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The Pilot's Love Song / Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta

The Pilot’s Love Song / Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta


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Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy, romance
Themes: aviation, conspiracy, friendship, military, war
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2014-01-06
Opening Theme:“azurite” by petit milady
Ending Theme: “Kaze ga Shitteru (The Wind Knows)” by Akai Koen

Plot Summary: This is a tale of a prince who lost everything leaves for a journey with no guarantee of returning to his hometown safely. With hatred and revenge in his mind, he met several people that taught him about friendship…and love. (from ANN)

Episode 3 –


Wow, that was a pretty emotional flashback. I can understand Kal-el’s anger, but I wonder if he will follow his mother’s wish or seek revenge.

This reminds me that I have forgotten to try out “Last Exile 3” (or “the new adventures of Superman”) yet. It is in my queue but I missed it somehow :frowning:

Episode 6 –


So, they’ve finally reached the Holy Spring, but they may be getting more than they bargained for. There are a lot of rumors going around about the Sky Clan. And the trainees may have to be the ones to face them.

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]So, it’s the first battle with the Sky Clan, and a trainee is lost. Mitsuo died for the sake of Chiharu, which was kind of sweet, but still extremely emotional. I liked that character! And of course Chiharu is a mess.

When Isla is targeted, the trainees take it upon themselves to defend it - without orders. I’m sure that someone is going to end up in big trouble for that decision![/details]

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]In the aftermath of the battle, a funeral service is held and fallen friends are mourned. Claire had to officiate as Nina, but I know she would have preferred to stand with her friends. She vows never to fly again. The service was very sad and very emotional.

The friends later visit a memorial for their dead comrades, and more tears are shed. Chiharu is still blaming herself for Mitty’s death, and Ari comforts her as best she can. This brings on another round of crying and Ignacio watches from the nearby trees, flowers in hand, but unable to approach. He later brings the flowers back to Nina. She meets with the Council of Four and listens to strategies for the future. Will they join with Levamme against the Sky Clan?

That night, Kal can’t sleep as he relives the battle and all the deaths. He ends up running through the forest, screaming, and trying to flee from these memories. He ends up at the memorial and finds Claire there. He says her name and she runs from him, but he chases her and grabs her arm. Kal tells her that he’s glad that she’s all right, and Claire tells him that she’s leaving the school. She tells Kal that she’s been lying to everyone and apologizes. With tears in her eyes, she tells Kal that they shouldn’t see one another anymore. Kal just hugs her and then sweetly kisses her. He tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her forever.

Kal asks Claire why she’s so sad and she asks him if they met before - perhaps during the Wind Revolution? Claire asks Kal if he’s really Karl La Hire and he pretty much admits it. Claire already knew it, telling Kal that she loves him, but will never see him again. Claire tells Kal to forget about her, but suddenly the sirens go off. They are being attacked again and in the light from the explosions, Kal takes a really good look at Claire and suddenly sees Nina in her face! Now, he knows the truth!

Claire sadly admits that she is Nina, and saying goodbye, she runs away. Kal just screams – how can he possibly love his enemy? The next day, Luis tells Claire that he needs a favor. He needs her to play her role as Nina. The other trainees are still traumatized over the loss of their friends. Ari is released from the hospital and rejoins them. They tell her that Chiharu still isn’t doing well and that Kal has locked himself in his room.

Ari visits her brother, but he just wants to be left alone, and she can see he’s exactly as he was when she first met him – “like he hates everything in the world”. Rebuilding of the city has begun and the trainees help out. Ari hears the people taking about going back, but then a carriage appears with Nina. She’s come to give a speech and a crowd gathers around. Ari recognizes her as Claire too. Nina encourages her people and assures them of their future. They will endure and continue with their journey. As Nina returns to her carriage, Ari realizes why Kal has locked himself in his room.

Ari runs to the carriage to speak with Claire, but a soldier stops her. Ari looks up to see Ignacio! He whispers to her to push past him and Ari does so. She tells Claire that they should fly together again, and that everyone loves her. Another soldier pulls Ari off the carriage and Nina stops him. Nina exits the carriage, and kneeling, takes Ari’s hands. Claire apologizes to Ari and tells her that she can’t fly or even see anyone ever again. And seeing Kal will only make him suffer and remember the past. Nina says goodbye to Ari and leaves in her carriage.

