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Genres: action, drama, fantasy, mystery, science fiction
Themes: absurdity, bounty hunters, family, mecha, technology, tragedy
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 11
Vintage: 2013-10-10
Opening Theme: “Synchromania” by Negoto
Ending Theme: “Innocent” by earthmind

Plot Summary: In 2061, global warming is a thing of the past as a new ice age covers the world. Hozuki, Hazaki, and Kazaki Ferrari, three descendants of Galileo, live in Tuscany. A mysterious organization is searching for the “Galilei Donna,” and put out an international arrest warrant for the three sisters. The sisters must put aside their differences to join forces in fighting the organization and learning their true destiny. (from ANN)


Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]I like the way this one starts out. A mystery! Why was the mining colony attacked? And then the attempted kidnapping of the three girls. I think it’s hysterical that they turn out to be the descendants of Galileo.

Then a football-loving pirate shows up looking for “Galileo’s inheritance”. I wonder if it was the old telescope that Hozuki packed. She seemed to think it was more important than her clothes. I also think that Hozuki is the most talented genius in the family.

I love Hozuki’s goldfish airship! She manages to save her family, but the pirate let them go as well. I can’t wait to see what happens next![/details]


This show wasn’t for me. The plot description sounded interesting. The mech action at the beginning was meh but I was willing to overlook it if the show were otherwise good. Having seen the horribly ditzy moeblob who appears in the very next scene I don’t think that it qualifies as “otherwise good”; this girl makes Yui from K-On! seem like the smartest moeblob ever.

I kinda wanted to like this as it “broke the mold” on global warming anime but I just don’t think that there’s anything in it for me; if anyone wants to see a show ramble on ridiculously about Galileo then I believe Horizon to be the better choice as it is licensed by Sentai and infinitely superior.


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Her family is amazed that the goldfish airship is Hozuki’s creation. And it only took her three years to build it! She built it all by herself and thinks nothing of it, but her family is very impressed. She is a true heir of Galileo!

It seems that everyone, including the cops, is out to get “Galileo’s inheritance”. Too bad the family still doesn’t know what that might be. When her family is taken into custody, Hozuki meets a self-proclaimed “Galileo geek”, named Anna. She mentions the telescope and six, maybe seven, sketches that Galileo left behind as his inheritance. And Hozuki seems to know exactly what Anna is talking about, although she probably didn’t realize their significance. There are clues in the sketches for the “Galileo Tesoro”, which seems to be the thing that everyone wants. But can she even trust Anna?

Anna convinces Hozuki that her family is in danger and only she can save them. With Anna’s help, Hozuki steals back her airship and goes off to rescue her family. Hozuki also built herself a mecha! She manages to free her sisters, but finds out that her mother was taken elsewhere. She frees her father as well, but will all of them make it out of there in one piece?

Dad plays decoy while the three sisters escape. The girls get away, but it looks like dad is injured, or possibly dead. Elsewhere, it looks like mom is in the same predicament. The bad guys seem to be the head of a corporation that mom works for, and his son. Apparently, Galileo’s inheritance is worth killing for.[/details]


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Mom is alive, but has amnesia and remembers nothing of her family or her personal life. And she is under the care of the Adni Moon Company, which is unfortunate. Father and son are still after the three sisters and the Galileo Tesoro. Dad is okay too, but is on the run. He manages to send a message to Hozuki before destroying his phone.

Hazuki wants to go after Adni Moon, but Anna explains that Messier, a dark organization within the company, is their true enemy. Hazuki is only interested in justice, but Anna cautions her against the group, explaining how dangerous they are. Anna is still only interested in finding the Galileo Tesoro, but the sisters are ignoring her every time she tries to bring it up.

The three sisters will have to learn about one another, since they don’t seem to be very close. Kazuki just wants to go home, but of course there is no home to go to. They also must give up their cells phones, since they can be traced, and Kazuki protests at that as well. She seems to hate all these changes. Escape is still a priority, but the airship doesn’t have any basics supplies, like food. However, the girls are wanted now as international fugitives and no city will accommodate them.

