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Favorite Anime Quotes


“Hunters of the night, deny these evil beasts their tomorrows.”

Persia – Knight Hunters


“Death is another form of salvation.”

Yuuji - The Eden of Grisaia (ep 10)



“Fighting giant monsters is a Defense Force tradition!”

Itami - Gate (ep 3)


“The Sparkling Prince is gonna sparkle your sparkles off!”

Yumoto Hakone - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (ep 1)


"Sometime last night, I was all alone in my room when suddenly, out of nowhere, the smell of a fart that wasn’t mine wafted into my nose."

Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga - Azumanga Daioh ep. 17



Rory Mercury
You want to know how they fought the Dragon, Right?
They did their absolute best.
They most certainly did not use the refugees as shields.and fight from a safe distance.
But to begin with, what’s wrong with soldiers making sure they stay alive?
If They Die needlessly, who is going to protect people like you who do nothing but sit in comfort and complain, Little Girl?

Gate Ep. 8


Battery-kun: “Shocking, isn’t it?”

Miss Monochrome: “It’s shocking.”

Miss Monochrome 2 (ep 7)


“I look like I work at some kinda shady talent agency.”

Itami – Gate (ep 8)


“Sheesh. Why are you on a lightpost? I guess it’s true that idiots like getting high.”

Mitsuki - Wagnaria!! 3 (ep 10)

“When Mom comes home, she’s going to teach me how to be an emperor.”

Nazuna - Wagnaria!! 3 (ep 10)


(sound of a ringing phone)

Rory: “What is that?”

Itami: “Um…… This is a tool called a “cell phone”. It’s used to call me for important matters.”

Rory (annoyed as she readjusts her clothing): “Your “tool” needs to learn when not to interrupt.”

Gate (ep 10)


Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2WEI HERZ! Ep.9



Wakako – Wakakozake


“… I’m not a muse or anything like that. I’m just a part-timer. …”

Yamato - My Love Story!! (ep 24)
“The important things in life, like feelings, hearts, and souls, are all things you can never see. The more you try to reassure yourself that they exist, the more you feel they don’t exist at all. But right now, I know for sure that they do exist. They’re so close, you can almost touch them.”

Takeo – My Love Story!! (ep 24)



Haikyu! Season 2, Ep. 8 Tadashi Yamaguchi:


Tuka: “If that’s the case, I’ve slept with him more times than you!”

Leilei: “It doesn’t count, you were insane at the time…”

Gate: Episode 18


From Re: Zero Ep. 1


“A true bitch clads herself in innocence for the sake of her bitchiness.”

Bitch Queen - Girls Beyond the Wasteland (ep 1)