Please mark shows as Sub or Dub and add more Subs


As usual there is the big debate camp of which is better. I do not like to watch dubs at all and only watch subs. Please add a filter to the online viewer to allow selection of titles that are Subs versus those that are Dubs. It would be nice if this preference can be set in the user Profile so that Watch Online would automatically show me only shows that are subtitled.

It would be nice if the shows that are currently available only as Dubs online would also be made available as Subs as well. I am fairly sure that this will help all around, since the anime watching community is split nearly 50/50 between those that prefer subs and those that prefer dubs.

Anything to make the experience better.

Once I see how many titles are actually available as subs, I may even subscribe. But so far I only found one title - by chance - that was subtitled that I wanted to watch that I needed to subscribe for - I could not tell with the other subscribed titles if they were or not. And everything else that I COULD view was a dub - so I immediately went away from it and did not watch it. (Did I mention before - I do not like to watch dubs… at all… cant force me…)

Showing dub/sub information is in the works, as are a few other goodies.

I can’t tell from your original post which you prefer. Could you be clearer? :wink:

Are you really worth it?

I have to say I really agree. I like this lazy day promotion, but its just really showing me that I don’t want to pay for this content at all. Mind telling me what that subbed show was so I can actually watch something on this site?

“Clannad” “Princess Resurrection”, “Koi Koi 7” and “Izumo” are subbed.

And, by the way, if you hover your cursor over the names of the shows, they are clearly marked as “subtitled”.

So out of over 100 titles, there are 4 that are subtitled? That’s it? Hover over the images? Of over 100 titles, hunting and pecking, just to find those 4 titles? I would rather have the images have an “S” in the corner or something like that to denote that they are subtitled - or my original suggestion of a drop-down filter. But with that few that ARE subtitled… its not worth it to even bother with TAN then… Used to be a lot better when it was on Akimbo…

When it was on Akimbo it was almost all dubbed… and even on Akimbo it was limited to only 30-50 hours a month of content additions.