Ari tries to talk to Kal again. She tells him about her father and how he once lost a baby son. She tells him how her mother died and how poor they were – things that had led to the revolution. As much as the imperial family was hated, her father took Kal in and raised him as his own. Ari wants Kal to think about that and see if he can get over his hatred of Nina. Meanwhile, Luis praises Nina for uniting the people. She almost collapses and Luis asks Claire if she’s all right, but she no longer wishes to be called by that name. She will only be Nina Viento now.

When Ari brings dinner to Kal, she sees that he hadn’t touched the lunch she left him. Ari tells him that she is quitting the flight school. Ignacio had been coming up the stairs and overhear this. Both boys are stunned by her decision. Even after she fully heals, she won’t be able to use a throttle. Ari has decided to become a mechanic instead.

Ignacio approaches and tells Ari not to interfere, as he breaks down the door to Kal’s room. He grabs Kal from the bed and telling him that he’s pathetic, Ignacio punches Kal in the stomach. Throwing Kal over his shoulder, Ignacio carries him outside. The other trainees are surprised to see Ignacio in a guard’s uniform and wonder if they should stop him. Ari tells them to leave it to Ignacio. Ignacio dumps Kal into the lake, and then kicks him in the face. Does he know who Kal really is too? I know Ignacio cares about Claire and doesn’t want to see her hurt.[/details]

Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]So, Ignacio is Kal’s half brother. They led two very different lives and it’s no wonder Ignacio hates Kal. But I wonder if Ignacio has recently come to respect Kal just a tiny bit. In any case, Ignacio is currently beating the heck out of Kal. He can’t stand Kal’s attitude at the moment. Locking himself in his room solves nothing. Not only is Ari giving up on being a pilot, but Claire is leaving the school as well. Ignacio tells Kal that she doesn’t want to hurt him by coming to school. Ignacio says that Kal has stolen Claire’s dreams as he turns and walks away, leaving Kal in the lake.

Kal sits on the shore and silently apologizes to Ari, but his anger flares again at the thought of Claire being Nina. As the sun rises, the sirens go off again. Nina boards her ship and heads towards the threat. Ignacio is left behind. I wonder why. He’s been her bodyguard up until now. Lacking enough fighters, the decision is made to send the students out again. Bandereas is against it and has to be restrained. As the students receive their orders to protect the observation plane with their lives, Sonia quits the military. She tells the students not to take the mission.

Sonia tells the students to head for the shelters and leaves the room. The students discuss what to do. It’s a hard decision, but most of them choose not to fight, and take Sonia’s advice of going to the shelters. A few remain and argue over taking the mission. They know they will die. Kal enters the room but is ignored for the moment. Noriaki and Benji choose to fight. The scene between Sharon and Benji was very touching and sweet. Ari tries to talk Noriaki out of his decision, but Kal interrupts and says that he is going too. Kal says that he wants to protect everyone and not run away, but Ari argues with him as well. However, Kal stands firm. Ari yells at him and cries, calling him an idiot.

Chiharu calms Ari down and tells Kal and Noriaki not to die. Ari protests that Kal can’t fly without a partner. She is still injured, but I think she would have gone with him. However, Ignacio walks in and says that he will go with Kal. There’s no more time and the girls have to leave. Ari tells Kal that he better come back. Ignacio later tells Kal that if he’s going to die, he wants to see Kal die as well. The two planes take off with Kal and Noriaki thinking of their dead friends.

Aboard Nina’s ship, the announcement is made that the students have arrived. Nina hears it and gasps. She must realize that Kal is out there, with her other friends. Ignacio saves Kal, and Noriaki has to find the courage to fight. Nina’s ship is attacked and the observation plane is destroyed. Benji spots the enemy’s observation plane and Noriaki says that there is something they can do. Benji smiles and agrees with him. They head towards the enemy, with Kal and Ignacio watching them, wondering what they are doing. I have a horrible feeling that Noriaki and Benji will be breaking their promises to the girls.[/details]

Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]With the destruction of the observation plane, Noriaki and Benji have taken over as observers. They have found the enemy’s flagship and it seems to be an even match to their own Luna Barco. They need to report this, but the enemy has spotted them. They do manage to get the location of the enemy to their own flagship, but the incoming shots are missing the enemy. There is return fire and the Luna Barco is hit. However, they can still fight.

Kal and Ignacio see that Noriaki and Benji are in trouble and go to their aid. They will take care of the rest of the enemy planes as Noriaki and Benji get the information that the Luna Barco needs to fight back. They get the coordinates and send the info back just before they are hit. I know Nina is just sick when she hears that contact has been lost.

