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Genres: adventure, drama, mystery, romance
Themes: alternate history, detective, folklore, gothic lolita, occult, war
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes 24
Vintage: 2011-01-07
Opening Theme: “Destine Histoire” by risa
Ending Theme #1: “Resuscitated Hope” by Lisa Komine;
#2: “unity” by Lisa Komine
Plot Summary: GOSICK takes place in 1924 in a small, made-up European country of Sauville. The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire content of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can’t solve. (from ANN)

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Episode 1 –


A pretty creepy and mysterious opening! But after the opening, one of the main characters is introduced. Kujo is called the “Dark Reaper” and I wonder why. He seems like just an ordinary transfer student but the entire school is afraid of him. It’s really sad that he doesn’t have any friends except for one ditzy teacher who thinks he should read ghost stories. LOL

Apparently his Dark Reaper status is part of one of those ghost stories although it is really the story of the Springtime Reaper. His teacher Miss Cecile tells him to make 100 friends, but that will be hard with his reputation! But he goes to the library anyway and starts looking up ghost stories. The Queen Berry – a ghost ship, Leviathan – an alchemist, a gray wolf that can speak human language, all of these stories are in a book. Then he finds a golden hair and decides to investigate it.

The library is housed in a tall tower, so Kujo runs up all the stairs to the very top floor. Out of breath, he finds a beautiful garden that is totally out of place with the rest of the building. He also finds what he thinks is a beautiful golden doll – until she speaks, calling him the Springtime Reaper. She is very mysterious and tells the thoroughly confused Kujo that he will visit again the following day at noon. She tells him that he has been chosen to relieve her boredom. He ends up running in fear from the doll that can tell his future.

He tells Miss Cecile about the girl and she is very happy that he has found his first friend in Victorique. She tells him that Victorique is his classmate but apparently she never goes to class since Cecile gives him a bunch of handouts to pass on to her. Meaning that he must see her again. And this is the following day. And it’s noon!

Climbing all those stairs again, he finds Victorique rolling around on the floor. Apparently this is what she does when she’s bored. LOL She also relies on “the fountain of wisdom” to deduce things which is how she knew Kujo would return. She is such a serious little girl that seems wise beyond her years. But she also seems such a child too.

Victorique gets upset when Kujo tries to straighten her necklace – a coin that is very precious to her, but she doesn’t say why. Then a man shows up with an outrageous hairdo that Victorique refers to as Grevil. He seems like an idiot and starts telling Kujo about the murder of Roxanne, an old fortune teller. But I think he is really speaking to Victorique as he answers her questions but speaks only to Kujo. Kujo asks Victorique who he is and is told that he is Grevil de Blois – a police inspector. So who is he? He continues to give Kujo all the clues and then asks him what he thinks happened.

Victorique yawns and says that the “fragments of chaos” are aligned. Putting a pipe in her mouth in true Sherlock Holmes style, she proceeds to solve the crime, telling Grevil that the maid murdered Roxanne. I laughed when he took it out on Kujo, shaking the life out of him and telling him to explain. Victorique solves the crime, but a satisfied Grevil leaves before she can give him the motive. Once he’s gone, a bored Victorique starts rolling on the floor again.

Kujo wonders who Victorique really is and she says that she will tell him – but first he has to dance! Realizing that she is completely serious, he begins a Japanese dance. He later says that he danced three times for her and she told him nothing about herself as she promised to. Then he sees the paper where Grevil is given the credit for solving the murder. He confronts Grevil at the police station and demands an explanation for not giving Victorique the credit. Grevil ignores him and instead invites Kujo and Victorique for a ride on the yacht that Roxanne’s grateful granddaughter had given him for solving the murder. Grevil also says that Victorique need special permission from him to leave the school.

Victorique seems pleased to be able to leave her “prison” and begins to prepare for her trip to the outside world. On the day of the trip – talk about over packing! I think Victorique brought her entire house with her, including the furniture! Then she tells Kujo that he will be carrying it all! Once he hears this, he goes through everything only allowing for necessary items. He questions things and Victorique gets more and more angry until she throws the cutest temper tantrum that I’ve ever seen.

Once on the train, she seems fascinated by the outside world – like she’s never seen it before. How can that be? Was the school really her prison? Even when they are in the town, she gets very excited by all the hustle and bustle and asks Kujo what things are. And when Kujo calls a carriage, she thinks it’s magic and that the driver is Kujo’s servant. I love her child like curiosity here. She seems like a totally different person.

I almost fell off my chair when I got a look at Grevil on his yacht! Between the outfit and that hair, you just have to laugh. He reveals more about the murder and gets Victorique to thinking again. But they are interrupted by a policeman telling then that the maid escaped from custody. Grevil runs off and tells Kujo they can board the yacht, but must stay at the dock.

Since the yacht belonged to the fortune teller, Roxanne, Victorique explores and finds an invitation addressed to Roxanne. It for a dinner on a luxury liner and since clues are involved, Victorique and Kujo are suddenly boarding the liner! I wonder what will happen now. In a flash of lightning the name of the liner is revealed – The Queen Berry!

I could have sworn that there was a thread for this already. is the best anime from Winter 2011 that I would recommend to anybody.

(Madoka is also good, but not for everybody.)


Ceramic bubble-pipe:

Episode 2 –


There are already some strange things happening on the ship when Kujo sees the name and remembers the ghost story of The Queen Berry. It’s getting pretty creepy! Then people begin to die and Kujo wonders how Victorique can remain so calm and unemotional.

The ship has a gruesome history. A group of children were put upon the ship to spend the night, but ended up murdering one another and the ship sank, creating the ghost story. Now, ten years later, the souls of the dead have returned for revenge. But Victorique is on the case and begins to pull the mystery apart.

Victorique declares the ship a fake. It’s a replica made to look like the real thing. She proceeds to tell the others of her theory. But the mystery isn’t completely solved when they discover that the ship is taking on water. The group decides to try to get to the radio room but the ship is full of traps. I’m enjoying the interaction between Kujo and Victorique and I see their friendship growing and how much Kujo wants to protect her.

Maurice finds a gun and tells the group that there are many more hidden on the ship. He doesn’t want to become a “hare” and yet that is exactly what is happening. He points the gun at Victorique and Kujo steps in front of her. I think Victorique is surprised and touched by his gesture. But then Maurice shoots! I hope Kujo is all right![/details]

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]But the shot that rang out was not from Maurice. Julie shot Maurice instead. She claims she found a gun too, but Ned makes her throw it away. It’s sweet that Victorique is holding Kujo’s hand as they move on. Ned gets ahead of them and suddenly screams. They run to investigate and find him dead. Victorique admits to being scared and tells Kujo to come to her. She is fearful that they will be murdered as well.

They continue to the radio room, but stop to find weapons. A man with an axe enters and declares himself to be the “hunting dog” come to kill the hares! He finds Victorique and grabs her, but Kujo saves her. However, her necklace breaks. Julie picks it up and they run. The man turns out to be Ned, but Victorique already knew that! Apparently all of this has happened before with Julie and Ned.

He somehow escaped from the room and comes up behind them and knocking Julie to the side, he continues on to the children. Kujo pushes Victorique into the radio room and tells her to call for help while he faces Ned. It was heartbreaking to hear Victorique calling for Kujo and I think she finally realizes that she cares for him as a friend. Ned beats Kujo up pretty badly, but Kujo gets in some nice shots too. Julie saves Kujo by using the axe on Ned and it was a little overdramatic when he fell over the railing into the sea with the axe sticking out of his back.

Victorique looked very relieved to see the beat up Kujo enter the radio room, but of course she won’t admit it although she takes hold of his hand in both of hers. They are saved and upon their return, Grevil meets them and arrests Julie. Once again Victorique has solved the case! Julie tells the sad story of the orphans and the ship. It turns out that Roxanne was predicting the outcome of the Great War.

As Julie is escorted down the hall by Grevil and the police, the maid that murdered Roxanne is being escorted as well. Julie recognizes her as her friend, Lee, from the ship that fateful night and realizes that she too took her revenge these ten years later. Julie manages to return Lee’s precious locket to her and it was a very touching scene.

Back at school, Kujo is angered that once again Grevil has made the papers for solving the crime that Victorique should have gotten the credit for solving. And Kujo finds out that Grevil is her brother, although they have different mothers. He also finds out something of Victorique’s life up until now. How cruel it was! But the moment is broken as Victorique orders Kujo to go out and find another mystery for her to solve. Out of boredom, Victorique throws a tantrum, but this only make Kujo smile because Victorique admits that they are friends! Right before she falls asleep on Kujo! But as Kujo holds her and says he’d like to take her outside again, she tells him that it’s a promise! She is a cute sleeping beauty with a sweet tooth!