The Galileo soon comes under attack by an Aza Iron, piloted by Roberto Materrazzi, and is captured. He tells them to hand over the Galileo Tesoro, or he will crush them. As the ship is shaken, the telescope falls out of Hozuki’s bag and Anna picks it up. Unscrewing the lens, she pulls out the Moon sketch, one of the clues needed to find the Galileo Tesoro. Kazuki votes for handing the sketch over, while Hazuki tries to talk some sense into her. Kazuki still wants to go home and have things be normal again, but that isn’t going to happen.

Then the Black Ganymede appears out of the clouds. The air pirates are still laying claim to the Galileo Tesoro as well. At least they aren’t working with Roberto, but I don’t think the girls will be any safer with them either. The Aza Iron is attacked, but lands safely, and The Galileo gets away.

Anna later informs Hazuki that Messier and Adni Moon is behind the recent attacks of the methane hydrate mining sites, in order to increase the company’s market share, and putting the blame on the air pirates. They decide that they need to find the Galileo Tesoro first. But how? Anna and Hazuki have no idea where to begin. When Anna mentions that Galileo had studied music, Hozuki overhears and something clicks. Looking at the Moon sketch again, she sees that there is a piece of music written on the bottom of the page. Is this a clue?[/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Included with the music is a very tiny map that, once expanded, indicates Germany. The next sketch might be there. The Galileo lands in a forest and the girls search for the ruins that the map pointed to. But they end up at a dead end when they hit a public park. Kazuki is still having middle sister issues and returns to the airship. She just needs to get over it already. They are wanted and there is no way Kazuki can return home until all this is over. Anna also returns to the airship. I wonder who is trying to contact her.

Hozuki and Hazuki are left to search alone and Hozuki gets distracted by thinking of Kazuki. She trips when a man in the bushes grabs her ankle. He is homeless and the girls share their food with him. As for Anna, I am trusting her less and less. There is definitely more to her than just being a “Galileo geek”.

The homeless man, Herman Hans, is the creator of the “micro doctor” and due to unfortunate circumstances, ended up this way. While they are in Germany, the girls manage to do a little shopping although they are still fugitives. But they might have been spotted. Hazuki is suddenly grabbed by a couple of guys from the Black Ganymede. Thanks to Hozuki’s quick thinking, the girls gets away, but they lose all of their purchases. LOL At least one of the guys appreciated that!

Hazuki is quite the adventuress! But Hozuki becomes injured as they are pursued. They can’t go to a doctor, since they are wanted, however, Kazuki remembers the micro doctor and runs off to get it. She finds Hans and begs him to save her sister. For all her whining about her situation, and constantly wanting to go home, Kazuki truly loves her little sister.

Kazuki brings Hans to The Galileo, and she isn’t as useless as she thinks she is. Before Hans can even activate the micro doctor, the Black Ganymede has found them, and Kazuki takes control! She may even handle the airship better than Hozuki does! The air fight was a good one and the pirate gives up and retreats once he realizes that Hozuki is injured.

Not only does Hans save Hozuki, but it turns out that he has the moon sketch as well. He found it in a statue and has been using it as a placemat! He gladly gives it to Hozuki. I wonder where the girls will be led to next.[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]The girls end up in the Netherlands to find the next piece of the puzzle. And they are immediately captured. But the group that captured them is a bunch of thieves, and the Blue Hawk’s leader welcomes them. They are fighting against Adni Moon. That company is responsible for the state of this village that is hardly more than a ghost town since Adni Moon cut their power supply.

Hozuki befriends a boy in the gang and Theo is really impressed with her airship. He hopes to go to school and build one of his own someday. Theo shows Hozuki a telescope he built and talks about the moon sketches. He also has a friend named Karen, but she seems not to like the fact that Theo wants to fight with Ludger.

Hozuki later befriends Karen as well. It turns out that Karen likes Theo and thinks that he doesn’t like her. And the church they have been looking for is the building they were in all along. It had been remodeled into a train station. Hozuki tells Theo that she’s searching for the moon sketches and that Galileo was her ancestor.

