really didn’t find out too much about what they were doing exactly, besides the manipulation of the human race, and why they were doing it. So there’s still a lot of unanswered questions.

Neil Gaiman’s episode airs tomorrow! Can’t wait!