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Yep, Sony burned 3 billion on Bungie, spent 1.2 billion for Crunchy, and 143 million on Funi.

That’s a lot of money to recoup, and it suggests who the top dog isn’t in the megacorp hierarchy.

Although, out of all the modern mega-mergers, this might be the only one that has done some good for the consumer, maybe, as now my pals who are Crunchy-only can watch most everything. At least until the price hikes and other pitfalls come.



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What We Know About the Funimation-Crunchyroll Merger

by The Anime News Network Editorial Team, Mar 11th 2022

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RECS: 7 Funimation Anime You Can Now Watch On Crunchyroll

March 14, 2022 10:00am CDT
Here are some choice picks from the Funimation windfall!

Funimation’s Anime Titles Now Listed Under Crunchyroll for Home Video in June

posted on 2022-03-16 00:28 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda


Mamoru Hosoda’s 2012 Film Wolf Children Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with Special Illustration

July 20, 2022 8:59pm CDT
The film earned 4.42 billion yen from its original domestic run

FUNIMATION: New Premium Pricing


Beginning August 31, 2022, the price of some Funimation Premium plans have changed. These changes will be reflected in your next billing cycle starting on October 5, 2022, and charged to your current payment method on file.

So… They’re no longer getting new series, the series they ARE getting can also be found on Crunchyroll, the legacy catalogue is being transplanted into Crunchyroll little by little, AND they’re raising the subscription cost???

Basically, they’re saying:
Pay more money for uncensored versions of shows on CR, and shows that aren’t on Crunchyroll yet.


They took what Microsoft did for Windows 7, when the free support ended, they start charging for those who can’t upgrade, with each year costing more than the last year.

Some businesses might have found it cheaper to pay that support fee for 2 years (like $300 total, $100 for the first year and $200 for the second, but I know I’m pulling those prices out my… I just remember did a jump like that each year) than to fix whatever forced them to keep Windows 7 instead of upgrading to Windows 10

The requirements for Windows 11 might cause business folk to do the same with Windows 10 if they lots of old PCs that doesn’t support the TPM stuff.


Wolf’s Rain - Opening | stray

From Funimation Help Page:


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I wonder how long the digital copies will be available…

Since CR has the Streaming version of Brave Witches… And the Streaming version of Strike Witches S3…
And doesn’t have World Witches Take Off at all…

Wait… Did WWTO have a digital copy? I have to double check…

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Funimation App Shuts Down on April 2 as Its Accounts Merge With Crunchyroll

posted on 2024-02-07 19:56 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Crunchyroll will not support Funimation digital copies

Link to Funimation’s End of Service Page


Anime to Watch on Funimation Before They Disappear from Streaming

by The ANN Editorial Team, Mar 4th 2024


Early this morning, Funimation website closed down



Apps went sometime shortly after. Someone said the PS4 app is still working.

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