There isn’t much left of the original church, but there is a stained glass window, and Hozuki sees a goldfish in the design. It casts a shadow on the floor and that particular spot has a false floor. Theo helps Hozuki open it up and a staircase is revealed. The kids descend it and in the room at the bottom of the stairs, Hozuki finds another telescope. Inside of it is the moon sketch! Theo wants to show the sketch to Ludger and assures her that Luger will let her keep it.

But as they talk to Ludger, the enemy attacks, and Ludger isn’t going to fight them this time. He seems he’s abandoning the Blue Hawk gang. He tells Theo to hurry and run away before the bombing begins. Theo knows he sold them out, but Ludger escapes. Theo helps The Galileo reunite with Hozuki and then he runs off to protect Karen. Hozuki begs Anna to save her friends.

Meanwhile, Karen has found Theo’s telescope back at the train station and is protecting it. Theo finds her and tells her that he was planning to give her that telescope for her birthday. Karen is happy, but they really need to get out of there. But it’s too late. As they are trying to get out, the station is bombed and Karen loses the telescope. Karen is injured, but she’s more worried about the telescope. Theo tells her that he will make her another one, but then he sees her injury.

As the bombs continue to fall, Theo has retrieved the telescope and holds Karen as they wait for death. Hozuki is hysterical and wants to save Theo, but Grande Rosso tells her that they must escape instead. Theo sees the next barrage of bombs coming and says something to Karen that really makes her happy. They both laugh. And then they are gone. I ended up crying right along with Hozuki. Adni Moon has a lot to answer for.[/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Hazuki is ill with a high fever and needs a hospital. They find one but it’s been taken over by the pirates. And Roberto is stranded there as well, due to the raging blizzard outside. Of course there’s going to be a fight and it seemed Roberto would win, but the pirates got the better of him.

However, when Anna comes to see if the girls got any medicine yet, she gasps when she sees Roberto. I wonder how she recognizes him. Or is she working for him? Anyway, the way she looks at Roberto is seen by Cicinho and he says that she’s staring at him like he was her boyfriend. Anna tells Hozuki and Kazuki it’s time to leave, but Cicinho prevents that with a gunshot. Anna tells the girls to run as she stays behind.

The girls find the medicine they need and Kazuki wants to get back to their sister immediately, but Hozuki is worried about Anna. Then the generator fails and the lights go out. The girls can’t get back to the ship. Once again, Cicinho proves he’s a man of honor and sends his men to help the girls get back to the ship, when Anna tells him that Hazuki is ill.

On a side note, I can kind of see why Roberto is the way he is. When things get bad, that is when people get ugly and can only think of themselves. It happened when Roberto was a little boy and it’s happening now again at this hospital. The people are demanding that power be diverted from critically ill patients so they can turn the heaters on for themselves. They accuse the doctor of discrimination and demand to know why they need to suffer for the sick and dying. One man even offers the doctor money and another threatens his life. Once again, Roberto is reminded of his past.

Meanwhile, the girls can’t understand why the pirates are so loyal to their boss and learn a few things about Cicinho. As the pirates talk to Kazuki, Hozuki begins to cry, and thinking of Theo, wonders why the world has to be this way. But a gunshot interrupts their thoughts. Roberto has taken the pirate that was watching him hostage and begins to shoot the people that were demanding heat.

The girls and the pirates run back to where the others are and Hozuki is horrified to see Roberto shooting the people there in cold blood. Anna yells for Roberto to stop. He shares his views on humanity and continues to shoot people. The man sounds as if he has a god complex as he says that he is the one to determine who lives and who dies in order to keep this world in balance.

Cicinho has had enough of what Roberto is saying and doing and pulls his gun on him. Roberto’s hostage breaks free and Kiara runs to Cicinho. Roberto shoots her in the back and she falls into Cicinho’s arms. Roberto aims at Cicinho next, but Hozuki can’t take all this killing anymore and runs to Roberto, pushing him back. His shot goes wild and hits a tank, which explodes.

