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Flowers of Evil / Aku no Hana

Flowers of Evil / Aku no Hana


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Genres: drama, psychological, romance
Themes: absurdity, school
Objectionable Content: Significant
Plot Summary: Takao worships the class beauty, Nanako, from afar. When he is alone in the classroom one day after school, he notices her bag of gym clothes on the floor. He can’t resist picking it up. He plans to return it, but the next day, all the girls are commiserating with Nanako that some pervert has stolen her gym clothes. Worse than that, their classmate Sawa quietly lets him know that she saw him take the clothes and will tell Nanako if he doesn’t make a contract with her to do whatever she asks of him. And so their strange, tense relationship begins.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-06
Opening Theme: 1. “Aku no Hana -Kasuga Takao-” by Uchujin
2. “Aku no Hana -Nakamura Sawa-” by Uchujin
3. “Aku no Hana -Saeki Nanako-” by Uchujin
4. “Aku no Hana -Gunma Ken Kiryu Shi-” by Uchujin
Ending Theme: 1. “Hana -a last flower-” by ASA-CHANG & Junray
2. “Hana -a last flower- Ver.Z” by ASA-CHANG & Junray
3. “Hana” by ASA-CHANG & Junray
4. “Hana -a last flower- Ver.X” by ASA-CHANG & Junray

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April 19, 2013

The Flowers of Evil Suspense Manga Gets Anime

posted on 2012-08-05 09:35 EDT
Mushishi’s Hiroshi Nagahama to direct anime of “corrupt pure-love story”

Episode 1 -


I need to get used to the animation style and everyday seems the same in the main character’s life. But Takao has a crush on a girl in his class and she seems to show some interest in him. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that things got interesting. Now I need to see more!

Episode 2 –


Takao almost didn’t, but he did and was seen, so now he has to pay the piper. And what a nasty piper Nakamura is with that creepy smile and the way she stares! She’s also ruined his chance with Saeki, but I think the guilt Takao carries would have accomplished that anyway. So, now Takao is bound to Nakamura and must do what she says. Poor guy!

Flowers of Evil coming to Anime Network Online Player

STARTING May 9th @ 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Episode 3 –


It was funny watching Takao in a panic, running around this tiny town, trying to get rid of the “evidence”. He can’t find anywhere isolated enough to get rid of it since he keeps running into people and then Nakamura finds him.

The teacher announces that a “suspicious man” was seen around the school the day that Saeki’s uniform was taken, so maybe Takao thinks he will be off the hook. However, I don’t think Nakamura will let him go that easily.

Nakamura won’t release him. In fact, when Takao threatens to incinerate the gym uniform, Nakamura forcefully puts it on him. Damn, that girl is strong! She admits that she’s just as sick as he is and demands that he now spend every day with her. I had to laugh as Takao tries not to be seen with her in public. Nakamura is just so creepy – how will Takao ever get out of this situation?

When some money goes missing, Nakamura is suspected, but she was with Takao. Will he speak up for her? He does, but in a roundabout way and now the class thinks he has a crush on her! Can this get any more messed up?!

Episode 1 is live at ANO

I’m not sure if I want to keep this on my watch list or not…

Wow…um…so that was something. While the character animations are downright horrible, this does have some potential. The creep factor draws you in.

Well, this is the most controversial show of the season and I happen to be a fan of rotoscope. I love the old Raplh Bakshi films like Lord of the Rings that use a similar technique. I will definitely have to check this out.

I do have to say that while the character designs don’t bother me, the opening theme is terrible!

Episode 4 –


Takao berates himself for standing up for Nakamura, but when Saeki compliments him for doing it, he can only cry. He resolves to change. It was funny to see him skipping down the school hallway, but that mood deflated as soon as he entered the classroom and had to face the rumor of him and Nakamura.

The laughter and snide comments really started to get to him but when Saeki comes over to talk to Takao, the others shut up. Then again, Nakamura didn’t like that and I’m sure Takao will have to pay for it later.