Benji briefly wakes up. He’s lost his right hand. He smells flowers as he remembers his promise to return to Sharon. That seems to make him want to live. He ties off his arm and swears to return to Sharon. Noriaki awakens as well, just in time to get them out of there as the enemy flagship is hit. Their plane is destroyed, but they’ve managed to parachute out. However, Benji can’t get Noriaki to wake up and keeps calling his name until he does. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they are going to be rescued as Kal and Ignacio watch them float away. Kal just keeps screaming their names, until Ignacio reminds they have more enemies to fight.

Kal wants revenge now and becomes a complete maniac. He doesn’t want to see anymore friends die or the tears of those left behind. He wants to protect everyone and make the enemy to pay! The Luna Barco is now targeted as well. Kal and Ignacio watch it get hit. The damage is a lot worse this time and they can’t fight back. But they intend to fight as best they can until the last. Luis consoles Nina, who seems to be taking her imminent death very calmly. Kal and Ignacio fly by and Nina is excited to see that they are still alive.

They boys signal that they will help as much as they can as the Luna Barco’s escort, and continue to fight the enemy. But Ignacio is down to his last bullet. Kal thinks it’s the end, and that he will soon be joining his dead comrades. They suddenly spot Nina outside on the flagship’s deck. Nina calls out an apology to Kal and tells him that she’s a terrible person for making him suffer all those years ago. She tells him that she loves him as she removes her wig. It’s Claire that Kal sees now as she tells him that she’s going to die and that she’s sorry. She keeps talking to him and I wonder if Kal can even hear her. The flagship explodes into flames as Claire tells Kal once again that she loves him and waves. Kal can only remember his mother’s words, when she told him not to let hatred take over his life.

Kal finally understands what his mother was saying as another enemy place shows up and targets Claire. She prepares to die as the plane gets closer, but at the last second, Kal and Ignacio intercept it. As Kal flies past her, he yells at her to live. They go off to meet more of the enemy. Although Claire has lost her power up it until now, she suddenly finds it again and calls the wind. She sends it to protect Kal and destroy the enemy. It works, and she then focuses on saving the Luna Barco. Kal has finally forgiven Nina Viento and can now tell his mother to rest in peace.

Another ship arrives, but it’s an ally, the battleship El Bastel, carrying High Consul Fana Levamme. A little late, but it looks like everyone is saved now as they deal with the remaining enemy. Claire gets the Luna Barco safely back to Isla. The girls are on the runway as Kal and Ignacio land and go running to the plane. Ari welcomes her brother back. Kal wants to shake Ignacio’s hand, but is ignored. He says nothing as the girls welcome him back as well and just walks past them.

Their attention is drawn by another plane that crash lands near them. It’s Bandereas and he’s badly injured. The kids run over to him and find out that he saved Noriaki and Benji! Yay! The battle is over, but the war isn’t. They still haven’t reached their destination. However, these kids have done enough and shouldn’t have to fight anymore. I hope that Kal and Claire are reunited as well.[/details]

Episode 12 –

[details=spoiler]It’s seems that the kids have hardly recovered and they are being sent back out again. At least they won’t be fighting this time, only observing, but from past experience, that’s just as dangerous. And they have finally reached their destination – the End of the Sky. Six months earlier, the Sky Clan offered a truce, but in return, they want Nina Viento. But it seems to be part of a prophecy they have. For the sake of her people, Nina will go.

Everyone knows that Claire is Nina now, and Ari asks Kal what he will do. He isn’t sure, but he does want to see Claire again and speak with her. He doesn’t want to see her sacrificed either. At her prodding, Kal also admits to Ari that he likes Claire. I think that admission hurt Ari. I know she’s always liked Kal as more than a brother. It looks like she admits defeat to herself, accepting Kal’s feelings for Claire, and suggests that they go see her.

With Ignacio’s help, Ari and Kal get in to see Claire just before she departs. Ari gives her letters from all her friends at school. Ari won’t say goodbye to her, and promises to see her again. Claire cries and Air hugs her, before leaving her alone with Kal. They hug as well and Kal doesn’t want to let her go to the Sky Clan, now that he realizes how he feels about her. He suggests that they run away together. Kal wants to stay with Claire forever and she looks very tempted, but she has her duty. She thanks Kal for making her so happy with his words, and tells him that she has her reasons for wanting to go.

