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Heeeellur :D


Hi :D. I started watching anime when Yu Gi Oh came out and i started watching more and more. I Dont really read mangas but i use to play the
Dating sim thingies until i found one was acually a H-Game -.-… Well anyways im looking forward to being here :smiley:


Well hello to you too! I started around the same time, but Pokemon was my first. What other shows have you seen? I haven’t read any manga either, nor have I played any dating sims, but I know what you’re getting at… >.>

In any case, make yourself at home, and most importantly, have fun! :woohoo:


Hello and Welcome! I hope you join in all the mad hi jinx TAN has to offer.


Hi and welcome to TAN, hope you enjoy your visits. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the terrific TAN boards!! :3 I hope you have a fun time here~! :slight_smile:


Oh man, playing dating sims on Newgrounds was a part of my childhood I don’t look back at fondly… welcome.


Welcome to you! Hope you can join us often.


Welcome and enjoy posting. Hope you have a wonderful time. :cheer:


Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.