He later helps Saeki carry some boxes and learns a little more about her, but it makes him late for his meeting with Nakamura. Takao invites Saeki to go to the bookstore with him, but he’s so flustered that he almost falls down the stairs. Saeki grabs him around the waist to save him and as she’s pressed against his back, she whispers that she will go with him. Takao is thrilled, but when he looks up, Nakamura is standing at the bottom of the stairs. She gives them an evil smile and walks away. There’s going to be hell to pay!

That night, stones hit Takao’s widow and he’s afraid to look, knowing that it will be Nakamura. When he finally peeks out, she motions for him to come outside. When he does, she takes his hand and drags him off for a walk. They finally stop and Nakamura confirms that he has a date with Saeki that coming Sunday. She just stares at him, waiting for his answer as he tries to figure out if she’s angry or jealous. Instead, she throws him off completely by acting happy for him!

But it is probably just an act as Nakamura tells Takao to meet him a half hour before meeting Saeki and to bring the gym clothes. Takao refuses and Nakamura slaps him so hard, he falls to the ground. She tells him that if he doesn’t meet her, he will regret it. She also promises not to do anything bad, which I highly doubt. Nakamura happily wishes Takao a goodnight and goes off, leaving Takao cowering in the street.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, he meets Nakamura with Saeki’s gym clothes right before his date. She takes him into the girl’s bathroom and, as I knew would happen, she wants him to put them on under his clothes. Takao refuses and tries to talk Nakamura out of it. He even confesses to her that he loves Saeki. All to no avail. Nakamura tells Takao that she just wants “to see a real sicko in action” and screams out her frustration. She then threatens him with exposure unless he complies with her demand.

Takao ends up wearing the uniform, but he’s very uncomfortable, especially once Saeki shows up. They go off to the bookstore, watched closely by a grinning Nakamura, and the words she said spinning around in Takao’s head. That is one very scary girl!!

Ep. 01

Not sure what to think of this one.
Stepping away from the serverly controversial rotoscopping, the series itself seemed a tad bit too slow and a bit repetitive for my liking.

I’ll watch this to the very end, since it is a Sentai title and who knows, it may get better to me over time, but as it stands, I may not enjoy this one very much.

For me the style fits in well with the story. Both are very different and I can see why many won’t like either. But for me it’s been an interesting experience so far.

Episode 5 –


Takao still can’t believe that he’s on a date with the beautiful Saeki, but he also still feels uncomfortable wearing her gym clothes. And the fact that Nakamura is following them must be driving him crazy!

He tries to put it out of his mind and enjoy the “bliss” of being with Saeki. Once they hit the bookstore, Takao completely changes and becomes more animated. He shares his excitement over books with Saeki and gives her a huge smile. When she asks about his favorite book, Takao shows Saeki a copy of “Flowers of Evil”. She tells him that the title is “intimidating” and he tells her that the truly scary part is inside and how much it changed him. Then he buys it for Saeki! She thanks him, but I’m not sure she appreciates his gift.

Nakamura shows up and gestures for him to go outside. He asks Saeki to wait in the bookstore and he goes to meet Nakamura. She taunts him and tells him that before the date ends, he has to kiss Saeki. She sees Takao as a pervert and wants him to “reveal his true self”.

As Takao and Saeki walk around this old town, I can really see now more than ever how it is past its prime. There isn’t much to do for the few residents that are left, so I can see Nakamura as a lonely girl looking for amusement, but she does take things too much to the extreme.

Nakamura is so far into Takao’s head that he’s starting to see things, such as Saeki in her gym uniform. He just too nervous and can’t enjoy himself at this point with Nakamura always in the background. Later, when they are sitting alone in a park, Takao and Saeki don’t have anything to say to one another. It’s an awkward moment and then Saeki says she must go home.

Saeki thanks him for the day and the book, but also tells Takao that he’s “strange” and that she’d like to go out with him again. He stares at Saeki’s mouth and perhaps he’s thinking of kissing her, but then he screams out “no” and that he’s “not a pervert”! The watching Nakamura must be so disappointed! Saeki must think that he’s even stranger, but he asks her for a “pure and platonic relationship”. Saeki just stares at him in the stillness of the park and finally whispers her agreement. With her agreement, Takao finally experiences his moment of bliss, which ended up being pretty funny.