Episode 4 –


Kujo is arrested for murder! Of course he goes to Victorique for help. I like how she sighs and says that she will help him but only because she is bored. Kujo tells her that he went shopping for Sophie, the house mother. Funny that he thinks of getting a girlfriend and pictures Victorique! As he is walking along, a motorcycle crashes into the wall next to him and as the driver flies through the air, his head becomes separated from his body as Kujo looks on in horror. But when he went to the police to report it, Grevil arrested him. He thought it impossible for a head to come off a body as it was thrown from a motorcycle and suspected Kujo did the deed when the body fell back to earth. Grevil is a real idiot!

Grevil produces a piece of evidence in the form of a wire and tells Kujo to confess. Once she sees the wire, Victorique puts it all together. She explains it and Grevil releases Kujo. However, as Grevil leaves, Victorique tells him who the real criminal is – a girl with blonde hair and a wounded finger! How did she ever come up with that?

Kujo is just as puzzled and so she explains her conclusion. Immediately afterwards, Victorique becomes bored again and tells Kujo that he should bring her more challenging cases. It also seems that she is a little angry that Kujo had been daydreaming of her on his walk and she orders him to leave. As Kujo reads the paper, he sees that the blonde girl was captured, proving his innocence and closing the case.

With his involvement in recent murders, Kujo’s classmates really consider him the Dark Reaper now and I don’t think any will befriend him after all. At least he has Victorique. That is until a new student is introduced to the class – Avril Bradley from England. Of course Cecile seats her next to Kujo, hoping that he will make friends with her. But Kujo notices her hand is bandaged and just for a second, he thinks of the murder then dismisses it, knowing the murderer is in custody.

Avril is drawn to Kujo and seems to like ghost stories as well. She is also the granddaughter of a famous adventurer and would like to have some adventures of her own. Kujo gives her a tour of the school and as they pass the library, Kujo decides to make up with Victorique. He also thinks that Avril may be his dream girl and asks about her injured hand. She says she fell but Kujo is still curious and I think he’d like more details when they are joined by Cecile. I loved how she kept slapping him on the back so hard. He’s going to have some nice bruises!

Cecile asks the two for a favor. And it’s a creepy one. Cecile must prepare for a funeral and that strikes me as odd. The cemetery caretaker has passed away, but Cecile is a school teacher. Why would she be in charge of getting ready for a funeral? Anyway, Kujo and Avril are with her when the doors to the crypt are opened for the first time in eight years – and a body falls out! The skeleton is dressed as a crusader and Cecile faints as Avril enters the crypt and finds a book at the bottom of the stairs.

Once again, Kujo goes to Victorique, bringing her a gift and a sweet to entice her. They begin to talk about the mystery and Grevil joins them with the identity of the corpse. He gives them some background on Maxim and Millie Marl. After she has Kujo and Grevil check on something, Victorique tells them that Millie murdered Maxim. She reconstructs the pieces of Chaos for them and Grevil is satisfied with her theory. But as he leaves he seems annoyed that a “gray wolf” has helped him once again.

Kujo and Victorique have another argument but Kujo wants to know about the book Avril found in the crypt. Victorique runs down the stairs and Kujo follows her thinking that she has been called the Golden Fairy and a gray wolf and he wonders who she really is. But I’d also like to know just who Avril is too.

Episode 5 –


It took no time at all for Victorique to find the book Avril hid in the library. It was funny when she hit Kujo over the head with it, instead of sharing it with him. I know people have been calling Victorique the Golden Fairy, but the book is about the Golden Fairy of the High Tower and the pictures inside resemble Victorique. I wonder if there is a connection. She removes an un-postmarked postcard from the book and becomes bored again, leaving Kujo with the book.

Just as one mystery is supposedly solved, another takes its place. Now Grevil is dealing with the “Phantom Thief Kuiaran”. I think this Kuiaran may somehow be related to Maxim. I am also wondering if this might be Avril’s father.

A Kujo passes an old building on the school grounds, he hears a noise and goes to investigate, but gets knocked out by someone. When he comes to, he’s in bed and Avril is watching over him. The book is gone and Avril tells him that the storehouse where he was found is haunted by a girl. She teases him about being attacked by a ghost, but Kujo begins to suspect that Avril was the one that hit him. She also tells him about how the Golden Fairy of the Library is smart and will solve any problem, but she also steals souls. Kujo thinks of Victorique and tells Avril the truth about the Golden Fairy. He tells her of Victorique and describes her as “a short blonde girl that demands sweets, not souls.” Avril doubts her existence, but Kujo assures her that Victorique is real.

Kujo goes back to the old storehouse to look for the book. Cecile shows up and she has the book. She says she found it and I think Kujo is a little relieved that Avril didn’t take it after all. But there is a noise again and Kujo is drawn to the door of the storehouse. I thought it was funny that Cecile took off her glasses so that she wouldn’t be able to see the ghost! A cry for help scares them away and Kujo goes running to find Victorique, only to find Avril there instead. She says she just wanted to see the garden and leaves.

Kujo calls for Victorique and the bored girl finally appears. Thankfully, he brought her sweets as well as a mystery. This time Victorique is surprised by the sweets that “look like dog feces” but is disappointed that they are hard. I guess she likes her sweets soft and chewy! Victorique casually tells Kujo that Avril is the thief, Kuiaran. The startled Kujo asks for an explanation and Victorique, “relying on wellspring of wisdom” gives him one.

Victorique says that Maxim was the first Kuiaran and that Avril is the second generation thief. She sighs over solving this one so quickly, but Kujo still wants to know about the ghost in the storehouse. Victorique tells him to go help the “ghost” because she is the real Avril. Kujo goes but takes Grevil with him. They find a trapdoor in the floor and a young girl inside that is tied up and unconscious. She wakes up and hugs Kujo. She tells her story and Kujo goes to confront the fake Avril.

He finds her in the library and she freely admits that she is Kuiaran. She doesn’t care about the book, but does demand the postcard that had been in the book. Kuiaran tells Kujo that the postcard has the world’s first stamp on it – “Penny Black” – and that she wants it. She once again relates the story of the Golden Fairy and tells him that Victorique isn’t real, before pushing him down the stairs. Kujo isn’t badly hurt and Kuiaran keeps demanding the location of the postcard with that valuable stamp.

She goes down the stairs to attack Kujo again, but Victorique finally appears and throws a pile of books at Kuiaran, causing her to fall down the stairs too. She calls Kujo her servant and Kujo just smiles, happy that his friend helped him. He later visits the real Avril, who is fully recovered and has the appetite to prove it! She calls Kujo a “black-haired prince” and this makes Cecile laugh. Kujo gives her the postcard and she reads it aloud, causing Cecile to cry. Avril then asks Kujo to be her friend and he finds out that she likes ghost stories as well.

Victorique later tells Kujo some more facts about how she figured things out. She also tells him about the “Reaper the Comes in the Spring” – which was originally Maxim, a man that returned to the area every spring and brought misfortune with him. Kujo thinks that she is amazing and is happy that she really exists, although he is puzzled as to where she was when he came to find her. Apparently she hides in a cabinet when people that she doesn’t know come to the garden. But then Kujo questions his arrival and why she didn’t hide. I like how they argued over her blushing! I enjoyed Kujo’s ending to the story of the Golden Fairy – how the fairy doesn’t eat souls but is only waiting for the one soul for her that will never leave her. I thought it really sweet too that Kujo pictured himself with Victorique in the story’s end. Is he her soulmate? I wonder.

Episode 6 –


Avril found out that a gray wolf lives in the library and wants to lure it out with something that sparkles. Kujo only knows of a Golden Fairy that likes sweets in the library. Kujo is happy that Avril is fitting in at the academy and is making friends, but he’s also happy that he’s the only one that knows Victorique.

Avril points out a gathered crowd in the town and goes to investigate. It is a red headed magician, but his trick backfires and the crowd disperses. But perhaps his trick didn’t back fire as he grabs Kujo’s textbooks and turns them into a turban. As he walks away, even the supposedly dead bird flies up to land on his shoulder.

When he catches up to Avril, a nun calls out to them to view her items. Kujo thinks she smells of liquor, but Avril seems enchanted with a Dresden plate on display. It’s expensive, so the nun hands Avril a music box instead. But as Avril begins to wind it, it explodes with smoke and birds. When they look again, the plate is gone!

Kujo brings the mystery to Victorique but the garden is a mess. He puts down the turban and begins to pick up some of the mess. Victorique is drawn to the sparkling jewel on the turban and asks Kujo what it is. She picks it up and Kujo tells her that it’s a souvenir for her. But before he can finish the sentence, Victorique tosses it aside and says she’s already tied of it. Kujo tells her that hats are for wearing and she should try it on. Then he tells her of the theft at the market.

