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Well maybe they set the target too low but this is still good news for the industry and voice actors, if they can continue Funimation can keep hiring them till ADV gets back on their feet

Navarre: Funimation Exceeds Q1 Expectations in Sales

Hooray for Goku and Afro!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hooray for Goku and Afro!:P[/quote]

Don’t forget Yusuke and Ed! Without those properties, Funimation would be doing okay like everyone else.

Looking to pick up one (or more) of the thirty titles that were formally licensed by ADV Films but are now licensed by Funimation Entertainment? Want the release that gives you the most extras (ADV vs. Funi) or would suite you better? Look no further!

[B][URL=“”]Table: Which former ADV Titles now licensed by Funimation contain extras[/URL][/B]

[B]Column A:[/B] Show/Title
[B]Column B:[/B] Funimation collection disc count
[B]Column C:[/B] Extras Retained (ie. Clean Opening/Closing Animation is retained from a previous ADV release)
[B]Column D:[/B] Extras Removed (ie. Extras that are not present on a current Funimation release but present on a previous ADV release like AD Vid-Notes)
[B]Column E:[/B] Collection runtime
[B]Column F:[/B] Out-of-Print status of a particular Funimation release
[B]Column G:[/B] Release Packaging
[B]Column H:[/B] MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price)
[B]Column I:[/B] Notes (anything not covered by one of the above)

This is still a work in progress, most of these shows I have no clue regarding the Funimation release since I own the ADV release for the majority of them. A special thanks to the forum memebers of Anime on DVD for their help.

This table also comes in handy during Section23 Sales @ Right Stuf too :smiley:

I posted this on the old forums but never re-posted it here.

Great info! Thanks, Zid!

Navarre Corporation, the parent company of the anime licensing and distribution company Funimation, announced on Monday that it had a net decrease in sales for the third quarter of fiscal year 2010, which ended on December 31. [/quote]

[quote]Operating income during the third quarter for the publishing segment was US$2.9 million, as compared to an operating loss of US$30.9 million for the same time last year, which was due to a recognition of US$34 million in restructuring and impairment charges.

On the whole, Navarre’s net quarterly sales were down 22 percent and year-to-date sales down 19 percent compared to last year. However, Navarre reported that net income increased to US$7.2 million this quarter, compared to a net loss of US$47.7 million in the same quarter last year. [/quote]


SLOWHAND, PERMISSION TO SWEAR?! (animegirl, don’t look…)

MERDE!!![/spoiler]AG, I told you not to look!


So, I thought Navarre and Funimation were both bragging how the poor economy and DVD market hadn’t affected them AT ALL? That’s what arrogance gets you.

Also, I don’t particularly recall Funi’s release schedule being much weaker than what they had this time last year. The only plus I could have seen is that they were releasing a few of the complete sets to the Sojitz series. But I guess you have to find something to blame.

I assume the previous years had showed a profit because of the DBZ game thing with Atari then after that the deal with Bandai.

Navarre let it slip about Kai because they hope it will still show a strong title to their stock holders ,but it could possibly damaged the Dragon Box sales. I kind of wonder if the recent low amount of license and the recent talk of doing sub only releases is not because of this.

I think this does have a large part to do with that. Funimation has been lucky, as they’ve been able to license some of the largest anime properties in North America. That put them in a position to be able to acquire further licenses, and cement a dominant position in the market.

Regardless, you are talking entertainment here. Most media companies license and produce several titles every year that loose them money, in fact, often more than are actually profitable. Many of it’s biggest properties are reaching a maturation point where they can no longer compensate for lesser performers. So Funi has found itself in a position where it can continue to hope for more “big” performers like DBZ, or find profitable ways to do smaller series. This will inevitably include doing sub-only releases, if they want to continue releasing a significant number of series.

Funi has also been going a bit overboard on the re-releases. Usually their tactics of late were only used by companies that were in tight positions and had no other options, like CPM and ADV (after Sojitz.) All this is doing in Funi’s position is devalue their product even further.