But the horror that is Nakamura soon rears her ugly head, and dumps a pail of water over Takao’s head before running away. Now that Takao is soaked, Saeki’s gym shirt can be seen through Takao’s transparent shirt. Saeki asks Takao if he’s all right and he screams and tells her not to look at him. But is it too late? Did she already see her shirt? I’m not sure, but Takao runs away, leaving her in the park. Now Saeki must also think that there is something between Takao and Nakamura!

Takao runs through the town hugging himself to hide his shame, worried that Saeki might have seen her shirt. I think at this point, he’d willing kill Nakamura. He confronts her in an alley and she calls him a “traitor”. Takao tells her that he was never going to kiss Saeki and Nakamura is upset that he asked her out instead. But once Nakamura calms down and promises to “help” Takao, I know he is going to be more miserable than ever. Nakamura happily skips off and Takao just falls to his knees.

Episode 2 is live at ANO

This was a good episode. I have a greater interest in this title now.

Episode 6 –


Back at school, Takao walks into his classroom to find everyone staring at him. For a moment, he thinks it is because Saeki may have seen her gym shirt on him when his shirt was wet. But everyone is really staring at him because he went out with Saeki! The boy gang up on him and Saeki asks if it’s alright to tell everyone. Blushing, Saeki makes the announcement that they are dating. Well, that causes a real commotion! Once again, the boys gang up on Takao and Saeki ends up defending him to her girlfriends. And Nakamura is sitting alone in the corner, watching.

Takao is feeling happy and relaxed for the first time in a long time, but I’m sure that isn’t going to last. Sure enough, he sees Nakamura talking to Saeki and all his fears come flooding back. For the rest of the day, whatever they may have been talking about is driving him crazy. Saeki and Takao walk home together and Saeki asks him if he caught a cold from getting wet. He says he’s fine and Saeki says how shocked she was by the incident. Apparently, Saeki didn’t see that it was Nakamura and Takao just goes along with that.

Saeki asks if he and Nakamura are friends and panic begins to set in again as he isn’t sure how to answer. Takao asks why and Saeki tells him that Nakamura told her so. Saeki says that she’s always been a little worried about the lone Nakamura and if she’s all right. Now smiling, Saeki drops the bomb that she made friends with Nakamura that very day! She said that Nakamura is cheering their relationship on and that she is happy for them. Takao is sure if he should feel relieved or not. Saeki goes on to say that she wants to know more about him and that they should treasure their relationship. Takao smiles at her and agrees.

That night, in his room, he hugs his pillow to himself and is very happy, but he can’t stop worrying about Nakamura. He wonders if she’s really giving them her blessing and decides that she’s pretty nice after all. Is he nuts? He’d like to savor his happiness, but remembers his theft of Saeki’s uniform and wonders if he really has a right to be her boyfriend. He dispels his fears and promises to change himself into a person worthy of Saeki, calling her his angel.

The next day, the kids put their desks together for lunch and Saeki asks Takao if they can eat together. But she also invites Nakamura and this gets the class talking again. It turns into an awkward situation and Nakamura asks Takao if he’s happy with Saeki. He says he is and then Nakamura asks Saeki if she really likes Takao and she says she does. Then she asks Saeki if she’d still like Takao if he turned out to be a pervert. Saeki doesn’t understand and says that Takao isn’t like that so Nakamura says that she is just kidding, but she passes Takao a note, telling him to go to the library after school.

Takao does meet Nakamura in the library and she tells him that she made friends with Saeki just for him and will tell him what Saeki really thinks of him as well as all her “juicy little secrets”. But Takao doesn’t want this and just wants Nakamura to leave them alone. Nakamura refuses and tells him that Saeki wants to have sex with him. And of course Saeki just happens to see them through the window. The next day, Takao can’t stop thinking about what Nakamura said. And Saeki is out sick.

