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I got a few days behind because I had so much homework last week! School sucks. But I shall be a well educated individual. But I have three and half pictures.

A Mexican Superhero: Modeled after my good friend whom I lovingly call Chihuahua

Magical Zombie: Whats more magical than fairy zombies? This one isn’t finished yet. I havent decided what to do with it. Graphite or ink or colored pencils? I think colored pencils would a bit to bright though. What do you think?

Favorite Animal + Fire= Fire breathing bunny of death

Interrogation: Also modeled after my friends. They are just such lovely people to draw.


Bunny of Death. Reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Great work as always!


Those were good. The interrogation gave me a good laugh. :smile:
For Magical Zombie, graphite is my vote.


Haha yeah! That’s what I thought of to :grin:


Graphite it is


Scary good. :smiling_imp: :+1:


I was gonna vote graphite too, that turned out awesome!!! Fantastic work Forest, I love 'em. School work’ll drown ya if ya give it half a chance, so stick to those books! And that bunny is scary as hell, wouldn’t wanna pet it!


A character in red suit

An anime character: Guess who! It’s a pretty new anime but it’s already one of my favorites. This is obviously also unfinished.She has quite striking eyes so if you are familiar with the charcater and if I did it any justice at all you should be able to tell.


An anime character: Yona from Yona of the dawn

I actually had to use crayons for her hair instead of colored pencils, which is what i usually use, because I had no magenta colored pencils. Can you believe that? So its not as neat as I would have liked it to be but it turned out well I think.

You as a hero fighting your friend as a villain: More death by math, though I am proud of myself because I had all those formulas memorized.

A brave warrior: Merida of course!


I would like to pose a question to you all, since you are kind enough to encourage a young artist. Do you think anyone would pay money for prints of my art? Because I tend to think not because I’m not that good. Not as good as people who actually sell there art. But then I go on websites and I see the kind of art that people are selling and it makes me think, well maybe someone would like my art. Would any of you ever pay for art made by me or know anyone that would? I thank you for your input.


That’s a tough call. If you were to turn out pictures like your previous Yona one, then it’s possible, but from what I understand the art community is kind of difficult to find your way into unless you thrust yourself into a circle of people; though, I wouldn’t know.
That, and people seem to like digital art (using a tablet) a lot more these days. Though I would totally buy something amazing off the principle that it was hand drawn over something done with a tablet, I’m not sure how everyone else feels. You may already, but I’d say wait until you have a somewhat sizable following on an art board before trying to sell. :slight_smile:


Yes Forest, people would pay for your art. Now I’m not saying bet your livelihood on it, because art is an acquired taste to begin with and really wouldn’t be a great basis for balancing an income as a start to a career. You do have a growing talent as an artist, Forest, and I seriously hope you’re not considering giving up the hobby. Just keep working at it, making those pictures come to life for the audience, and one day I have no doubt you’ll be able to earn an income off of them.


To follow up on what fillet said, I know somebody who is a VERY talented artist and focused on a very niche subject, gambled big that it would pay the bills only to end up bust and quit the pursuit entirely but NOT the hobby. So simply put, the idea of selling your work is extremely risky but because life isn’t complete doom and gloom, good luck can have a way of creeping in with people and the outcome can be better than expected. Of course staying humble with expectations in check is a good idea. An established base at least provides a floor for you.

In the end whatever happens, we here at TAN love your work Forest and we will always give you the love you deserve. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for all of your responses. I agree completely. And I would never make it a career, I’m not brave enough for such a risky career choice. I just thought it could be fun to be able to make any money off of it at all because right now I am making no money. And money is a good thing, especially if I can make it doing something I actually like.


I attempted to do a realistic picture in color. I’ve never done it before. It took all day.


Very good job with piece, Forest! And don’t let balance seem too daunting when considering selling work: when it comes to offering a good, i.e. selling, application is a big key. If you search through advertising establishments, you might find just the right buyer. :wink:


I always show my father my artwork when I finish it and he has brought it to my attention that most of the things I draw are “creepy”. Previously I hadn’t actually noticed the trend. But looking back through older drawings I kind of see where he is coming from. I never set out with the intention of drawing something “creepy” I just start drawing and I get ideas as I go and that’s what happens. This picture is no exception. This picture was just supposed to be a man holding a candle and look what happened! I don’t even know. It looks pretty cool though so I’m happy about it. Another trend is having most of the picture black and white with parts of color. Which I really like, so I’m going to make that my thing. Because it’s good to have a thing.

Also worth noting, This picture was scanned so it got kind of washed out which kind of annoys me but I’m too tired to do anything about it and I wanted to post something. I just wanted to mention that there is a lot more gradation and shading details especially on his face and hands that didn’t come through.


Creepy? Um, not really. Your work reminds me of Edward Gorey, who was quite successful, so I think you are in good company. Keep on honing your skills.

Mark Gosdin


I think purposely going the creepy route might actually hurt your quality in the long run. There’s a chance you won’t like what you draw in the future because you can’t make it creepy enough. Just keep going the route you were going. (I think it’s just your current style that causes it to come out creepy, but as you hone your skills or refine your style, the creepy factor might go away)

Purposely going the black and white with a bit of color here and there should be okay however.


Your name is now Dark Forest. :smile:

Makes me think of those paintings with the moving eyes. Nice job.