Victorique claims the mystery is too simple and not really worth the effort. She says that she will die of boredom and Kujo insists she try the turban on. Just as she is about to, Grevil arrives on the elevator. He greets Kujo but when he sees Victorique serenely sitting there in the turban, he seems terrified and calls her “Cordelia Gallo”. She takes off the turban and says it is only her. Grevil then looks embarrassed as Kujo keeps asking who Cordelia Gallo is.

Kujo is ignored as Victorique assumes that Grevil is also there regarding the theft. Victorique tells them that it was the nun that stole the Dresden plate. The music box was set to explode as a diversion and the birds were hidden under the nun’s skirt and released as a further diversion. The nun was a fake because “a proper, modest nun would never sit like a man, with her legs spread” and this is how she held the bird cage under her dress. She replaced the birds with the plate and then screamed it was missing. Grevil is beat once again, but won’t admit it and leaves. At this point I wonder if the fake nun was in league with the magician.

Once again Kujo reads in the paper that Grevil has solved the case, but the Dresden plate is still missing along with the thief. Thinking that isn’t like Grevil – he usually catches the culprit right away – Kujo is drawn to a notice in the paper. This one calls to the Gray Wolves to the Summer Solstice Festival. He later shows the notice to Victorique and tells her that the Village of the Gray Wolves is near a town call Horovitz. Victorique’s eyes widen and she rises only to trip over Kujo’s foot and fall flat on her face. He leans back and crushes a sweet left on the floor and Victorique makes him eat it, before tellin him to retrieve a book for her.

There is an old supernatural tale in Saubure regarding the Gray Wolves. Some of it made up and some of it real. As Victorique tells him the story, she keeps rubbing her face from when she fell earlier. Kujo wonders if she is sensitive to pain and tests his theory by flicking her forehead. He laughs, but tears well up in Victorique’s eyes and she begins to tremble. He tries to approach her to comfort and reassure her, but she backs away from him in fear and anger. She says she didn’t think he was that kind of man and swears never to speak with him again. Kujo accuses her of caring for books more than him and promises not to come back. He calls her a crybaby and leaves.

Later, in his room, Kujo promises himself to bring Victorique some sweets the following day and hopes it will put her in a better mood. As he copies one of his missing textbooks, he happens to look out the window and sees a moving trunk. This is none other than Victorique. Kujo reminds her that she isn’t to leave the academy grounds and tells her that the gate is locked as well. Victorique doesn’t speak and from her swollen cheek, Kujo assumes she has a cavity from eating all those sweets. He teases her that she doesn’t need a trunk to see a dentist and opens it to find a change of clothes, toiletries, a tea set and plates, a stuffed bear, a vase, and a folding cot. Knowing very well that she is going on a trip and not to the dentist in the middle of the night, Kujo tells her to wait while he gets his wallet and he will show her a secret way out of the grounds that Avril told him about and will take her to the dentist.

I’m not sure if Victorique was annoyed or pleased to be discovered by Kujo. And Kujo is puzzled as to how he ended up on a train with her. He really did think she wanted to go to a dentist! But here they are – on their way to Horovitz! Kujo is just about to ask Victorique something when they are joined in the train compartment by none other than the thieving fake nun! Her name is Mildred and she was raised in Horovitz. When asked about it, she also seems to have lost the Dresden plate.

Once in Horovitz, Kujo and Victorique are told by an innkeeper that on such nights the Gray Wolves come down form the mountain to hunt people. I wonder if these are werewolves. It sure sounds like it! The innkeeper has hung a dead bird outside to keep the wolves away. Such superstition! Or is it? The innkeeper tells them that there are others that will be traveling to the village and warns them to be careful. Kujo asks if the villagers raise wolves, but the innkeeper tells him that the wolves are human “with undulating golden hair and rosy cheeks” and small bodies. Both Kujo and the innkeeper look at Victorique!

Kujo is later awoken by a howling wolf. He meets Victorique in the hallway and she tells him that a “squirrel came out of the hat box”. She tells Kujo to go talk to the squirrel in squirrel language and Kujo realizes that she is talking in her sleep but is still happy that she is speaking to him again. Then she wakes up and red faced, takes it out on Kujo! He finally gets to ask her why she is there and this calms her down although she still won’t answer his questions.

It begins to rain and Kujo enters Victorique’s room to close the window. Victorique whispers that she came to prove someone’s innocence. She pulls the pendant from her nightgown and shows it to Kujo. The coin is really a locket and she opens it to show Kujo a picture that looks like an adult version of Victorique wearing almost the same turban that Kujo had given Victorique. She tells him that it is Cordelia Gallo – her mother! Victorique tells Kujo that her mother was a dancer and she met the Marquis de Blois who told her that he wanted to “insert the unique ability of the Gray Wolves into his aristocratic bloodline”. Cordelia became his mistress and Victorique was born. The Marquis learned that Cordelia was a criminal and kept both her and her child locked up. How awful for Victorique to grow up this way!

Cordelia worked as a maid in the Village of the Gray Wolves, but committed a crime and was banished from the village. When the Marquis found out the truth, he regretted blending cursed blood with his own. Cordelia escaped but Victorique was left behind and raised in a tower prison. Victorique is sure that if her mother hadn’t been exiled from the village, she would never had been born and Kujo gets upset over this. I think he really has some feelings for her.

Victorique giggles over Kujo’s discomfort and asks to see his forehead. She flicks it in payback for him doing the same thing to her. Then she gets serious again and says that she believes in Cordelia’s innocence and means to prove it. The following morning, on their way up the mountain, they are introduced to Alan, Raoul, and Derek. Oddly, Mildred is also traveling to the village with them and she’s still dressed like a nun.

The carriage driver leaves them in front of the village which has an old battlement wall with a draw bridge. As the driver promises to pick them up the following day, the draw bridge lowers and the portcullis is raised. A large group of men with drawn swords stand there. They know that Victorique is Cordelia’s daughter and say it’s an “ill omen”. They raise their swords as Kujo steps in front of Victorique to protect her and the rest of their party backs up.

The men step forward, but the Elder arrives and tells them to stop. He says she read the message in the paper and is an invited guest. He also says that her arrival is something to celebrate “even if her mother is a murderer”. I know Victorique will solve this mystery as well!

Episode 7 –


The Elder takes the group inside the village and as he explains how the village avoids contact with the outside world and that they are self sufficient, the drawbridge rises and the portcullis lowers, locking them all in. The Elder explains the reason for the summer solstice festival and invites them all to stay for it. The Elder also warns them that wild wolves live in the surrounding mountains and one of the guests says that he heard that they are the wolves. The Elder seems annoyed at this and claims that they are human, although different from other humans. Victorique gets a determined look in her eye at that comment.

A maid named Harminia panics when she sees Victorique and says she looks just like Cordelia. She says that Cordelia’s curse cannot be wiped form the village. Harminia seems a little insane too as the Elder reprimands her and then she calmly exits the room. The Elder explains that Elder Theodore was murdered in his study. Cordelia was 15 at the time and was witnessed to have opened the locked study door at midnight. Cordelia screamed and ran out and the current Elder entered the room to find Theodore stabbed to death. He also found several gold pieces scattered on the floor.

Victorique listens intently to the Elder’s story as he says that Cordelia then took to her bed with a high fever, but once she was well, he banished her form the village. She had been given one gold coin and one trunk and was forced to survive in a world she knew nothing about. Kujo thinks Cordelia’s fate was a cruel one but teary eyed Victorique gets that look on her face again. She later goes for a walk around the village with Kujo trying to keep up with her.

Ambrose meets up with them and it was funny to see his reaction to Kujo’s hair and skin. Victorique asks Ambrose for a favor and in return Ambrose asks her permission to keep touching Kujo. She agrees and asks to be taken to the house where Cordelia lived. Loved the look on Ambrose’s face! He does take them to the house, but leaves them there and runs off.

Victorique and Kujo enter the abandoned house and look around. The place is a shambles and as Victorique walks around, she steps on a creaky floorboard amidst the flagstones. She asks for Kujo’s help in pulling it up and finds a picture of her mother holding a baby Victorique! Someone obviously took whatever was there and replaced it with the photo. Even Victorique is puzzled by this one.

They then visit the grave of the dead Elder Theodore and Victorique digs at the gravestone. Kujo tells her that she can’t do that but as usual, she ignores him. She is surprised to find a message scratched on the gravestone from Cordelia, proclaiming her innocence. At this Victorique breaks down and cries. She had known her mother was innocent and this proves it for her.

Fog rolls in across the graveyard and Kujo can sense danger. He looks around to see multiple glowing eyes in the fog. As Victorique wonders who the real criminal is, Kujo grabs her and tells her to run. But as they run, Kujo notices that whatever is chasing them has the same green eyes as Victorique. They make it inside a building in the graveyard and Kujo slams the door shut. He looks out the window and sees wolves.