Takao comes to the conclusion that his angel would never say such a thing and that Nakamura must be lying in order to trick him. After school, he is confronted by Saeki’s friend, Kinoshita and she demands to know what he did to Saeki. Saeki had called her the night before in tears, but wouldn’t tell her why she was crying. Kinoshita gives Takao the handout from class and tells him to take it to Saeki. Once again, Nakamura is a witness.

Takao goes to Saeki’s house and it takes him a while to get up enough courage to finally ring the doorbell. But before he can, Nakamura shows up behind him. That scares him enough to fall down! She asks him if he came to have sex with Saeki and calls him scum. Takao tells her to stop and that he won’t allow her to insult Saeki anymore. He says that he knows she is lying about Saeki wanting sex and tells Nakamura that she’s destroying Saeki’s innocent image. Nakamura says that she isn’t lying about Saeki and also insists that in saying that she’s insulting Saeki must mean that Takao isn’t interested in “normal” sex. She calls him the “king of sickos” and tells him to take a good look at himself in the mirror and he will see “all the nasty stuff under that mask of his”.

Nakamura whispers “good luck” in his ear and ringing Saeki’s doorbell, she runs away leaving an emotionally distraught Takao behind. He haltingly explains why he is that and is asked to wait. When he looks behind him, Nakamura waves to him from her hiding place.

Episode 3 is live at ANO

Nakamura is scary. o_O

Episode 4 is live at ANO

Episode 7 –


Once inside Saeki’s bedroom, the nervous Takao still can’t stop thinking about what Nakamura said. Saeki asks him to sit on the bed next to her and I can only imagine what Takao is thinking. Saeki takes his hand and asks him what it means to be in a relationship. Takao ends up staring at her lips. Saeki then asks him if he’s hiding anything from her and that she’s finding it hard t trust him. I wonder if Nakamura told her something.

Saeki asks Takao to tell her about his true self and he is reminded of Nakamura calling him a pervert. He works up the courage to tell Saeki that he isn’t hiding anything. Saeki decides to accept his word and tells him that she is reading the book he gave her. She ends by shaking his hand and telling him that she looks forward to their relationship. Saeki watches him walk away from the house and trusts that there is nothing between him and Nakamura.

Nakamura finds him sitting on a park bench and Takao tells her that he is adding to his list of sins by betraying Saeki’s trust. Takao kneels to Nakamura and tells her that she is the only one he can turn to. He begs her to tell Saeki that he stole her gym clothes and he wants Nakamura to tell Saeki the truth about him. Nakamura just laughs her head off and tells him to bring Saeki’s uniform to the school at midnight. Takao continues to kneel there with tears in his eyes and Nakamura comments on how much she loves the look on his face.

Late that night, Takao sneaks out of his house with the gym uniform and walks through the empty town by the light of the full moon. He meets Nakamura and follows her onto the school grounds. She open a school window and has Takao follow her through it and back to their classroom, where she takes Saeki’s uniform from him. She confirms that he wants Saeki to know that he took her uniform and Takao says that he has no wish to conceal his sin now that he’s dating her. Nakamura holds out a piece of chalk to him and dictates the awful things that she wants him to write on the blackboard. And most of them aren’t true or were Nakamura’s doing!

Takao wanted only Saeki to know – not the entire class – and protests to Nakamura. But she bullies him again and Takao cries that he only wants to be a good, normal person. Nakamura says that he disappoints her and finally admits that he’s just like everyone else. But as she rants, I wonder if she’s really talking about herself. I am also curious about her background. How did a girl like this grow up? It also looks like she either lives alone or has little to no supervision at home. Nakamura ends by telling Takao to do what he likes and that their contract is void. Telling him to never speak to her again, she says goodbye and turns to leave.

But why can’t Takao let her go? This was his perfect chance to be free and he blew it! Still crying, Takao begins to write on the blackboard. Screaming in rage, he writes everything that Nakamura had told him to and once finished, he slaps the blackboard and yells “How’s that?!” Nakamura smiles in triumph, asking if that is all and that he should pour out everything. I thought for a moment that Takao would calm down, but he picks up the chalk again and continues with his screaming and writing.

