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Favorite Anime Quotes


“We are going to make cheese. Grief for cheese can only be assuaged by more cheese.”

Nakajima - Silver Spoon 2 (ep 8)

“I, Nakajima, will become a demon for cheese!”

Nakajima - Silver Spoon 2 (ep 8)


Buddy Complex Ep. 13 Quote (Has to be in Spoiler Space)

Aoba: Connection, Hina!


Hina: Acception.


Get your tentacles off me or I will make calamari out of your manhood!

Minene Uryū (The Ninth) – Future Diary


*He only shows up at the Seishou Fair
Bearing only goods that are super rare
Awesome guns and awesome hair

Flower! ‘muah’* :kiss:

Flower - Upotte!! ep. 8


Enma: “Momotaro looks just like a competent housewife.”

Hozuki: “A subordinate can make a terrific amount of progress when his superior is incompetent.”

Hozuki no Reitetsu (ep 9)


Akari: “Even with no weapons and not a scrap of clothing on you, I’m sure you could stand against many enemies with no fear.”

Toru: “that would just be stupid on many levels”

Akari: “Even if you are my brother, I won’t allow you to insult the brother I so deeply respect.”

Toru: “Sorry. You’re the stupid one.”

Akari: “As long as you understand.”

Toru: “That’s okay with you?”

Chaika, The Coffin Princess Ep.1


Nina: “Understood. With age comes wisdom. Mimicking the chatter of modern youth is a simple matter!”

Kojou: “You already sound out-of-date!”

Strike the Blood (ep 21)


“The truly weak cannot even recognize their own frailty. They believe themselves to be strong, and howl repeatedly from a safe distance.”

“When they discover a weakness in others, they act as though they, themselves, have gained a great power. They become arrogant, band together, and deride the others, as though that will uplift their own worth.”

“But that is a misunderstanding.”

“Even if they look down on others, the reality of their worthlessness will not change. How tragic is that? The weak are so tragic when they cannot recognize their own weakness. That is why I will start to bring those poor people to the stage of reality. By forcing a return to reality, they will be hurt. They will fall, and recognize their frailty. They will then want power. Come! Want and demand power! I will respond to any who are weak. I will provide power to those who desire it. ”

Moral - Hamatora – ep 10


“I just love the way Yume looks after she’s finished feeding. Her flushed face, her unusually grown-up expression……… Being live bait isn’t so bad.”

Utsutsu - Pupa (ep 11)


“You meet someone and then part ways. It’s a natural part of the human experience. No one can promise they’ll be together forever. Life is suffering, pain, and misery.”

Nana - Golden Time – ep 22

“Sorry. The one that pretends to know everything never knows anything at all.”

Nana - Golden Time – ep 22


Antonio: “Shougo! You got your card, right?”

Luke: “Quickly, equip your Bone.”

Shougo: “How……… what?”

Majin Bone (ep 2)


“Politicians can’t survive in this day and age without going extreme.”

Kyoshiro - World Conquest Zvezda Plot (ep 11)


Character 1: He can’t sense the smell of blood lingering on money.

Character 2: The what!?

Character 1: People would die for it and many others would kill for it. Every bill has the scent of someone’s blood. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.

[size=16]Unknown Characters – [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control[/size]


“Two at once is really tough.”

Asuka - Z/X Ignition (ep 11)


“The present is ending. Here, countless versions of our past selves are always crying, laughing…… falling in love, getting hurt, joking around…… feeling happy, and suffering. These feelings are born all the time, and in the next moment, they become the past and die. It’s over now. This is the end. But the truth is, everyone’s time is like that. Right after it’s born, every moment becomes the past and dies. But…… I’m alive now. I’m here now. I can see this moment, the present, right now. Right now…… isn’t that everything?”

Banri - Golden Time (ep 23)


There is no such thing as a painless lesson… they just don’t exit. Sacrifices are necessary. You can’t gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you will find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle. A heart made fullmetal.

Character Unknown – Fullmetal Alchemist (Exact Work Unknown)


“Love is a beautiful thing, but it can also be terrifying.”

Ishihara - Samurai Flamenco (ep 21)


Daichi: I’m scared…Actually, I’m really Scared. After all I’m only a teenager. But If I don’t defeat them,We have no hope. And hope is only born of choices.

Captain Earth Ep.7


“Goodbye……… My prince. Some love songs can’t be sung. It’s for the best, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

Ari – The Pilot’s Love Song (ep13)


“The world is a crazy and fickle place. It’s a waste of time to try to conquer it. World conquest is a dream that ends before it can begin. A mere illusion.”

Kyoshiro - World Conquest Zvezda Plot (ep 12)