They hear laughter and voices coming from upstairs and go to investigate. They find their three traveling companions and Mildred, no longer wearing her nun’s habit. She has just made a phone call again and I have to wonder who she keeps calling. Mildred tells them that the village has a sponsor and that his name is Brian Roscoe. He is also a descendent of someone in the village and had returned ten years ago to give them a gift of money. I wonder if he is connected somehow to Cordelia and if he was the one that left the picture at Cordelia’s house.

One of the men wants to go exploring, but Kujo tells him that there are wolves outside. By the way these guys were checking out everything, I wonder if they are also thieves. They three men are confident that the Elder will drive the wolves away and leave.

Later, in her room, Kujo unpacks Victorique’s suitcase. He complains at the clothes she wears with all the ruffles and frills on them, but Victorique is preoccupied with the mystery of Brian Roscoe and isn’t listening to him. Brian Roscoe had electricity installed in the village, but he was also there at the start of the Great War. So why was he there and not off doing more important things? I wonder too if Cordelia ended up with him after she left Victorique and the Marquis.

They are interrupted by the maid bringing in hot water for a bath and Victorique seems overly excited that she can actually take a bath. Kujo stands guard as she bathes and makes her promise to call him if anything happens. It was funny to see him standing there with a broom! But it was even more hysterical when Victorique started singing! And she still can’t – no matter how loudly she tries. Kujo decides to take a break and picks up a glass and sees something in it just as the lights go out.

Of course, Kujo’s first thought is for Victorique and he calls out to her, asking if she is all right. She doesn’t answer and Kujo panics. The lights come back on and as the bathroom door opens, a startled Kujo drops the glass he was holding. Victorique exits the bath room and ask Kujo why he’s making such a racket. He’s relieved to see that she is okay, but she also sees what fell out of the glass on the floor – an eyeball! Victorique feels that someone is trying to scare her into leaving the village. Kujo agrees that they should leave, but Victorique wants to stay. She looks up at Kujo with those big, beautiful eyes and asks if he will protect her. How can he refuse her? She smiles at him as wolves howl in the distance.

The festival begins the following day and there will be a battle between the Summer army and the Winter army, but the outcome is already decided as the Winter general will be defeated and burned. This is all reenactment of course. Harminia seems to be having an argument with the three men and tells them to leave the village. They quickly apologize and leave to return to their room. Mildred appears and said that they also made a scene at the church the night before when they dropped an ornamental jar into holy water in front of some villagers.

The festival continues and Kujo presents Victorique with some festival sweets. She eats them as they are suddenly pelted with hazelnuts by the village maidens and Kujo protects Victorique. They both see Alan also getting hit and running away. Ambrose appears, leading the Summer army. They have a mock battle which sometimes looks like a dance. The Summer army wins and Ambrose sets fire to the float that holds the Winter Man.

However, the Winter Man suddenly rises from his flaming pyre and Ambrose knocks it over calling for water. But it’s too late. The Winter Man was not made of paper-mache this time. It’s Alan and he’s dead! As his friends later weep over the body, the Elder claims it was an accident. He says that Alan switched with the dummy to play a prank on the village, but Ambrose says that would be impossible since he was seen earlier. The Elder sticks to his explanation anyway and silences Ambrose and says that the festival will continue.

Later still, as they watch another warrior dance, Kujo comments on the death and turns to find Victorique missing from his side. He looks for her, remembering his promise to protect her. He ends up at the church and is met by Ambrose who asks him if he has come to learn his future. He explains the ritual where the Elder is used by the ancestors to answer the children’s questions about the future. Kujo says he is looking for Victorique, but Ambrose insists he hear his future.

Ambrose leads Kujo to the front of the line and pushes him behind the curtain where the Elder is sitting. The Elder seems to be in a trance. Kujo tells the Elder that he is just looking for Victorique and the Elder tells him that she isn’t like him. Kujo then asks if he will stay with Victorique forever and the Elder tells him that they won’t die together. He says that – “Years from now, a gale will blow that will shake the world. Your bodies are light. That wind will surely separate the two of you. However, your hearts will never be apart.”

This is so sad! I think it was sweet of Kujo to ask about Victorique, but I wonder if the answer might have something to do with World War II. Outside of the church, Kujo agonizes over their future separation and I can see that he really cares for Victorique, especially since he wants to stay with her forever. Victorique then exits the church and Kujo is surprised to see her. She seems really upset and wipes tears from her eyes. She tells Kujo that she asked if she would grow, but I think she really asked the same question as Kujo. He berates her for leaving him and making him worry.

Victorique tells him that she went to see the study where Elder Theodore was murdered. Harminia confronts her there, calling her “wicked Cordelia”, and tries to attack her to show her how Theodore was killed. And as Harminia once again becomes maddened, Victorique knows it would have been impossible for a tiny fifteen year old girl to sink a dagger to the hilt in a man’s upper back. She tells Harminia that there is another responsible and that Harminia must think so as well, but Harminia runs from the room, holding her head as the clock strikes the hour.

Then it all comes together for Victorique and she knows the truth! She now tells Kujo that the Wellspring of Wisdom spoke to her, but although she knows who the killer is, she has no way of proving it. Once again, the wolves howl and the Elder comes out of the church with Ambrose handing the Elder his gun. He vows to let nothing interrupt the festival and races off with Ambrose and Victorique following. Kujo has no choice but to follow as well. They run into the forest and search for the wolves. Hearing a noise the Elder turns and fires as Victorique tries to stop him.

A man screams as the Elder claims victory and rushes to examine his kill. Victorique tells Kujo that that is the second and they are shocked to see that another man lies dead, shot through the heart!

Just started this series, soon I will catch up.

And you will probably pass me too! :slight_smile:

Episode 8 –


The Elder is positive he shot a wolf and not a man, yet Raoul lies dead. Victorique picks up a hazelnut and examines it, nodding her head. She later asks Ambrose what he thinks and he mentions Brian Roscoe and how he taught him things about the outside world. Victorique asks Ambrose if he can sense the Chaos in the village. She takes Ambrose and Kujo to the church that night and they wait in the dark for a thief to appear.

Sure enough, Derek enters and picks up an urn from the altar before the doors swing open and torches illuminate the figure of Grevil! Derek still tries to get away with the urn, but Grevil nabs him and places him under arrest. Victorique later explains why they threw the urn into the holy water – gold plate would only float and real would sink. This urn sank. She accuses Derek of the murders and offers her proof.

The Elder never thought to be saved by Cordelia’s daughter and orders Derek taken away. Grevil argues with him over jurisdiction and loses when the Elder tells him that the village is really a country called Seyrun and is not subject to the laws of Saubure. Victorique seems familiar with this name as the Elder tells them that he is not really the Elder, but the King!

Kujo keeps questioning why Grevil is there and Victorique finally answers him. Mildred was working for him - to follow Victorique and keep an eye on her. How convenient! But things aren’t over yet. Victorique is still determined to prove Cordelia innocent.

There is a final ceremony that night. Harminia is in the crowd and looks quite insane. The masked leader of the procession singles her out and whispers something in her ear that seems to shock her. She falls to her knees as the masked figure says that he has found the one that killed him. He is apparently posing as the dead Elder Theodore. But Harminia really believes that it’s him come from the other side and freely admits her crime. The man in the mask says that Victorique was right and Harminia pulls the mask from his face to find Kujo!

Victorique puts the pieces together for everyone and tells them what really happened in the study the night of the murder. The group moves to the study and Harminia tells them why she did it. And it looks as if the prophecy will comes true as the Elder orders that she be beheaded. Grevil tries to step in, but the Elder draws a sword against him. Sergius tosses the sword to Ambrose and tells him to do it, but Ambrose is remembering a Harminia that was always kind to him and tells her to run instead.

The Elder sends others after her and looks at Ambrose in anger and disapproval. A crash is heard and everyone runs outside. Mad Harminia has set the mansion on fire and I wonder how the fire has spread so quickly in those few moments that she’s been free. She looks truly insane now, standing in front of the fire with a lighted torch. Ambrose goes after her as Harminia sets more fires throughout the village. The group rushes to the portcullis which has been raised and Harminia, still holding a lighted torch, stands at the end of the drawbridge.

Harminia blames Victorique for returning to the village and bringing misfortune with her as she tosses the torch onto the drawbridge. It explodes in a river of flame as Harminia laughs madly. The Elder seems unconcerned that the bridge is burning, quite content that the village be cut off form the outside world. Kujo thinks to save the bridge and urges the others to run. The outsiders begin to run across the bridge but Harminia decides to attack Victorique. Kujo stops the attack and protects Victorique, urging Grevil and Mildred ahead. Harminia continues to attack Kujo with a spear as he protects Victorique and she begins to slice him with the wildly swinging spear.

Victorique begins to cry and screams at Kujo to stop and save himself, but he refuses, not wanting to be separated from her. He would give his life for his friend and runs to Harminia to give Victorique a chance to escape. However, she can only scream out his name as Harminia gets the upper hand and Kujo falls. Harminia is just about to pierce him with the spear when Ambrose comes running out of the smoke and grabs the spear from her. However, Harminia loses her balance and falls from the side of the drawbridge. Ambrose is unable to save her.

