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I wasn’t really trying to do any style in particular when drawing them. I was just trying to make it look as realistic as possible. Thats why I did it in black and white because its way easier to do shading with charcoal pencils.

I’ll definitely try the three eyed raven. The white walker will probably be rather difficult but a challenge is good too right? It’ll probably turn out bad but, whatever happens, I’ll post it here for everyone to see. And this will be keeping me busy for awhile so thats good as well. My mother thanks you for giving me a project. Otherwise I’d probably be bothering her haha.


Ponyo for Xaldin :laugh:


A Three Eyed Raven as requested by Shadzar. I think it turned out pretty cool. B)


[quote=“Forest”]A Three Eyed Raven as requested by Shadzar. I think it turned out pretty cool. B)


Man that thing is cool


I’m on a roll today! Look at these crappy sparkly fireworks. I now know that fireworks are not really my strong suit.


[quote=“Forest”]A Three Eyed Raven as requested by Shadzar. I think it turned out pretty cool. B)





No matter what you did here as you put a firework dispaly you actually floored me on that one .,

I never expect you did that kind of style that is **incryoable !!! **( incredable )

Again Merci beaucoupe for that .,



Awesomeness that’s like the best part of the movie too lol ^.^


I liked the fireworks, the silver one turned out cool.


Well here is Arya. I attempted to draw her anyway. My father said it looked more like Podrick or Ramsy Bolton. I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Love all your recent posts, Forest! I shall have to think up a request for you as well. :slight_smile:

I do love your works from old photographs. I request more of those!


You’ve been adding some great stuff so far, Forest! :cheer: I like how you have been pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a bit and that’s great. Keep it up and don’t stop showing off those improving skills.


THats some nice artwork there Forest. Great Job.


This lovely drawing of Ayato inspired by the Wonderful Lady of Wicca. Unfortunately I do not posses vampire skin tones though, but I made do with what I had. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another amazing job there, Forest. I am a big fan of this one, especially his eyes; they are, dare I say, dreamy. :stuck_out_tongue: And also, good work on the shading and hair, it all seems to flow well, if that makes sense. ^_^;
A very good sketch, indeed! :cheer:


This will be the rare time that you will actually see me say this in public… but simply fabulous, Forest! I’m sure Wicca will love it. :wink:


Absolutely wonderful, Forest! :slight_smile: I adore it!

Glad you got inspired! :wink:


Another project, also inspired by Wicca, (We have wonderful discussions!) I’ve been working on has to do with photoshop. Now, I don’t know anything about Photoshop I was completely just messing around. So I did a quick sketch of a fairy and colored it using photoshop and then went back to the original image and colored it using pencils. If I actually knew how to use photoshop this probably would have been a good deal better.


tinkerbell in periwinkles outfit! :blink: or wait, whih one would the purple? i cant remember all of them.

i used ti like photoshop until it stopped working and the newer ones just suck, bad design like iphones and stuff i just hate all the new user interfaces for most things. :angry:

the fact you could get it to do that much with photoshop and you dont know it is pretty good!

the secrets i remember:

keep your line art ar the top layer and the bottom layer.
create a new layer for each thing like iris, pupil, top, skirt, etc
use the top layer line art only for selecting areas to color, then color in the new layer for that thing.

but looks like you already got all that down pretty good.


I actually was having a hard time figuring out how to make different layers so I did it all on one layer. It took quite a while. Layers is probably easier. :dry: