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Favorite Anime Quotes


Student 1:"How did he end up with two girls hanging off him?"
Student 2:"Go take a shower man! Didn’t you know one of them is a dude?"
Student 3:“So what! They’re both hot so who cares, that dude is a real deal pimp.”

Mayo Chiki! ep.: Let’s Start a War



*Jonah opens fire on the treeline.*

Hostel 1: Damn it! They figured out where we are.

Hostel 2: No, he’s just shooing blind hoping to hit us.

Lehm: Jonah, do you see the enemy!? Where are they!?

Jonah: Continues shooting while speaking… no idea. I’m just shooting until I find them.

[size=16]Lehm Brick & Jonathan Mar aka “Jonah” – Jormungand[/size]


“But I only do things that I think are fun. We only have so much time on this Earth. It’s more fun doing things you want to do, isn’t it? You might screw up or look silly doing them, but I think I’d regret it more if I just did nothing.”

Hana – Hanayamata (ep 3)


“Your smile really puts me at ease.”

Kaori – One Week Friends (ep 12)


Miharu Mitsuka: But Twoearle has such perfectly nice eyes.

Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! Ep. 2


Tomoki: “Fishing, yay.”

Mikako: “I always knew you were a master baiter.”

Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte (ep 5)



“Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.”


Inaho: “What does it take to end a war? Do you know?”

Asseylum: “Well, if both sides wish for peace and set aside their hatred………”

Inaho: “No. Warfare is nothing but a means of negotiations between states. Wars break out even when there is no hatred. Territory, resources, or interests that you are determined to own. Ideology, religion, pride. Wars are fought over those objectives all the time. Meaning that when those objectives are met, the war will end. That, or………the war will end when the human cost outweighs the gains. Anger and hatred, those are nothing more than tools to tilt a war in your favor. I’m not interested in those emotions.”

Asseylum: “Inaho………”

Inaho: “So I wouldn’t hate anyone just because they’re Martian.”

Aldnoah.Zero (ep 12)


Sen Tokugawa: I can’t believe naked girls keep falling from the sky one by one. What is wrong with this country!?

Yukimura Sanada: The end of the world is near.

[size=16]Sen Tokugawa & Yukimura Sanada – Samurai Girls[/size]


So… I guess the apples are out of the question?

Reyuk – Death Note


A notice board reads:

TV Anime
“I Think My Harem is Slowly Falling Apart, But I Might Just Be Imagining it (Not Final)”

Shirobako – ep 4


Now with your permission, Sir… I believe that it’s time that I give these young people a proper lesson in violence.

Walter C. Dornez – Hellsing Ultimate


Kaori: It takes Courage to sail in uncharted waters.

Kousei: Who said that?

Kaori: Snoopy.

Kousei: A Dog?

Kaori: Woof

Your Lie in April Ep. 6


Because, there was something special about you. As bearers of the magic eye go, you are so completely different from the rest of us. I was fascinated. For one thing, you’re extremely kindhearted. I can tell by how much pain you feel. The more I watched your dreams, the more my heart broke for you.

You felt lost, abandoned… betrayed. The world has handled you poorly. Like anyone, because of it, you have resigned to being alone. You’re afraid of people… afraid of getting hurt… wishing you were dead, or better yet… insane. You were haunted… tormented… feelings we all know too well, and yet as strong as all those horrible things were, what came ringing through despite them was the fact that you love people.

When push comes to shove, your first instinct always is to protect others. That makes being alone that much harder. You hate it. You want to be with people… you crave it. Even dwelling as you do on how much of a monster you are, even as scared as you are of hurting others… you will never silence the part of you that longs for them. You’re good but afraid. Loving but lonely. And honestly, your dreams make me sad.

[size=16]Unknown Character – The Legend of Legendary Heroes[/size]


It’s because who says this, why this quote is so good:


Maya I’m a future Harem member!"

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Ep. 8


“I remember!”

Moroha Haimura - World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman


“This group just keeps getting weirder.”

Yun – Yona of the Dawn (ep 14)


Shiro- Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Ep. 20


Yukino Yukinoshta - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too Ep. 9