There is another explosion and a fire, and then something amazing happens. Roberto witnesses the miracle and seems to know what it is. When it’s over, Hozuki wakes up on the hospital floor and she’s alone. Her first thought is of Hazuki, and she sees where Anna and Kazuki were thrown. They are also waking up as Hozuki runs over to them. The blizzard has died down and they can get back to Hazuki now. Anna just stares at Hozuki’s necklace, but snaps out of it when Hozuki calls her name.

They all get back to Hazuki and Kazuki tells her that they got the medicine, but she says that she isn’t a fan of powered meds. LOL It seems that Hazuki is better. And wait till she hears how they got those meds! But I don’t understand how the girls got away. Roberto is still in the hospital and has the unconscious pirates at gunpoint. He shoots Cicinho, but thankfully, the gun is out of bullets. He tosses the gun to the floor and saying that luck is in Cicinho’s favor, Roberto leaves. Once outside, Roberto sees The Galileo taking off and says that he’s found the Galileo Tesoro! This means that Hozuki already has it and doesn’t even realize it![/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]So, Anna is working with Roberto! And he’s coming for the Galileo Tesoro! At least Anna has some concern for the girls, knowing that Roberto will kill them with no hesitation to get what he wants.

Hozuki’s necklace can emit a very powerful energy, but the girls have yet to realize that this is the Tesoro, as they continue to discuss their situation. With Anna’s help, they know that the Tesoro is an energy source that can save the world. No wonder Adni Moon wants it! Kazuki finally brings up the point that the Tesoro might just be Hozuki’s hourglass necklace. Of course, Hazuki has no intention of handing it over to Roberto or anyone else. Hozuki understands how important all this is, but she still wants to collect the sketches.

Although they’ve been traveling underwater, The Galileo is suddenly attacked. It’s Roberto! The Galileo surfaces so it can change into Assault Mode, and it takes to the skies. That should give them a chance against Roberto, but he’s come prepared this time, and The Galileo is soon overshadowed by a huge ship. The Galileo valiantly tries its best against Roberto, but it’s losing battle. The Galileo is severely damaged and falls to Earth. Thankfully the crash isn’t a bad one and the girls are okay. But the poor ship!

Roberto lands where The Galileo has crashed and the huge airship follows. The girls leave the ship and Hazuki challenges Roberto to come out of his Aza Iron and face them. She dangles the necklace and Roberto comes for it. But once he’s close enough, Hazuki tries to shoot him. The shot misses as Roberto hits her in the face. He pulls out his gun and shoots at Hozuki, but Anna protects her. He then aims at the fallen Hazuki, and Kazuki tosses the necklace at him to stop him. She tells him to take it and leave them alone, but once he picks up the necklace, he aims the gun at Kazuki.

Anna tells Roberto that it’s enough and to please leave. He does and I’m really surprised he didn’t kill all of them. But from the look of the surrounding environment, I’m not too sure he did them any favors. The big airship rises and Roberto takes off after it, leaving the girls to their fate. While in the protection of the ship, Hazuki decides that they should continue their journey. Taking Hozuki with her, they start walking. Hazuki feels that if she can get to the real Tesoro first, she’ll have something to hold over Adni Moon.

Still, it’s nice that they crashed so close to the next clue! Another hidden telescope reveals another sketch and the next clue. The next destination is Japan and Hozuki is ecstatic. But how are they going to get here? Certainly not with the condition their ship is in now. I’m sure they’ll find a way. Perhaps a certain pirate will come to their rescue. LOL And I also wonder if Anna will let Roberto know what is going on. Love can make a woman do foolish things after all.[/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Well, somehow the girls are on their way to Japan. I wonder how they got the airship repaired. Anna is doing the research and thinks she may have an idea of where the next sketch is. It turns out that the girls have a grandfather in Kyoto and want to visit him. The search is put on hold for a bit while the girls take a break.

