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Not all art needs to have some kind of message, and can simply be made to be found aesthetically pleasing or emotionally provoking. It may have a message in that case, but I’d say it’s a matter of opinion.
Art is a weird medium because no one really knows what it constitutes or what constitutes it, so I’d say it’s all a matter of taste.
That said, I think everyone, myself included, would prefer it if you would give more constructive criticism.


I say Forest should end all questioning and post some fantastic art!!! :slight_smile:


Same here


I’ve kind of just been skulking around here for the best few months. Perhaps it is time I actually contribute once again. I haven’t been drawing very much and that kind of saddens me. I’ve been trying to pick it back up again but I find I don’t have much time these days. But the other day I was in English class and the teacher gave us a reading period. I had already finished the book the night before so I had nothing to do. She insisted I do something related to the class, I wasn’t allowed to do work from other teachers, so I sketched the final scene of the play we were reading. It’s the crucible. Anyone else have to read it? It’s pretty dreadful. As is most books in English class.


I also did these about a month ago when I was just messing around with charcoal. I had forgotten about them until now.


Those charcoal drawings are very cool!


Very cool . The crucible was alright.


Behind the boy is lyrics of a folk song that was original an old English legend. The legend was of a boy that came across the Devil disguised as a Knight while walking along the road at night. The boy stood strong and refused to be swayed by the Devil and kept saying that he was going to God. I really liked it so I tried to represent it artistically of course. The boy with his walking stick closing his eyes against the brightness as he walks into the light and away from the darkness.


I like that one a lot, Forest!


These are some sketches I did, working on different poses. They are all based off of photographs that I found on the Internet


Great work, Forest!


I started doing one of those thirty day drawing challenge things. And I decided I would share my drawings here because why not? I have so far done four days.

  1. Draw yourself as a superhero
  2. Draw a famous robot
  3. Draw the last comic you read
  4. Draw a favorite childhood character


Wow, you’ve been busy Forest! Love those latest works from ya, keep 'em coming!


Great challenge! I think you nailed every one of them so far. Like fillet said - keep 'em coming!


Thank you guys for the encouragement! It’s really fun. And its a good way to try out a lot of different styles.

  1. Video Game Character: Lara Croft
  2. Current favorite series: Reign
  3. Popular Quote from a movie: “Stars” The Road to El Dorado
  4. Best Friend as a Villain

Question: I numbered them 5-8 but on the preview they come up as 1-4?


Lol, I like the Red Demon’s eyes!


Shockingly that’s pretty similar to how her eyes really look. Not quite as evil though. Anecdote, I titled it the red demon because there was a group of kids who used to call her that in elementary school because she was so feisty and had red hair. She thinks hilarious. She also loved the picture. She’s holding a calculator because her evil power is calculus.


Math can seem like a demon, no doubt :cry:


Pardon my lateness. Wow these sketches are so incredibly well done @Forest. It’s like we’re being taken on an infinite journey. Keep them coming. :smile:


Once again, these are great! Keep up with that challenge!