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Favorite Anime Quotes


“If you fight to die, you will live.”

“If you fight to live, you will assuredly die.”

“Those are the words of Lord Kenshin.”

Naoe - Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji (ep 23)


Super Peace Busters “WE FOUND YOU!”

Anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day Ep.11

  • grabs tissues*


“That’s the power of Boobies, baby! Even just thinking about them makes miracles happen.” ~ Space Dandy Ep 5



Minori: “Shinichi-kun, sorry for the wait.”

Shinichi (to himself): “So round…… They’re so round! They’re not just big! The subtle curves of that supreme, soft flesh……” (aloud as he puts his hands together in prayer) “Thank you, God!”

Minori: “What are you doing?”

Shinichi: “Worshiping.”

Minori: “Worshiping what?”

Shinichi: “Of course, these outrageously ample……” (looks up) “Oh, look who it is! Minori-san.”

Minori: “In other words, you didn’t even glance at my face, did you?”

Shinichi: “N-No! That’s not true at all!”

Outbreak Company (ep 9)


Chocolat: “No matter where I look, there are naked men everywhere. Oh my, another beautiful body…… I can totally see Kanade-san being held down, writhing in frustration but feeling turned on at the same time!”

Kanade: “Hold it! Hey, Chocolat, you like me, don’t you?”

Chocolat: “Yes, I love you lots!”

Kanade: “Then why do you want to pair me with another guy?”

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 8)

“I can smell a herd of onii-chans over there! Let’s go onii-chan hunting!”

Yuragi - My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 8)


Yukiya: “Are they all impostors created by the game?”

Mitsuki: “But why are they all movie references?”

Hayato: “Probably because the game is ripping off a movie, too!”

MEGANEBU! (ep 10)


“Yeah…… I’m pretty sure this isn’t a job for a cop!”

Goto – Samurai Flamenco (ep 10)


1.) It doesn’t matter how far in the universe I go, I never forget Boobies.

2.) There is nobody in the whole cosmos that can stand between me and Boobies.

Dandy – Space Dandy


“Sometimes you have to put on a brave face. For others and for yourself.”

Haruto - Valvrave the Liberator S2 (ep 23)


“A brother who can’t even protect his only sister is not a man!”

Ichika - Infinite Stratos 2 (ep 12)


Airi: “Raul Chaser, don’t use my boobs as a pillow, you jerk!”

Raul: “They feel like memory foam……”

Airi: “What was that?!”

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 12)


“That’s just it. It’s that desperate face. If you throw yourself at him like that, you’ll make him feel like a demon accepting a sacrificial virgin. He’s hesitating because he wants to show that he really cares for you.”

Oka to Kaga – Golden Time (ep 14)


“You can only ever be a Red Ranger…… And in this group, you’re the Reddest Ranger!”

Kaname – Samurai Flamenco (ep 11)


“By taking swift possession of your dangling bits, the crime-constituting conditions of embezzlement have been completely met.”

Yana – Golden Time (ep 15)


“B-B-B-But, if you think about my future, I come with baggage like cows, fields, and old people!”

Mikage – Silver Spoon (s2-ep 5)


“Humans are so easily conquered when faced with tentacles.”

Kate - World Conquest Zvezda Plot (ep 5)


“Little sisters are mysterious things.”

Kagari - Witch Craft Works (ep 6)


“When a girl changes her underwear, she forgets the past too!”

Nui – Kill la Kill (ep 18)


“My name is the Void. I am she who reduces broken vows to ashes by my eternal fires. Tear off your yoke of black blood, and return to where you belong! Offer your sword to the blue maiden, the blessing of your honored soul!”

Natsuki – Strike the Blood (ep 19)


“The woman should walk quietly behind the man.”

Kagari - Witch Craft Works (ep 8)

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