Hozuki has never been to Japan, although she always wanted to go, and she is thoroughly enchanted with Kyoto. She is just as happy meeting her grandfather for the first time as well, and he is happy the girls came for a visit. He thanks Anna for looking after them. But the man’s house is freezing! He turns on a space heater, saying that fuel is very expensive these days.

I guess he doesn’t know the entire story, since he thinks the girls have permission from their parents to travel without them. They don’t enlighten him either. I suppose it might be dangerous for him if they did. The girls are asked to spend the night and they run off to explore. They come across their father’s room and find an old photo album. It turns out that dear old dad had quite the past! LOL But the album also has pictures of their parents when they dated.

Dad also left an unfinished energy converter behind and Hozuki is thinking of completing it. While she works on that, Hazuki and Kazuki get a lesson in Japanese cooking from grandpa. It looks like Anna is feeling a little left out, but then she gets a call from Roberto. Two sketches are left to be found and then he will kill the girls. Anna thought he would let them go free. How can she still be in love with this guy? He thinks that Anna has become attached to the girls. Well, she has, although she denies it.

Hozuki needs some parts for the energy converter and Anna suggests sightseeing while they shop. Everyone has a nice time and of course, Hozuki is the most excited to see everything. They hope to come back someday with their parents and Anna looks really sad at that. So much so, that the girls ask her if she’s okay. She claims that she’s fine, but of course she isn’t. She knows these girls won’t be coming back and that they won’t even have a future.

The girls split up and Hazuki gets lost. So much for her knowing everything, because she’s been there before. LOL As she frantically searches for her sisters, she runs into Cicinho. No wonder he said he had a date! Her sisters are waiting for her, but then Hozuki sees the Black Ganymede in the sky. Hazuki accuses Cicinho of being a stalker. LOL He’s actually happy to see that Hazuki is all right after he heard that Roberto almost killed them. He tells her to go with him – that he can protect her. Hazuki laughs at him for trying to be “cool”. But Cicinho doesn’t like being laughed at and Hazuki thanks him for his offer.

When Hazuki tells Cicinho that maybe she will let him protect her, he gets all flustered and reminds her that he’s a pirate. It does make him happy, but he wants her to think about it. Hazuki points out that he was the one that made the suggestion in the first place. She gets serious for a moment and Cicinho encourages her. Hazuki doubts herself and Cicinho says that she’s fine just the way she is. That causes her to laugh again, because she thinks that Cicinho is acting cool again. He says that he wasn’t trying to be funny, and she thanks him for cheering her up.

As Hazuki tells him that he might not be so bad after all, her sisters arrive. Before they get close, Cicinho tells her that once she has Galileo’s inheritance, he’ll be back for it – and for her! He then makes a very graceful and daring escape. I think Hazuki really enjoyed that little encounter. Back at grandpa’s house, dinner is a Japanese and Italian hot pot. But before he starts it, Hazuki shows him her father’s sketch of the energy converter. He has no idea what it is and Hozuki goes outside to turn it on. It works! Grandpa is very touched by his “gift”.

They explain about the sketch and how their father had almost finished building it. Grandpa begins to tear up and says that he will have to thank his son as well. But the hot pot is ready and it’s time to eat. Anna helps with the cleanup afterwards and grandpa thanks her again for taking such good care of his granddaughters. If he only knew the truth!

The girls later join Anna in the bath and Hozuki thanks her for the day. Anna is feeling bad again and it gets worse when Hazuki tells her that they are like family now. Kazuki says she’s like their older sister and Anna begins to cry. Her tears upset the girls, but she only thanks them as she wipes at her eyes.

