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New Fantastic Beasts Poster Featuring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander

JUNE 20, 2016


:confounded: Continuity, that is what people see in video and live products versus books. The books were written and the characters people want to see cast in stone when the words hit the page. The change of something like gender or race loses continuity in video that doesn’t happen in books. Would she have been as willing to change Hermione to a male actor? Harry to a female?

ANY change of the continuity is what people have a problem with like the whole female Thor Marvel wants, or female ghostbusters. Needless change to modernize things, and they aren’t doing any better than the original.

I am guessing this is a play, but people are tired of their characters changing for no reason. Just write characters for new things that are what they wanted to be for “modern times”. Don’t change characters randomly even for stage or screen. How many Asians have been replaced with another race in English speaking movies? None that I know of.

Needless change that divorces from continuity is the problem, not a specific actor, but the people trying to play politics with their products. Recall 4Kids changed the “black” pirate in early episodes of One Piece to pink?

How many Spike Lee movies are ok to replace with all white cast? Does the movie still work? Does it have continuity? maybe white Sanford and Son? White actor cast as Martin Luther King Jr?

That last one is the crux of the argument for many. MLK was a real person, but to many readers and movie/play viewers, the characters in the story are real people to them. People grew up on this and it shaped a majority of their lives, and someone, even the author approval, changes what they had and that affects them because it does tie into what, 13 years of people’s life in the case of Harry Potter?

You cannot retroactively change people’s past, even if you can change an actor in a movie. Why even would you not want the described character from the story presented in a movie where you are supposed to be able to see the same thing as everyone else rather than just your minds eye that would differ from another?

People just need to stop changing established things from peoples lives, and make new stuff if they want to fill certain political roles with them.

You need affirmative action to have more of a race than white in a movie or play, just write the character that race for something new that can be enjoyed. I see no reason for the politics of changing a character be it Nick Fury, Hermione Granger, Little Orphan Annie to another race. Asian, Hispanic, etc never change… why is that because the big “race war” in USA and Europe? Afro Samurai was pretty funny, but it didnt claim to be Jackie Chan, because THAT would be racist since he was supposed to be a 60s English speaking world era person, NOT an Asian.

Earthsea was cast all wrong race as well, nothing said about it so much from the SciFi miniseries, or the Studio Ghibli movie, except by the writer.

I am just so sick of al this race war that trumps common sense like in a medieval England fantasy world game people constantly asking, where is the african-Americans. :confused: it isn’t Earth, there is no America, North, South, or United States thereof, nor is there an Africa in most D&D worlds, but people still seem to want them to be included in the fantasy world. So where is the “Africa” in Avatar? Another fantasy world. How about the little green/grey men from Mars they are now Koreans? Spanish conquest of South America and Montezuma and his city is full of Russians?

See random race changes don’t work for established things be it real world or fiction rewrites, or continuations because it breaks continuity and the story that has been established thus far.

Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson, Steve Harvey, all good host for Family Feud, no race required. Earthsea… why the change to all white cast?

FBAWTFT is supposed to be a trilogy or something right? That will be interesting. I hope it goes all over, not just in US, but wll be nice to see muggle/wizarding world outside of Hogwarts. Maybe Durmstrang territory to see how wizards lived there and then. Glad that one was chosen for a new movie set to expand the HP world to the rest of the world.


Well put @shadzar. Changing the casting and going against an establish continuity isn’t very bright. I suspect that such changes will impact the success of shows like the play. As a side note, Sanford & Son was adapted from an earlier BBC series Steptoe & Son:

Which, of course, was cast with Brits of the day. It made sense for it to be recast when it was brought to the US since there was no continuity to be broken.

Mark Gosdin


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So a black Hermione is fine, but more Brits in the Americas for wizards, namely Irish. No Native Americans founded wizardry in the Americas? Guess they better change all the actors for any film or play from WASP Irish characters to Cherokee, Apache, Crow, Chickasaw, etc

IF her words to “black Hermione” had been anything but lip service and politics, it WOULD have been Native Americans that founded the Americas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Guess JKR only has to contend with fighting her racism from those where she lives since there are NO Native Americans in the the UK…hell there are barely any left in the Americas since genocidal euro-trash began coming here. :confounded:


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But if you land on the Room of Requirement do you get all the galleons people have paid to get out of Azkhaban and taxes paid to the Ministry of Magic? :confused:


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