Also, I think the state of retail also has a lot to do with Funi’s lower licensing numbers and the consideration of sub-only releases. Best Buy is about the only big B&M retailer of anime left, and they are scaling back their offerings. If you check their website, most anime releases in April and May are only being offered online, including those from Funi (and including some like Strike Witches, which were expected to do well.)

Even though B&M sales may not account for the level they use to, loosing a 1000+ outlets for anime is quite significant. You talking about loosing at least 2000 units right off the bat. Half of those may have been returned, but the 1000 that actually sold can be the difference between a title loosing money and ultimately breaking even or making a small profit.

Yeah but CPM never dumped this much toxic out on the market, so fast too. When they re-released title they were always older stuff, or things that have been out for awhile and kinda needed a re-release, even thought they were in trouble they didn’t dump it all out so fast. Funi keeps doing odd re-releases every 6 months. Even ADV stayed logical about it, trying to release the stuff that could actually use a re-release over re-releaseing NGE or Azumanga again etc etc. I’m not sure why they keep releaseing stuff over and over, but whatever. But funi re-released Beck how many times? And all this Geneon toxic stuff keeps coming out over and over again. It’s not selling, yet they keep re-releasieng it. Probably Geneon in Japan pushing for as much money as they can I’m sure, but I don’t see it as a good thing. Like I said, some of it does end up at FYEs. And I’m sure all the Frys on the west coast get some as well. But why do they keep doing it? Re-releaeing things once in awhile is useful…but not ever 6 months do a role around.

That being said Navarre paid off a LOT of their debt, and all things are not bad. There is a lot of good news hidden in there too.

A lot of the Geneon stuff they are re-releasing has sold out in its previous form and its cheaper to re-release cheaper packaged versions. The Sojitz stuff is a mixed bag there is still a lot of it floating around in both ADV form and previous Funimation form. As to why I’m going with head up the butt syndrome. :wink:

CPM’s re-releases were a necessity more then anything. Like they re-released stuff at over half-off the original cost in some cases. Some of the re-releases were not really re-releases either it seems more along the lines of putting leftover and returned stock back on the market at cheaper prices. I remember getting “re-releases” from them with cards for free stuff that expired years

A lot of great points and interesting views by all!

If I may go on a tangent though…

What has annoyed me though are some of the clueless fans spouting off in the last year… but so and so company is doing this with so and so title, so Sentai should market this and that way and dub this and that. We all thought TV was the salvation years ago, and we even questioned if ADV did not look at TV hard enough even 2 years ago. Well, the industry finally learned through Geneon and the Champloo revelation that TV at times is marginal in what it can do - there’s just too many factors. There is a reason companies do what they do, and we often don’t have the data or numbers to see what they see. So this is not math with simple equations that result in the same answers. The variables are ever-changing. What works for one company for a particular title doesn’t for another or another title. Not even similar, truly. Let Sentai and Section23 do what it does for its own demographic and other companies for what they deem they can do.

I have to wonder though if Funimation feels its model is in transition… their position once before was they only release titles they can dub, but a few weeks ago that position has shifted to they have not made a decision on sub-only. They’re obviously thinking about it now, perhaps due to numbers like these, and certainly they don’t seem as bullish as they used to be - as evidenced by them looking outside anime (more Live Action lately and co-productions).

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Navarre Looking to Sell FUNimation?
Navarre Corporation evaluating Strategic Alternatives for Funimation Entertainment

Navarre Evaluates Sale of Funimation in Current Quarter

I’m joking with the title so don’t get your panties in a wad there boys and girls.

Full story is in one of the three links.

So it’s funny they basically used Funimation to pull themselves out the hole and now want to sell off the company while it’s at its peak. Could be a good or bad thing depending on who wants to buy it. So much for Overlord Gen taking over the company.

Wouldn’t that be ironic if neo-ADV bought it.


Wouldn’t that be ironic if neo-ADV bought it.[/quote]

That would be horrible. Say goodbye to dubs forever!

Foolish child.


Foolish child.[/quote]