The bridge begins to burn faster and Ambrose urges them to make a run for it. It seems that Ambrose has made a choice too since he runs with them to the outside world instead of returning to the village. The smoke starts to affect Kujo and his vision begins to blur. He sees that Ambrose has made it to the other side followed closely by Victorique. Then the bridge falls apart, weakened by the raging fire and Kujo falls with it. Victorique sees this and gasps with shock. He sees Victorique and reaches out, his last thoughts of her as he mentally tells her to take care of her pendant. The chain breaks and the pendant falls past him as he plunges in slow motion.

He reaches for it and a hand grabs his. The bridge fully collapses and Kujo looks unconscious as a voice screams at him to climb up. It’s Victorique and with the smoke still affecting him, he wonders why she is holding his hand. With tears in her eyes, she yells at him that if he gives up, they will be apart forever. She reminds him that he promised that they would go home together. I wonder what happened to the others and why they won’t help this tiny girl trying to save her friend – she won’t be able to hold on to him for much longer. Victorique’s tears fall on Kujo’s face and this seems to help him regain his senses. Kujo realizes that this isn’t where they should part and begins to climb up.

Observing on a higher cliff, two figures – a tall man with red hair and a tiny woman with long blonde hair - watch the fires in the village. The man tells the woman that her sin has gone down in flames. This has to be Brian Roscoe and Cordelia! I wonder why she doesn’t go to her daughter. I’m sure Victorique would want to be reunited with her, especially after proving her innocence.

Later, in a carriage, Kujo remarks that the fires are out. Ambrose is with them and Kujo asks if he’s sure about his decision to leave the village. Ever since Brian Roscoe had told him of the world outside, he’s wanted to experience it. Grevil makes a comment about Seyrun and Victorique corrects him with an ancient account of a people that were like gods that all but disappeared from history. These people were called the Seyrun. But she adds that it was a long time ago and that they are now living in the moment and Ambrose promises to do just that.

As they await the train home, Grevil tells Victorique that she may never be let out again and Victorique tells him that she is satisfied. She accomplished her goal and protected her mother’s honor. Ambrose brings up the question they had asked the Elder when he was telling futures and asks Kujo why both he and Victorique had asked the same one. I knew it! Victorique would not be so petty as to ask if she would grow. Kujo is surprised at first, but then realizes why she had cried afterwards. An annoyed Victorique asks why Kujo is staring at her and had been for the last minute. Kujo tries to say something, but the train whistle is heard and Grevil gets up to watch the train pull into the station. Ambrose and Mildred join him and Victorique looks at them. A hand is offered to her and she looks up to see Kujo with a smile on his face. He is keeping his promise of them going home together and without taking his hand, she stands up. Victorique places her hands behind her back and this is because she must not want Kujo to see that they are all torn up from helping him. She walks away from the dejected Kujo, but turns back to smile at him and say that they will go home to their “usual place”.

Episode 9 –


Avril tells Kujo a ghost story about a department store in the capital city. She laughs when Kujo gets scared. Once he calms down, he pulls out a shopping list of items that his sister wants. The items are ordinary with the exception of a blue rose. He’s puzzled by this item until Avril enlightens him. The blue rose was a diamond that belonged to the royal family but had been stolen during the war. Avril explains that his sister wants a replica of it in the form of a popular glass paperweight, sold at the department store in the city. I get the feeling that Avril’s ghost story is about to mesh with reality!

Avril lends Kujo her book of ghost stories and asks what his sister sent him, eyeing a package. Kujo suddenly remembers that he must go visit Victorique and rushes off as Avril wonders who Victorique is. The girl in question is sitting in her usual spot in the library, thoroughly bored. Kujo arrives to tell her that he’s going to the city but Victorique cuts him off and demands that he get involved “in another life-threatening case”. Kujo protests, but Victorique promises to solve it right away to alleviate her boredom.

Kujo remembers his package and presents it to Victorique to help her with her boredom. Victorique thinks it’s something weird until she sees it and gasps in awe. It’s a kimono that Kujo’s sister has sent to her and Kujo thinks that Victorique might like it to sleep in. Victorique is excited by the gift and holds out her hands for it. Kujo comments on this and Victorique puts her hands behind her back and returns to her arrogant self. Kujo tries to explain how to wear it, but Victorique cuts him off again and says that she doesn’t need details. She picks up a book and begins to read, telling Kujo to leave the gift and go away.

Kujo does so and as soon as he’s out of sight, Victorique cannot resist temptation and excitedly picks up the kimono, exclaiming at its beauty. She later walks across the grounds, carrying the kimono and singing one of her silly songs at the top of her lungs. Oddly, she enters a box hedge. At its center is the most adorable tiny Victorian house – almost like a doll’s house. This is where Victorique lives! It really suits her too.

Victorique immediately slips out of her clothes, intending to wear the kimono, but before putting it on, she momentarily looks at her hands. They haven’t quite healed from her last adventure where she had saved Kujo with those hands. She has no trouble with the kimono, but the obi is a different story. The other piece puzzles her and she can’t figure out if it’s a belt or a ribbon and why it’s so long. It was really funny when she ended up tying it in a huge bow and called it Chaos!

That night Kujo is in his room, reading the book of ghost stories that Avril gave him. He thinks the story of kidnapped is ridiculous and the next scene shows Victorique sleeping in her new kimono. She never did get that obi tied correctly! The next day a sleepy Kujo is met by Cecile who trips and falls flat on her face. She tells him that Victorique has a bad cold and he writes her a note. The note tells Victorique that she’s a fool for catching a cold and also contains a diagram on how to tie the obi. He also sent her the book of ghost stories to fend off boredom. Victorique uses the note to blow her nose and tosses it away!

Kujo stands outside her house, amazed at where she lives. Cecile comes outside and hands Kujo a note. A great big “idiot” is written on it and he yells up at her window that such girls won’t get any presents back form the city. He leaves to do his shopping in the city and Cecile tells Victorique this. Victorique, as sick as she is, sits up in bed, disappointed that Kujo went without her, before letting out a sneeze that was bigger than she is!

Kujo, riding the train alone and probably thinking of Victorique is joined by Grevil. Both are surprised to see each other. Grevil has been summoned to headquarters to investigate a number of stolen art works. These pieces were stolen during the war and are now suddenly on the black market. As Grevil goes on about himself, Kujo thinks of Victorique and her many facets – tiny, arrogant, cheeky, even demonic - and hopes that she is resting in bed. Kujo can’t stop thinking of her and I’m sure he’s beginning to love her. He remembers the prophecy the Elder told him in the village about how their hearts will never be apart. He comes back from his musings to hear Grevil mention that there have also been disappearances in the city as well – young women and children that have gone out shopping and never came back.

Kujo interrupts him to question why it’s them that are together and Grevil brushes him off. They part in the city and Grevil wishes Kujo luck. Kujo walks around and is spotted by a beggar boy that thinks he is Chinese. Kujo looks up at the façade of the department store and seems a bit overwhelmed. He walks into the busy store determined to find a blue rose for his sister. An employee approaches him and asks what country he’s from. Kujo tells him that it’s in the East and the employee tells him that the blue rose is on the top floor. The employee offers to take him there, but Kujo says that he will be fine on his own.

Kujo gets off the elevator and knocks on a nearby door. There is no answer and he enters. There is a display case in the middle of the floor and a blue rose is nestled in a box on top of it along with some other items. A voice demands to know who is there and a startled Kujo drops the blue rose. And it doesn’t break! It can’t possibly be glass – it must be the real blue rose! I wonder if the other items displayed are the stolen works that Grevil mentioned. Leave it to Kujo to get involved in something like this!

A man and a woman enter the room and the man demands to know who Kujo is. Kujo hastily apologizes and picking up the blue rose, places it back in its box. Kujo explains that he’s there to purchase a blue rose and the man takes a good look at him before directing him to another floor where the paperweights are located. Kujo excuses himself and leaves. Before Kujo shuts the door, he hears the man tell the woman that although he matches the description, he is just a child. The woman promises to deal with it.

In the elevator, Kujo berates himself for eavesdropping and thinks that although the woman was beautiful, she seemed cold. He likens her to a mannequin as the elevator stops. The doors open and Kujo realizes he’s on a basement floor intended for staff. He’s about to go back when he hears a noise. Intrigued, he investigates, moving down the hallway and calling out to ask if someone is there. Amusingly, he enters a room with a pile of mannequins and it startles him for a moment.