Finishing, he throws the chalk to the floor, but Nakamura jumps on a desk and yells for more, saying that it isn’t enough. Takao takes a box of open chalk and throws it into the air. He kneels down and begins to write on the floor. Nakamura throws paint on him and holding out the paintbrush to him, demands more. He grabs the brush and runs around the room, painting everywhere, while Nakamura dances around in joy. Oh, Takao – how could you? Emotions running wild, the two of them end up trashing the classroom. Spent, they end up on the floor and the classroom is arranged to look like a flower of evil. Nakamura finishes by calling him a pervert. Stupid Takao may end up blaming things on moon madness, but he’s going to lose everything now, including Saeki.

Episode 8 –


Dawn finds Nakamura and Takao, covered in paint, slowly walking along the street, holding hands in total silence. They are completely spent after their night of insanity. They walk through the utterly silent town like this for almost the first ten minutes of the episode. In the aftermath of the craziness of the last episode, I somehow found this to be both very emotional and fitting.

The complete silence is finally broken as Nakamura stops, and Takao turns to her. She quietly tells him that she lives in the opposite direction. Still holding her hand, Takao mentions that in a few hours, everyone, including Saeki, will see the trashed classroom and he asks her what will happen. Nakamura raises their clasped hands and smiling, says that she can’t wait. Takao just looks at her, perhaps regretfully. She tells him that she will see him later and he agrees. She lets go of his hand and walks away.

Takao enters his silent house and throws his dirty clothes in the washing machine and takes a shower. Unable to sleep, he sits in the kitchen and thinks about how he can’t go back. He’s sure that his life as a normal person has come to an end. His mother enters the kitchen and is surprised to find him up already. It isn’t his usual habit – if she only knew! She doesn’t get any response for him and tells him that his summer uniform is ready.

The sullen Takao walks to school and again, the lack of sound is disturbing. There is only faint music in the background, but the sound begins to increase until Takao reaches the school. He imagines the reactions of his classmates and a crying Saeki. He has a panic attack and decides to run away and travel the world, but before he can move, Saeki is there, calling his name. Smiling and wishing him a good morning, she thanks him for visiting her the day before. Saeki tells him again that she looks forward to their relationship.

Takao just doesn’t know what to say and Saeki reminds him to hurry or he’ll be late. As they walk along the silent hallway, Saeki hears noise and wonders what’s going on. She opens the door to the trashed classroom to find a quiet commotion in progress. At the center of it is her destroyed gym uniform. She falls to her knees beside her girlfriends.

The first loud noise of the episode is when Takao’s friend calls his name and excitedly talks about the condition of the classroom. Yamada blames the pervert that was believed to have stolen Saeki’s uniform – the mysterious man that was hanging around the school at the time. Will Takao really get away with doing this? He looks at the blackboard where the paint has covered up his name. He still looks guilty, but also relieved as he glances towards Nakamura. She smiles and sticks her tongue out at him. The teacher enters the room and sends everyone go to the gym for an emergency assembly. Her friends have to help Saeki to stand.

The principal makes an announcement about the vandalized classroom and states that an investigation will begin immediately. The students get excited and wonder if they will be interviewed on TV. They all think that the person responsible was the weirdo that had stolen Saeki’s uniform. And how right they are! The girls are worried about Saeki and their own safety. The principal makes another announcement that students will be going home in groups for safety.

Takao is just sick and Nakamura finds him outside. She asks him if he’s happy that his secret is safe. She just laughs, happy with the situation and happy with everyone’s reactions. Nakamura tells Takao to be proud now that he’s dropped the first layer of his mask. Unfortunately, Saeki happens to come upon them. Her accusing eyes stare at Takao as Nakamura just gives Saeki a dirty look. Takao sadly tells Saeki that they should break up and she asks him why. Takao apologizes and saying goodbye, tries to run away, but Saeki stops him.

Saeki produces the book that Takao had given her. She notices that the flower on the cover was drawn on the floor of their classroom. Saeki quietly asks Takao if he did it. The classroom… Her uniform… Takao still has his back to her and Saeki tells him that she knows it was him. He’s really caught now!