I am a new premium member, check me out on xbox live gamertag OneInchNutPunch, or on myspace @ xwpxfallenangel. Also I started a new group xbox360 & Anime check me out or send an add.

Welcome to TAN and hope you enjoy your stay. Also what anime are you into?

Welcome Forsaken!

I see that you’ve been making the rounds and posting in the forums! That’s so great! We LOVE new members! :slight_smile:

I agree with Shawn, tell us what types of anime you like, we always like to hear what everyone likes.

Please feel free to jump into any convo that interests you, the only thing we ask is that you use the Search Function before starting a new thread (especially in the Anime section).

If you have any questions, just ask! I know for a fact that tons of people will rush to answer you (but keep in mind that only MY answer counts! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Be sure to read through the Rules located in the Grey tab at the top of the page - that’s also where you’ll find out how to make a sig and how to get the cool little icons for under your avatar. (Along with all the important stuff you need to know!)

Please do come back and post often! Again, welcome to TAN forums! :laugh:

I pretty much enjoy all anime, but action, comedy, and drama are my top styles. Inuyasha got me started on anime, good old cartoon network kept it coming with Wolf’s Rain, and Witch Hunter Robin. I just finished This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, started Madlax yesterday. My all time favorite is Noir. I love the music, the violence, and the drama of it. Truely an anime of Epic Proportion.

Welcome to you! It’s always nice to meet another anime lover. Inuyasha is one of my favorites. Hope you join us often! :slight_smile:

Wellcumz 2 ye. Great to have you with us.

Hey, nice to have you here at TAN.
You’ll fit right in around these parts. :cheer:

THANK YOU everyone for making me feel at home here.

Welcome aboard! But don’t get too comfortable. That’s when the zombies get ya! :stuck_out_tongue: