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Doctor Who / Class (BBC America)


I was just talking about Dr Who with someone the other day. We were laying bets on what the deal was with that little girl.


^ totally. What is up with the suit?
Where did the Suit go AFTER the DR aparently dies
and I loved the new race. Very clever. I have a feeling they will return.
Many of the best races return. =D

Also, is the little girl a time Lord? Related to a Time Lord?
and is Pond pregnant? or not?


I love the show! now that aside for know i think the little girl who appears to be at least part timelord could be Amy Ponds daughter, but she is stuck in one of those timey wimey things (reference to the show lol) where she will be born or not.


you’re welcome


[size=16]Daily Video: Fan-Made Anime-Inspired Dr. Who Finished[/size]
posted on 2011-06-04 21:00 EDT
Pro translator streams last 12-minute short based on science-fiction franchise


That is awesome.


I hate a split season. Oh well, lots of questions after episode 7.

I guess torchwood will have to fill the void soon.




Funkgun wrote:

[quote]I hate a split season. Oh well, lots of questions after episode 7.

I guess torchwood will have to fill the void soon.[/quote]

You may hate the split season, but at least it’s time for some new Dr. Who.
New episode this Saturday, 9:00 pm on BBC America. Episode named “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Sounds like it could be good.


I’ve been catching up on Doctor Who. I have to say I just knew River Song was Amy’s daughter and the Doctor’s killer. I just knew it. There have been way too many hints dropped the past couple of seasons.



It looks awesome and I am getting a bit of a Narnia vibe, although a twisted one. Can’t wait!


Don’t forget about the Doctor Who Christmas Special tonight at 9:00.


Darn it! I don’t get BBC America anymore. I loved that one last year.


It was a good episode, but as a Christmas Special I found it a little weaker compared to previous Doctor Who Christmas Specials.


psychopuppet wrote:

I DVR’d the episode last night and will watch it later. I watched Fright Night with David Tennant last night, and I’m missing him as the Doctor.


never saw the old episodes . do like all the newest doctors .

my fave so far of the new doctors is the 2nd the one Rose fell in love with . I like the fact that Amy and Rory’s child grew up to be someone ( River Song ) who has likely had even more adventures then her parent’s. given all that Amy and Rory have seen while traveling with the doctor that is saying A LOT !!!

MOD EDIT: Please use spoiler tags when revealing plot points in case others haven’t seen it yet.


Guess what comes out next Saturday…


I’m too old school for this rebooted crop of crap. I grew up with the original seven. Better SFX does not make a better show. I watched the first three seasons and just gave up on it.


You’re sorely missing out if you don’t give any of Matt Smith’s episodes a try. The show’s writing vastly improved when Steven Moffat took the reins. Series five in its entirety is rather solid, with “The Vampires of Venice” being the weakest episode, in my opinion. “Vincent and the Doctor” made me feel feels I didn’t know I could feel. Give it a go, and try not to approach it with that “too old school” mentality you had for the previous series, which were, admittedly, not as good.