The next day, the girls say goodbye to their grandfather and promise to return. He tells them to come back with the entire family. They make their farewells and he nods at Anna. The next stop is Nara, and hopefully a sketch. The sketch is right where Anna thought it would be and the girls are happy. But Anna isn’t. This sketch means that the girls are that much closer to death. I have faith that Anna will do the right thing and betray Roberto. She has to! Anna isn’t all that evil – she just fell in love with the wrong guy. I’m just worried about what Roberto might do to her if she does choose the girls over him.[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]The sixth and final sketch is in the Libyan Desert. And that rotten Anna has already told Roberto. The girls find the sketch as well as a telescope. Hozuki can’t figure out anything from the sketches, but remembers that Anna once said that there were seven sketches. However, Anna claims that it was only a rumor. Does Roberto already have the seventh? Hozuki is about to ask Anna something else, but the alarms go off. They are under attack! Hozuki gazes sadly at Anna. I think she knows what Anna did.

Yup, it’s Roberto and the airship is out of fuel. They can’t even take off! Was Anna responsible for that as well? They meet and Roberto throws Hozuki’s pendant at her feet, saying that “an imitation is meaningless”. Hozuki picks up her pendant and Roberto demands the sketches. Roberto makes his argument, and Anna urges Hozuki to give him the sketches, telling her that their lives are worth more. But Roberto tells Anna to cut the act. Anna admits to being Roberto’s spy, and says that she’s tired of dealing with them as she walks over to Roberto’s side. Now, I know that is an act. If nothing else, Anna does care for the girls.

Anna continues to insult the girls and Hozuki says she knew it. She asks Anna if she dumped their fuel and she says that she did. But Kazuki doesn’t want to believe her. Anna tells Robert to take the sketches and let the girls go. But he tells her that they know too much. Then he actually puts the gun in Anna’s hand! Putting his arms around Anna, Roberto makes her aim at the girls. Keeping his finger on the trigger with hers, he tells Anna to “finish them off”. She resists and he encourages her. Anna pushes away from him and aims the gun at Roberto, telling the girls to run. Why do I get the feeling that the gun isn’t even loaded?

Anna really didn’t dump the fuel as she tells the girls that she left it in the engine room. Anna cries as she continues to point the gun at Roberto. He tells her that she’s a “wonderful woman”. But an explosion announces the arrival of the Black Ganymede. With this distraction, the girls run back to their ship, and Roberto takes the gun from Anna. There is an air fight between the air pirates and Roberto’s men, and the girls keep running. Cicinho is determined to protect them.

The girls don’t quite make it. The sisters watch as Hozuki pulls out another fish and fills the hourglass in her pendant with the substance from it. They question her and she tells them that it’s the “real” Galileo Tesoro. The girls huddle together while the world around them is being shot to pieces. Hozuki’s pendant begins to glow like it did back at the hospital. Missiles are aimed at the girls and suddenly time is slowed down to a crawl. The pendant is still glowing and Hozuki is now falling through the clouds as lightning flares around her. Hozuki falls into another world and lands on top of some kind of flying machine. I have a feeling that she’s about to meet her famous ancestor!

The flying machine crashes into a tree and the pilot ends up on top of Hozuki. She struggles with him and what is left of the flying machine falls to the ground. Hozuki sees the countryside, but has no idea where she is. The pilot is very distressed over the condition of his “plane”. He starts yelling at Hozuki and she begins to cry. He goes to comfort her, but sees her pendant. He asks her if she fell from the clouds, but Hozuki doesn’t know what happened to her. She tries to think and can only remember the danger that her sisters are in form the approaching missiles.

Hozuki begins to cry again and the man tries to comfort her. She tells him that she needs to go back and the man tells her that he’s already figured out that she can – in twenty three days! But they will need The Galileo and he will have to repair it. The Galileo? The man tells her that the plane was built by none other than Galileo Galilei! Hozuki is shocked to realize where she is and when, and that she’s talking to Galileo himself.

Back at his house, Galileo brings her some strange items – a sneaker, a cell phone, a syringe, and a bottle of water - and Hozuki gets a flash of what happened at the hospital. Galileo tells her that the phenomenon with the clouds has happened many times before. People fear it and hide when it happens, but Galileo was curious and observed the clouds instead. The strange items that he collected fell from these clouds. He has charted the clouds and shows Hozuki a graph. He points out the perfect time for her to get home. But they still need to be able to get into the air to get to those clouds.