Kujo walks over to the pile and notices a crate nearby with a loosened lid. He gulps as he removes the lid. Once again, he is startled to see mannequin in the crate. However, this one has closed eyes and as Kujo leans over to get a better look, the eyes open. Kujo screams and stumbles back as the girl grabs him and tells him that there are demons that are going to kill them. Kujo wonders what she is doing there and wants to get a store employee, but the girl begs him to get the police instead. She pushes Kujo and he falls to the floor as the lights go out. He calls out for her, but doesn’t get any answer, so he gets up and runs

Kujo goes to Grevil at the police station and tells him what happened. Grevil is unbelieving and tells him that he is too busy. Kujo argues his point and Grevil yawns. The door opens and the superintendent enters the room. He greets Grevil warmly and reprimands him for not visiting, mentioning that someone named Jacqueline worries about him. The superintendent wants to see Grevil’s talents and tells him to crack the current case of the stolen art works. Grevil nods and takes Kujo from the room, leaving a stunned superintendent behind. I wonder why Grevil suddenly believes Kujo. Grevil mumbles something about living up to their expectations.

Grevil and Kujo arrive at the store and Kujo points out the employee that directed him to the top floor. However, the employee claims that he’s never seen Kujo before now. Kujo wonders what is going on and the man and woman from earlier approach them. The man introduces himself as Garnier, the owner of the store and offers his assistance. He also pretends not to have met Kujo before. Kujo describes the room he was in and Garnier claims not to know what Kujo is talking about and looks to Grevil for an explanation. Kujo demands to be taken to the room he was in and Garnier does so, but it’s a completely different room.

Kujo also takes Grevil to the basement and shows him the crate that the girl was in, but it only now contains a mannequin that resembles the girl he saw. Kujo begins to doubt himself as the girl watches them from the shadows. Grevil berates Kujo, but doesn’t he ask himself why Kujo knows his way around? As he reprimands Kujo from taking him away from his busy work, Garnier whispers to the woman to find the girl. The woman turns around and seems to look right at the scared girl who ducks behind a box.

Meanwhile, Victorique is dreaming of her past and being locked up in that room. She wakes up in her own bed and Cecile is with her. She has a high fever and Cecile says she needs a shot. From her reaction, I don’t think Victorique likes shots! Cecile insists and Victorique says that at least Kujo listens to her. She wonders why Kujo is taking so long to come back and hopes he hasn’t really gotten involved in a mystery.

Back in the city, Grevil is still yelling at Kujo for wasting his time. He tells Kujo to hurry with his shopping and get back home. Grevil gets in his carriage and leaves while Kujo can only wonder what is going on. A woman with crazy eyes suddenly grabs him and tells him that her daughter was eaten. She points to the store and repeats herself as she begins to shake Kujo. Kujo thinks she resembles the woman in the book – a kidnapping demon worshipper. The woman pushes Kujo back and he falls with the woman falling on top of him. As he falls, his money falls from his pocket. The beggar boy pulls the woman off of Kujo and picks up a coin as payment but Kujo snatches it back.

The boy says that he was going to tell Kujo something as Kujo picks up his scattered coins. Kujo looks up at the boy and he says that he saw men entering through the back door of the store in the middle of the night. The boy says that they carried paint, brushes and wallpaper. This convinces Kujo that they remodeled the room while he was talking to the police. The boy picks up another coin and Kujo is now sure that something illegal is going on at the store, but can’t figure out what it is. He remembers Victorique promising to help him solve any mystery he may get in to and decides to call her.

Victorique is huddled under her blanket, facing off with the doctor that is trying to give her a shot. Cecile enters with the telephone and hands it to Victorique. I love how her face changes when she hears Kujo’s voice. Kujo begins to tell her about the mystery and she becomes so engrossed that Cecile is able to hold her arm out while the doctor gives her the shot. She squeals and drops the phone. Cecile and the doctor congratulate themselves, but Victorique hears Kujo scream from the phone and picks it back up. She says his name, but there is no response as the line is dead. She looks once again at her damaged hand and wonders what Kujo wanted.

Back in the city, the phone receiver swings wildly back and forth and Kujo is nowhere to be seen. The woman and beggar boy look at a carriage racing away. And Kujo’s hat is lying on the street. It seems he’s been kidnapped!

Episode 10 –


The kidnapper is the girl from the store basement??? How did she even get a carriage? Her name is Anastasia and she’s from Russia. She was taken captive in the store exactly as the ghost story said. She’s still yelling about demons and sacrifices too and Kujo tries to calm her down. From her memories, it looks like children are being sold. No wonder she speaks of demons and rituals and how the cursed children are taken away. She begs Kujo for help and Kujo wonders how to prove the ghost story is real.

Kujo sends Anastasia to Grevil as he goes to look for the street urchin. The little imp was trying to sell Kujo’s hat! It turns out that the boy has a photographic memory and Kujo asks for his help. The boy refuses saying that he tried to tell the police once before what was happening and no one believed him. Kujo says that he believes him and likens him to Victorique, but then starts talking about his own problems with the young lady. Hearing enough, the boy promises to go make another statement - for a coin of course.

Cecile is still sitting with the still sick Victorique and Victorique is still wearing her kimono. Victorique asks Cecile to bring her the past week’s newspapers. She convinces Cecile it’s important and Cecile goes to do her bidding. Back in the city, Kujo and the boy are headed to the police station, but they pass by a theater showing a magic show and it stars Brian Roscoe! Of course Kujo has to stop and check it out. He wonders where he’s heard the name before. Is he really that dense?

A carriage pulls up to the theater and a “chess doll” is removed from it, followed by the great Brian Roscoe himself. He bows to the gathering crowd and Kujo recognizes him as the man in the town square the day the Dresden plate disappeared. He tells the men to carry the lady gently and they are puzzled because the figure on the box is a man. Roscoe says that the lady has come down with a cold and then a sneeze is heard from within the box. The crowd laughs and thinks it’s a trick, but I wonder if Cordelia is in that box with a cold. Like mother – like daughter!

Just before he enters the theater, Roscoe turns and looks directly at Kujo! Kujo seems mesmerized by those green eyes that are trying to tell him something, but the moment is spoiled when the boy grabs Kujo’s hand and says they should leave. Roscoe watches them leave the area and I’m not sure I like the look on his face. I wonder if he was trying to tell Kujo that the sold children were removed from the store in crates. It would make sense.

At the police station, the boy points to photos of girls and announces dates and times they went into the store and the fact that they never came back out. Grevil is told by an officer that for every girl the boy has picked out, there was a missing persons report filed and that the boy’s account matches other witnesses. The superintendent enters the room after questioning Anastasia himself. It seems she’s the daughter of Russian nobility and I can’t help but wonder if she is “the” Anastasia. It’s funny that they insinuate it – even when Signore says that they are trying to confirm her identity. Nice job Gosick! Signore says that they are also trying to follow up on Anastasia’s story of demon sacrifices.

Grevil grabs Kujo and tells him to “make the phone call” and Kujo sighs, knowing that he means Victorique. Kujo tells Grevil that he should try calling Victorique once in a while himself, but Grevil cuts him off with a shouted “Never!” and I wonder what is wrong with him. Why can’t he openly ask his own sister for advice? There is another mystery here, especially with the way he always pretends she isn’t in the room with him and uses Kujo as a go between.

He later alludes to the fact that the reason for his ridiculous hairstyle might be Victorique. Dense Kujo thought he liked wearing his hair that way. So, Grevil tells Kujo that he once asked Victorique for her help in solving a case and the price he had to pay was this hairstyle. Grevil marvels at the relationship Kujo has with Victorique and likens her to “a loan shark handing you bundles of cash for nothing!” Kujo pulls the “idiot” note from his pocket and smiles broadly. He turns back to Grevil and promises to ask Victorique for her help with this case, but warns Grevil that this will be the last time.

Victorique is still in bed sneezing, with the papers spread out around her and says it’s very simple as Cecile calls out that she has another phone call. Cecile brings her the phone and she asks Kujo why he has to disturb her tranquility. What an act! I know she was probably dying to speak with Kujo! She speaks arrogantly to him and pretends indifference to the point where she has Kujo apologizing to her for relying on her so much. She sighs heavily and tells him that the “fragments of Chaos” are almost gathered. Kujo is flabbergasted that she already knows what he wanted to ask her as she picks up her pipe and haughtily informs him that the “wellspring of wisdom” told her everything. That and the newspapers! Placing the pipe in her mouth, she tells Kujo to fill her in.

Victorique puts it all together and tells Kujo to get a glass paperweight. Grevil picks one up and Victorique tells him to drop it on the floor. He does so and it shatters. She then reminds Kujo of what happened when he dropped the paperweight in the store – it didn’t break! And neither would a blue diamond. Victorique tells Kujo that he saw the actual Blue Rose and that the store is most likely a base that is smuggling out the great works of art lost or stolen during the war.

