Dokkoida?! / Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoider

Dokkoida?! / Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoider


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, science fiction
Themes: alien, power suits, superhero
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2003-07-05 to 2003-09-20

Plot Summary: Suzuo Sakurazaki just moved into the big city from the countryside, but has had no luck in getting a job. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Federation Police (GFP) is in desperate need of cleaning up their flawed reputation and a toy company representative named Tanpopo needs someone to fit into her prototype power suit to win a mass-production contract with the GFP. At the last minute, Tanpopo recruits Suzuo to become the diaper-clad superhero Dokkoida in exchange for a place to stay. However, in order to keep his room, Suzuo must keep his identity a secret above all else; especially since his new rivals and some intergalactic criminals live in the same apartment building.

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I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far on VOD, but this series seems to be funny as hell, and right up my ally as far as my likes go.

I’m definitely going to have to get this eventually.

I need to start watching this since everyone I know tells me it’s great. PP had high praise about it when Sentai picked it up.

The first two episodes have been pretty funny, so I think I will probably grab this at some point as well.

Strange but funny so far.

It’s alright. I watched the first episode and it is worth watching the second. I wouldn’t call it anything special at this point, though.

yeah i thought this one was pretty funny… i havent watched the second ep yet but since its only being updated every other week opposite of Popotan i should have plenty of time to catch up on it.
but i guess if i get 25 or so dollars to throw around i might just pick it up.

eff bills, buy anime,

Up to episode 5. This show is really laugh out loud funny!

Loved the TV show – Money Rangers! And kind of true when you think about it.
So, the criminals are making more money than poor Dokkoida and he goes on strike. I can’t imagine other superheroes comparing salaries with villains. Funny that a supposed superhero can even go on strike! :lol:

Ep. 5

If I was getting payed $44 a month (4,000 Yen) I would go on strike to.

Yeah, on his budget he’d have to buy instant ramen in bulk to be able to eat every day.

what amused me was at the end the way his “boss” got jealous that he might be looking at some other girl… lol… how old is she really?

Ep. 6

I love that they cancel a battle because its too hot to fight. LOL
The race was also very funny. Also like the scenes at the public pool.

I loved this series. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys raunchy comedy. Dokkoida id the ultimate hero?

I wasn’t sure what to expect on this one, it looked kind of juvenile at first. Then the dominatrix showed up. Ending all doubt about this being at all aimed at kids was the bit of a panty shot of Eidelweiss (I probably spelled that wrong) as she sits on the steps using her dress to fan herself in ep. 6 -

Episode 6 -


I also thought it was funny to cancel a battle due to heat.
Once “Gorgeous Pool” was mentioned, I liked everyone’s images of what the pool would be like. The race for the pool fee was hysterical. It ended up turning into a fight in the heat anyway and resulted in the pool being blown up! So, everyone ends up at the public pool. I think it’s still funny that they really don’t recognize one another.
Just before the race, I liked the announcement that Dokkoida is from the “let’s play dress up club” and he makes that silly speech, missing the start of the race. To make up for it, he does a “super dive” and gets stuck in the pool. And everyone just left him there like that!!

Episode 7 is surprisingly sweet and kind of a change of pace from the previous episodes.

The preview for 8 looks like it’s going to be funny, though.

You are so right Rebecca1/2. I really enjoyed this episode - I think it is my favorite one so far.

Episode 7 -


This was a very beautiful and touching episode. During a meteor shower, Kurika makes a wish that she’d like to dream. Everyone plans to go together and watch the fireworks at the summer festival. But Dr. Marronflower is working on a device that reads people’s minds and he will use it at the festival to find out the identities of Dokkoida and Neruloid Girl. As he works, the device blows up the house.
Kurika wakes up in a field and finds out that she is little Suzuo’s teacher. As they walk along, he tells her that when he grows up, he wants to be the “Masked Flashman”. Along the way, they run into the rest of the characters in shifting realities.
I liked that at one point, Kurika is the superhero fighting against a much younger Dr. Marronflower. It was a great scene with her saving the day. She’s even better than Neruloid Girl! I also liked the scene at the summer festival when Suzuo’s mother is talking to her and little Suzuo chooses a Dokkoida mask. Did Kurika figure something out with these clues? Suzuo’s mother says that she is going to send her a gift to thank her for helping Suzuo.
Then Kurika is suddenly back in the room with everyone still making plans for the summer festival. Kurika is asked about a kimono and says she doesn’t have one. Suzuo says that his mother sent her a present to thank her (from the dream?) and it turns out to be a beautiful kimono. Kurika cries and upsets everyone, but it is only because she is happy. Although she decided her adventure was really a dream, I wonder if it was?
Later on, as she dresses for the festival, Dr. Marronflower is shown to be all tied up on the floor. Good for her! She goes to the festival with everyone and as they watch the fireworks, she thinks that she would like to live with her friends forever – that is her dream. A very sweet episode! :slight_smile:

Episode 8 -


Another hysterical episode! When everyone sees a TV show about a forbidden love between a stepbrother and stepsister, they all think about Suzuo and Kosuzu. Even Kosuzu’s imagination runs wild.
Dr. Marronflower explains the male point of view on “little sister fever” to the girls and even shows them a video game called Thirteen Sisters. Ruri and Sayuri take it to heart and think they can win Suzuo that way. They both meet him dressed in costumes (Sayuri’s was really over the top!) when he comes home and call him “brother”. He just thinks they’re acting weird and ignores them. This causes them to frantically consult their Thirteen Sisters guidebook, which was pretty funny.
Dr. Marronflower lends Suzuo the Thirteen Sisters game and he plays it, but really doesn’t get it. He is so clueless! Kosuzu sees him playing the game and imagines even more impure things. That night she can’t sleep and sees a bug. She screams and everyone comes running. They come in to find Suzuo on top of Kosuzu. Kosuzu tries to explain, but they still have the wrong idea.
The alter egos come out and Edelweiss, Hyacinth, and Neruloid Girl confront Dokkoida and ask if he has a little sister. He says he does and they accuse him of little sister fever, but he gives a speech about love and family and diffuses the situation. The rest finally realize that there is nothing going one between Suzuo and Kosuzu. I thought it was funny that they all walked away without fighting and Dr. Marronflower makes a comment about his beauty sleep. I think I laughed through most of this episode!
Everything is back to normal and now everyone is watching a TV show about a teacher and student. Dr. Marronflower mentions “older woman fever”…

Can you say, “Please Teacher!”? That was a great tribute to one of my favorite anime series and the one that got me started back into anime!
Oh, and what gets me about this series is that, especially after this episode, they STILL haven’t figured out each others secret identities!

Yeah, I’m starting to think that several of them have 1 or more levels in class Baka, and not just Suzuo. Probably the reason why Dr. Marronflower is so old and making such easily defeated robots.

One word to tie it all together: HILARIOUS!

I was really surprised by this series. Each episode left me wanting more and more.
I’m so glad I own this.