It’s funny that he calls Hozuki an amateur. Galileo begins to sketch out a new plane and Hozuki takes over, making improvements to it. Hysterical that she draws her own airship from back home! Galileo is very excited with her design and praises Hozuki, even though she’s “so short”. LOL By candlelight, the sketch is completed. The next day, the materials are gathered and the building process begins. As things progress, Hozuki even paints the plane red and white. Once done, the plane does look a lot like her airship. A smaller version will be tested the following day.

However, the next day, it rains. The incident with the charm was pretty funny. The rain continues to fall and Hozuki wonders if she will be able to return home. Galileo encourages her and I wonder if he suspects who Hozuki really is. As the skies finally clear, Galileo and Hozuki enjoy some watermelon and have a seed fight. Well, it’s time. I hope Hozuki can return. She needs to save her sisters and her world.[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Galileo and Hozuki test the model plane, but it crashes. A few more tests and a few more crashes and they may have most of the problems worked out. However, the cloud appears and Hozuki’s pendant glows in time with it. Galileo determines that early evening the following day will be the time to go. They spend the night working on the plane.

At one point Hozuki falls asleep and when she awakens, she’s alone. She finds Galileo on the roof, drawing a moon sketch. He’s learned that the Earth is not the center of the universe and hopes to share his theory one day. But he knows it won’t be initially accepted, because “people fear new truths”. He’s also come to another conclusion – Hozuki is not from his time. She ends up telling him the entire story and why she needs to get back. Galileo assures her that she will and gives her some konpeito. She’s surprised to see it so far in the past, but it’s just something else the two have in common.

In the middle of the night, Hozuki wakes up and examines the moon sketch, but there isn’t any secret writing on it yet. She examines a globe and her pendant begins to glow again. The next day, it’s time to go and Galileo tells Hozuki that everything will be fine. Hozuki gifts him with her Picco Rosso. She tells him that she enjoyed their time together and that she’d like to thank him by giving him her goldfish. He promises to keep it and take good care of it. He thanks her for helping him as well.

The plane takes off and it’s a bit shaky there for a minute, but then it catches the wind and takes off into the sky. Hozuki and Galileo are excited – it works! And Galileo just proved the Earth is round! Hozuki shares in his delight. He also tells Hozuki that she’s given him the courage to follow his own path. Hozuki is happy, but sad at the same time, for she knows what his future holds for him. But once again, Hozuki discovers something else she has in common with Galileo. And he even wishes that he could stay with her. Hozuki feels the same way.

They head for the cloud and Hozuki’s pendant glows again, in time with the lightning flashes. Once inside the cloud, Hozuki floats out of the plane. Galileo grabs her hand, but it’s no use. They are separated as Hozuki keeps floating up into the cloud. One more fierce glow of her pendant and Hozuki is gone.

Hozuki floats back to her sisters and the oncoming missiles. Time is still moving slowly, but for how much longer? When she lands next to her sisters, time resumes. The missiles keep coming, but Cicinho managed to explode them before they hit. He tells his “Bambina” to keep going and he’ll protect them. The girls keep running and make it to the airship. The Galileo launches, but doesn’t get too far when it’s hit by a missile and crashes. The ships surrounding identify themselves as Interpol and demand their surrender, but it looks like the girls are unconscious.

These last two episodes were really nice. It was great that Hozuki got to meet her famous ancestor and I think it was a fated meeting. Hozuki told him her story and he ended up creating the energy source that they need in the future. I think he also fell in love with Hozuki. The two of them had so much in common and she gave him the strength to go on with his theories. Thankfully, she never told him that she was his descendant. I like how everything neatly connects with the moon sketches now. I have a feeling that Galileo did it all for Hozuki. Really sweet and just a little sad too. But I wonder what will happen now.[/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=Spoiler]The girls are back home and in jail again. They find out that they are going to trial this time as well. At least Roberto wasn’t able to kill them. But I wonder what happened to Cicinho. I hope he got away. The CEO of Adni Moon visits the girls in jail. He wants to make a deal – their freedom in exchange for the Galileo Tesoro. Of course, they refuse. Roberto has Anna locked up someplace as well, but someone sets her free.