That night the store is emptied and the police take over for a thorough investigation. They find the changing room with the secret room behind the mirror – just as it was described in the ghost story as well as by Anastasia. Kujo tells Garnier that it is proof that he kidnapped the girls, but Garnier says that it’s just a storage room that isn’t used very much. Kujo starts to say more, but Grevil holds him back. He agrees with Garnier that it isn’t proof. But this seems to be a distraction of some kind. The other officers each walk to a nearby window and place their hand on it. Victorique has told them that “Blue John will lead you to the location of the truth”. Meanwhile, Garnier tells Grevil their search is over and to leave his store.

Grevil tells him not to be so hasty as Kujo asks if he knows about Blue John – a rare mineral that glows in the dark. Grevil snaps his fingers and all of the lights go out. Blue handprints glow on all of the windows, except one - a hidden room where they hope to find the evidence they need. The police are directed to search the fifth floor. However, it looks like Garnier’s assistant might be a well trained bodyguard – as well as the rest of his staff as he orders them to attack the police.

Kujo manages to slip by everyone unnoticed until he reaches the staircase. There he meets Garnier’s assistant. But before she can attack Kujo, Grevil grabs her from behind and tells Kujo to keep going. Kujo makes it to the fifth floor and franticly searches for the hidden room. He finds a concealed door and opens it to find an auction in progress. Not only are works of art on the stage, but also young girls. Kujo sneaks in just at the bidding begins on a young girl and this scene was a little hard for me to stomach. Kujo rightly concludes that this must be Anastasia’s demonic ritual.

Suddenly the police burst in and tell everyone not to move. Everyone freezes for an endless moment and then of course the room erupts into a panic as everybody tries to escape. The police manage to capture them all and arrest them. The girls are covered in blankets and are handled gently by the police. Kujo looks at some of the art works, including the crown of the Romanov kings and sees the Blue Rose again. Grevil watches as Kujo drops ii on the floor to see if it will break or not. It turns out to be the genuine article. Victorique was right again!

Back at the academy, Cecile is sitting outside and reading about the case in the paper. She yawns, thinking that the city is a scary place. And in that scary place, Kujo is still at the police station while Grevil gives him an update. He says that the woman that Kujo had met actually did have her daughter kidnapped and that the Superintendent himself is taking over the case to find the still missing children that had already been sold. Grevil hopes that they will all be found, but also has doubts.

Kujo is taken to see Anastasia and she thanks him for saving everyone. Kujo acts embarrassed and Grevil says that her relatives have been found and will be coming to take Anastasia home. There is also a boy in that room that speaks to Kujo as if he knows him. It’s the little beggar boy! He tells Kujo that he is going away to boarding school. Someone named Jacqueline is sponsoring him and this lady now walks over to Grevil. They must be good friends because she says that he is still wearing that ridiculous hairstyle and he says that it isn’t as ridiculous as her face!

Kujo wonders at their relationship but the little boy interrupts his reverie by saying that his name is Luigi and asks Kujo for his name. Kujo formerly introduces himself and Luigi says that his name is weird. So Kujo has to tell him that he’s “the third son of an Imperial soldier” but Jacqueline grabs his cheeks and plays with his face, saying that he is much too serious. This makes Luigi laugh and even Anastasia smile at the antics. The Superintendent makes a remark about the son of a Marquis being responsible for giving the Blue Rose back to the King. Grevil says it’s all “water under the bridge” and I think there might be another layer of mystery here.

Kujo is on the train and his new friends see him off. I think he is happy to be going back to Victorique. He wonders what she is doing at that very moment and hopes her cold is better. It seems Victorique is dreaming of her prison again and perhaps it is Grevil’s voice that taunts her. The voice accuses the tormented girl of never loving anyone – of not even having the capacity to love. Victorique wakes up, yelling that it isn’t true. She surprises Kujo and Cecile with this, for they are standing right by her bed.

Victorique is groggy and wonders when Kujo arrived and she clutches the blanket. Kujo asks her how she feels and thanks her for helping to solve the case. She gets a little cranky and Kujo holds out a gift to her, asking if she wants it. Her eyes light up and she gives a quick affirmative. Victorique is once again wearing the kimono and is sitting up in bed with the box on her lap. Before opening it, she once again looks at her hand. It is completely healed now. She opens the box to find a glass slipper! She tells Kujo to fetch her pipe and sits it in the glass slipper. It is a perfect fit. I think she was really touched by his thoughtful gift. I also think her dream is a false one for I really believe that she loves Kujo.

Episode 11 –


Grevil is on the phone with his father and the old man says that the Gray Wolf has prowling around often. Grevil says that he takes responsibility and that he is trying to protect the family’s honor. The old man speaks cryptically and tells Grevil not to take his eyes off of his sister before hanging up on him. Grevil calls himself a paper tiger and speaks the name of Jacqueline.

The lady in question is currently trying to flag down a carriage. Her maid, Marion, hurrying to catch up to her mistress, collides with a man and falls down, dropping her case. She picks up the case and apologizing to the man, rushes to the waiting carriage. The man picks up his case which is an exact replica and continues on his way.

At the academy, Kujo learns that the library has a visitor. Cecile says that a lady came to donate some books and insisted on a tour. Kujo is to be her tour guide, but upon meeting her, he sees that it is Jacqueline. She runs to him and plays with his face again, surprised that he is a student there.

When Kujo told Victorique the details of his last adventure, she told him that Grevil had been in live with Jacqueline since they were children, but Jacqueline is unaware of this fact. Victorique goes on to tell Kujo that Jacqueline is also the cause of Grevil’s ridiculous hairstyle. Kujo remembers that Grevil had told him that the hairstyle was the price Victorique demanded to help him solve a case once and finds out now that the two are connected.

As he gives Jacqueline and Marion a tour of the grounds, he thinks Jacqueline is a bit on the odd side. Jacqueline asks Kujo about Grevil and says she intends to pay him a surprise visit while she’s there. The maid says that she doesn’t like Grevil and lists his faults, but Jacqueline says that a long time ago, he was completely different. She also says that she keeps asking him why he wears his hair that way, but he refuses to answer her. However, he is now a famous inspector and she is very proud of him.

As Jacqueline and her maid marvel at the beautiful garden, Kujo realizes that she doesn’t know the truth. He looks up at the library tower and says – “Who would believe that the genuine brilliant detective is up there?” I know he feels bad that Victorique never gets any of the credit she deserves for solving the cases that are attributed to Grevil.

Victorique is sitting in her usual place and hears a noise. Thinking it’s Kujo, she complains that he disturbs her peace, but then she hears a woman’s voice. Jacqueline’s maid urges her to hurry or she won’t have time to visit Grevil. But Jacqueline is enchanted by the “famous” library and Kujo asks her why it’s famous. She tells him that at the time the academy was founded, the king built a refuge where he could meet with his lover. That refuge was the botanical garden on the top floor.

Jacqueline simply must see the garden and runs for the stairs with her maid and Kujo chasing after her. Victorique heads for her hiding place – the cabinet – but hesitates when she hears Kujo’s voice. She hears him warn Jacqueline that there is a “golden monster” at the top of the tower that will eat her. This makes Victorique angry and she decides to play along. She sits near her cabinet and becomes a doll.

Jacqueline arrives at the top of the staircase and looks around for the monster. Upon seeing the doll, she runs over to examine it. She picks it up, exclaiming over its beauty and swearing it could be alive. She hugs the doll and judging by her reaction, I think that is the first time anyone has ever hugged Victorique. Jacqueline then notices that the doll is warm. Victorique confirms that she is alive and Jacqueline throws Victorique from her and screams.

Kujo and Marion arrive to find her comforting Victorique. Jacqueline introduces herself to Victorique and Victorique almost lets it slip that she knows her. Then Kujo almost tells her that Victorique is Grevil’s sister until Victorique hisses at him. Victorique asks what they are all doing there and Marion starts to open the case, saying that they’ve come to donate some books. However, once the case is opened, it is shown to contain cosmetics and Jacqueline wonders if the case was switched.

At the police station, Grevil interrupts a man arguing with an officer, saying that his merchandise case must be found. The officer explains what happened and Grevil sees the crest on the case, recognizing it immediately. He calls the Superintendent who tells him that Jacqueline is indeed there to donate some books to the academy and is surprised that she hasn’t gone to see Grevil.

Marion is apologizing profusely to her mistress and Jacqueline tells her not to worry. Instead she tells her to admire the beautiful painting on the ceiling. Kujo asks Victorique if she is angry and suddenly Jacqueline walks over to her and calls her “Q-chan” which surprises Victorique. Jacqueline explains that was the name of a pet chipmunk that she had long ago and Victorique just reminded her of her pet. Victorique starts to tell her that she feels insulted by the comparison, but then seems distracted by something else.

