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PURE TOKYO EPISODE 5 - Anime Manhole Covers of Japan


I’m curious how the translations and dubbing is going to function.

Are they going to let some people go or will they incorporate them together?

Both operated in different manners so it should be interesting to see how much of a fusion or mess this ends up being .


Ohh, Sony will definitely let people go.
They’re gonna want to save some money…and fast, after the two company purchases.
Who and from which side…?

And with them being the ‘only player in town’ - ‘the 1ton gorilla in the room’, they’ll cut corners.
You just watch.


Yep, Sony burned 3 billion on Bungie, spent 1.2 billion for Crunchy, and 143 million on Funi.

That’s a lot of money to recoup, and it suggests who the top dog isn’t in the megacorp hierarchy.

Although, out of all the modern mega-mergers, this might be the only one that has done some good for the consumer, maybe, as now my pals who are Crunchy-only can watch most everything. At least until the price hikes and other pitfalls come.



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