The girls are given a lawyer, but he doesn’t look too competent. Shaking and without saying a word, he opens his briefcase and the moon sketches spill out. He tells them that a lady gave them to him and he also gives Hozuki her pendant. Later, Hozuki uses her pendent to read Galileo’s final message to her and she tears up. It looks like he never finished the Tesoro, but is leaving up to Hozuki to complete. Her sisters don’t understand why she is getting so emotional over an old love letter. LOL She will have to tell them the story someday.

Hozuki refuses to give up and spreads the moon sketches on the floor. The girls talk and Hozuki figures it out! But the trial is about to begin. The girls are pretty much branded as terrorists and Hazuki takes over their defense – their lawyer really is useless - and currently sleeping. LOL The lawyer for the other side really knows his stuff and the girls are made to look guilty. To top it off, he accuses the girls of being air pirates and stealing methane hydrate from Adni Moon.

The defense lawyer is useless, but his briefcase is magic. Hazuki finds documents she can use in their defense, some of which are about the Aza Iron, and how numbers of these mechas are owned and produced by Adni Moon. Of course the CEO denies all knowledge and his lawyer is slick enough to get the evidence tossed out, saying that it isn’t relevant to the case. Adni Moon must have the judge in their pocket too, for he sides with them.

The prosecution calls a final witness and it’s mom! For a woman that has no memories of her daughters, she was well coached. Sylvia cold heartedly testifies against them. It looks like the court is about to rule in Adni Moon’s favor, but there is a sudden interruption. It’s dad! Yay! He identifies himself and tosses Hozuki a telescope as security grabs him. Geshio and Sylvia exchange a look and she speaks again. This time Sylvia defends Hozuki. Was she acting all this time to protect them? Did she really not lose her memories at all? She declares to one and all that her daughters are innocent!

The CEO stands to protest, but Sylvia hands the judge evidence about Messier and how Adni Moon uses them to do its dirty work. Their lawyer tries to say that such evidence must be forged, but Sylvia can back it up. That shuts the lawyer up! LOL Francesco asks Sylvia when her memory returned, but it turns out she never lost it. She pretended to have amnesia so that she could take the company down from the inside! Mom is another smart cookie. LOL

Francesco is taken into custody and is brought out of the courthouse in handcuffs. As the reporters shower him with questions, Roberto walks up to him and shoots him in the chest. Francesco dies in his son’s arms and Roberto is arrested. Inside the courtroom, the Ferrari family reunites. Geshio reveals that Anna helped them as well. I glad for that. She really didn’t belong with the bad guys.

Hozuki uses the telescope to look at the moon sketches and the unfinished formula is revealed! And there was a good reason that the Galileo Tesoro was never finished. As Hozuki explains this, the sleeping defense lawyer wakes up. It turns out that the guy is none other than Cicinho! He throws off his disguise and Hozuki thanks “GanyBoss” for his help. But he steals Hozuki’s pendant! Jumping through the window, Cicinho makes his escape. However, it’s actually all right. Hozuki, holding the moon sketches, says that she now has the way to make more.

Back at the ruins of their home, the girls search for and find Galileo’s globe that Hozuki has once admired at his home in the past. Hozuki wants to make sure that there isn’t a seventh sketch and when Kazuki breaks open the globe, a rolled up document falls out. Hozuki unrolls it and begins to tear up again. It’s a sketch of her and the plane! Everything comes full circle when Hozuki realizes that the sketch that she found and used for her own airship was one that she had worked on in the past.

The next step is to complete the Galileo Tesoro, but first the family is going back to visit grandpa in Japan. This is Hozuki’s happy ending – the entire family is going together. Anna waves as The Galileo passes by the roof she’s standing on. It looks like she’s been arrested as well, but that’s only fair. Anna does have a few things to answer for. This was a very sweet and entertaining show, with a nice feel-good ending. Just the kind I like![/details]