Jacqueline says it was several years ago, when she first began discussing marriage with her current husband that Q-chan died from an illness and she became a suspect in a murder case. Kujo asks who the victim was and receives a dirty look from Victorique. Jacqueline says that it was the veterinarian that had treated Q-chan. He had died from a stab wound to the chest, but before he expired, he managed to write the letter “q” with his own blood. Jacqueline says that weird things also happened at the man’s funeral in the form of strange letters appearing on the arm of his wife. It was said to be a message from the dead man, accusing Jacqueline of murder. Victorique says some things and Jacqueline tells her that she’s well informed.

A carriage races to the academy. Grevil is the passenger and he holds the case with the books. He gazes at the crest on the case and experiences a memory of Jacqueline. This is the first time I’ve seen Grevil with his hair down and he looks like a completely different person! He and Jacqueline are sitting in a restaurant and she is making faces at him, telling him to smile. He knows her so well and sees that she is acting silly to hide her depression over the murder case. They discuss it a little bit and Jacqueline says that she will turn down the marriage proposal she has just received from di Signore. Although she likes the man, she doesn’t want to cause him any trouble.

Grevil arrives at the academy and exits the carriage, damning the Gray Wolf. He swears if she’s told Jacqueline anything that she shouldn’t, he will make her pay. Meanwhile, Jacqueline says that people treated her like a criminal, saying that she must have killed the vet for letting her pet die. But the maid says that soon after, the real criminal confessed and her mistress was cleared of all suspicion, allowing her marriage to proceed. Jacqueline muses that it was about that same time that Grevil started wearing that silly hairstyle.

Jacqueline starts to give more details about the case, but her maid reminds her of the time. Jacqueline apologizes and says she wants to visit Grevil, so she promises to finish her story the next time. She says it was nice to meet both Kujo and Victorique and putting on her hat, runs down the stairs with Marion trailing after her. Kujo says she’s like a tempest and Victorique has nothing to say. Kujo would like her to finish the story, but Victorique says it isn’t even worthy of Chaos. She tells him that the murderer was the victim’s wife, Paula.

Jacqueline is still running around the grounds as Grevil stomps towards the library. As she eats chocolates, Victorique tells Kujo that Paula wrote the letters on her arm herself. She wanted to frame Jacqueline for the crime and got the idea from the fact that her husband wrote the letter “q” when he died and that many associated the “q” with Q-chan. Kujo says that Victorique doesn’t have to look so disgusted at the cute name. She suddenly falls back to the floor and reenacts how the vet must have written the letter before he died. With a chocolate stained finger, Victorique writes a letter and says that it would come out backwards when written like that. Therefore the vet did not write a “q”, but a “p” for his wife, Paula.

Victorique told Grevil this at the time and he confronted Paula on the phone and demanded that she turn herself in or he threatened that he would go to the police himself. Kujo is all happy that Grevil aided the woman he loved, but Victorique reminds him that she solved the case and that Kujo should stop “looking like a dreamy-eyed young girl”. Kujo tells Victorique that the price of the hairstyle was rather mean of her but she protests that it was reasonable.

The elevator arrives with Grevil and he demands to know where Jacqueline is. He seems sad to have missed her. Meanwhile, the Superintendent is going over the old case because something about it has always bothered him. It is said that Paula came forward to confess because guilt compelled her. But the Superintendent can’t help but feel that there was another reason – that someone else may have helped close the case.

Back at the police station, the man is still yelling to have his case found and returned to him. Jacqueline arrives, asking for Grevil and Marion and the man recognize one another. Grevil hands Kujo the gift of Jacqueline’s books and tells him to give them to the librarian. Yet Kujo still questions his presence and Victorique makes an observation that causes Grevil to defend Jacqueline. Grevil asks to be alone with Victorique and tells Kujo that he may use the elevator just this once. He turns to look at Victorique and she nods, so a disappointed Kujo leaves them.

Grevil compliments Victorique’s intelligence and admits he is lacking in that area, but then he tells her that she doesn’t have a heart – just like her dream! He reminds her of the time she helped him. She had questioned Grevil why he wanted her to solve the case and he said it was because he loved Jacqueline. Victorique questions what love is – probably because raised the way she was, she never experienced any. I don’t know why Grevil couldn’t understand that. Anyway the price she asked of him was the hairstyle. But he tells her now that she should have asked that he stop loving Jacqueline. Grevil says that any other human would have demanded that price but a Gray Wolf like her… and this is where she cuts him off, telling him repeatedly to “shut up”.

Grevil walks away and as soon as she hears the elevator, Victorique lets her tears fall. She says that Grevil is wrong and that she isn’t like that anymore. She says she’s different now. Kujo is outside, hoping Grevil and his sister are all right. Grevil comes out and tells Kujo to go back – that the Gray Wolf is waiting for him. Kujo runs inside.

Marion is saying that it’s a pity that she didn’t get to see Grevil after all. They are on a train and Jacqueline says that Grevil “used to be an extremely striking man”. She shares some fond memories with Marion and says she treasures them, but wonders if she’ll ever see Grevil again. Grevil later receives a note from her, thanking him for taking her donation to the academy. She says that she can always count on her “old friend” and I think that amuses Grevil. It looks like he will always love her.

Bandai Entertainment Adds Gosick Anime

posted on 2011-07-30 22:45 EDT

I’ll wait until the first part comes out. Bandai Ent is one of the few companies now I have to wait and see because they almost always seem to mess something up now a days. I use to be really excited when Bandai got something, but now a days it seems like most of the people that made them great were in the batch that got let go.

Guess that is what happens when your parent company does not seem to get the market in different countries.

Episode 12 –


Time for summer vacation and Avril invites Kujo to share hers at the Mediterranean Sea. Kujo accepts and goes to visit Victorique. I love her summer dress! Instead of that black she always wears, she has on a lovely lavender gown this time. Funny that she berates him for visiting her without a present. She is so spoiled! Well, that is partly Kujo’s fault too. Kujo takes her scolding badly and runs off, saying that he will bring her sweets from the Mediterranean.

But in reality, Victorique already knew he was going away and it was just her way of dealing with it. She wasn’t invited and wouldn’t have been able to leave her prison anyway. Not only is she a bit jealous of Avril, but Victorique has probably never been to the ocean herself and is probably jealous that Kujo is going. And going without her.

I’m glad Kujo changed his mind at the last minute, not wanting to leave Victorique alone and realizing that she would be if he went with Avril. And now Avril is jealous of Victorique! The school is deserted and Victorique takes advantage of this and reads outside in the sun, under a tree. The sun disturbs her and it’s hard to think that she’s spent most of her life shut up indoors. Kujo shows up with a parasol and a package from Japan and I think she was very happy to see him, although she hid it rather well.

Later, Kujo climbs a tree and Victorique watches him in wide eyed wonder. She seems fascinated by this ability as well she might. Again, growing up the way she did, she obviously never got a chance to climb a tree herself. Kujo is a little bit homesick, but is quite content to be with Victorique now.

Alone by the tree again, Victorique stares up at it. Later, when Kujo brings her a cake, Victorique’s books and parasol are there, but there is no sign of Victorique. Kujo calls out for her and discovers her sitting up in the tree. He thinks that she’s stuck and can’t get down, but of course her pride won’t let her admit it to him. She orders him to put the cake down and leave. It’s funny when Cecile passes by and eats the entire cake herself!

When a thunderstorm hits, Kujo is concerned about Victorique and returns to the tree only to find that the stubborn girl wasn’t able to get down herself after all. He tells her to jump and he will catch her and she does – and lands on Kujo feet first! Back at her house, she tries to serve Kujo tea in her kimono and what a disaster that was! Of course Victorique was trying to do something nice for Kujo and ends up hiding behind anger again, telling Kujo to “lap it up” off the floor. Which was kind of funny and I wonder if he did!

Kujo shares a bit of his childhood with her and it seems that he has a smart brother that Victorique once challenged with a puzzle. According to him, it was very easy to solve, but according to his sister, he had to end up asking his teacher for help. Kujo’s brother has now sent Victorique a puzzle to solve and she does so in “less than one second”!

Kujo and Victorique have become close companions and Kujo looks forward to spending his summer with her. It was nice to see some of his childhood as well. He may have something in common with Victorique too. It looks as if he also had a very strict father. This episode was a nice interlude.

Funimation Teases Gosick Anime Announcement

posted on 2017-02-15 01:00 EST

Looks like Funimation licensed Gosick.

Edit: and it looks like they are dubbing it.

Good to see that it is finally happening, and that it dodged the no-dub bullet that struck Dantalian.

TBH, after all this time, if I ever saw any of Gosick, I don’t really recall.

…It’s hard to believe that Sentai and Funi were announcing their rescues almost 4 years ago now.

Funimation to Release 1st Half of Gosick Anime on BD/DVD in May With Dub

posted on 2017-02-16 00:15 EST
Bandai Entertainment licensed 2011 anime but did not release it

Home Video Acquisition & Cast Announcement: Gosick

February 16, 2017 by lauren