Claire gives Kal her necklace, and tells him that she won’t say goodbye. Like Ari had told her, Claire tells Kal that she will see him again. She turns from him and leaves. Left holding her necklace, Kal is just distraught. Whispering her name, he closes his hand around the necklace. As she ascends the steps to her transport, her name is called. Claire turns to see Kal running to her, screaming her name. The soldiers prevent him from reaching her, but he promises her that he will find the End of the Sky. However long it takes, Kal swears to come back for her. She promises to do her best as well, and enters the plane.

Ari and Ignacio join Kal. Ignacio bids them goodbye as he will be accompanying Claire. He tells them that he’s been with Claire since he was a child. But he is holding Kal to his promise. In return, Ignacio promises Kal that he won’t let anyone touch Claire. As he walks past, he calls Kal “brother”, surprising both Ari and Kal. Kal repeats it and Ari told him that he just imagined it. The plane takes off with an escort and files into the sunset, with Claire catching a last glimpse of Kal from a window.

Isla continued on, and six months later, reached the End of the Sky. It resembles a borealis and is just as the legend promised. Luis recites the legend as Isla returns to the place it came from. Kal and his crew film the historic moment, and it’s over quickly. Everyone feels a momentary loss. I wonder where they will all go now.[/details]

Episode 13 –

[details=spoiler]Amazingly, everyone has made it home. And they have a beautiful 3D map to show for it. A mystery has been solved, but there is a lot more to explore. However, many are surprised that the group even made it back. But it’s all thanks to their new allies, the Holy Levamme Empire. Luis makes a speech and confirms the reality of the legend. He tells them of the Sky Clan and the Holy Levamme Empire, and their struggles, leaving nothing out. At the end Luis brings out the former crown prince, Karl La Hire.

There are calls from the audience that he is a fake since the prince died during the revolution. But Kal isn’t there for political reasons. He tells them of Claire’s sacrifice and tells how he once hated Nina Viento. But he learned to forgive, and forgiveness will make a better future. Now, he wants to go and get the girl he loves, and help to create that better future. He publically declares his love for Nina Viento, and the people cheer.

Kal asks to begin planning a second trip, to reclaim Nina Viento from the Sky Clan. And it seems all this was also a plan conceived by Luis and Amelia to overthrow the revolutionary Balsteros government too. It seems Kal is being used a little bit here. And afterwards, Kal’s friends tease him for saying such embarrassing things. It’s also their graduation day. Sad to see that out of that large group of students, only these few survived. And it seems there is already a spy in their midst to prevent another journey.

Ari and Kal are reunited with their family. Ari bursts into tears as she hugs her father and even Kal begins to tear up. He ends up crying too as Michael pulls him into a hug. Soon, everyone is crying. Kal later takes his dad up in his plane. Michael seems happy that Kal is going back to get the girl he loves. That night the family has a feast to welcome Ari and Kal home. The next day, the family sees Kal off, and Ari gives him an interesting send off in her usual Ari style. I know she would have cried otherwise. And she does once he’s up in the air, and can’t see her. She yells up into the sky that her “stupid brother” had better return – with Claire. I don’t think Kal ever realized that Ari was in love with him.

Chiharu visits Misuo’s parents and gives them his medal. Sharon and Benjamin have to separate temporarily on different assignments. But they promise to see each other on their days off. It looks like Noriaki married his girl too. Ari joins her father and works on planes. And it looks like Kal will have to fight to get Claire back, as they engage the Sky Clan in battle once again. Kal meets his old enemy, the Silver Fox – and shoots him down!

Kal pulls out Claire’s necklace and tells her that he’s almost there. As if in answer, the wind comes to him and calls his name. They talk a little bit and Kal tells Claire that he’s coming for her. Kal tells himself that he will take Claire back and never let her go. They will fly in an endless summer sky and sing an endless song of love! This anime was another pleasant surprise. I would love to see another season. I’m sure it isn’t going to be that easy to get Claire back, and there is a lot more story to tell. I would also like to see Kal follow through on his promise, and rule his country with Claire at his side. That would be a wonderful ending![/details]

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The Pilot’s Love Song - Official Trailer

20:26:38 <bay|AX|NISAnime> (The Pilot’s Love Song trailer)
20:26:45 <bay|AX|NISAnime> Coming September 22nd
20:27:21 <bay|AX|NISAnime> for those who are fans of princess and the pilot, this is created by the same people
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  • 2 Blu-ray disc set
  • Total of 13 episodes
  • 64-page hardcover art book
  • Clean opening and endings, plus extended episode previews
  • Age rating: Teen
  • Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles

July 06, 2015 3:24am PDT

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