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Hell Girl / Jigoku Shōjo

Ep. 13

This was a dark one. Azusa using Akie to get revenge on her father and even trying to have her raped. The part at the end when she is sent to hell was sad. It looks like life is going to only get worse for Yuzuki Mikage.
At least Ai Enma is no longer subletting her body.

Episode 12 –

I really liked the hell sequence in this one for the manga artist. It was an interesting mix of animation and human.

Episode 13 –

Ai has finally left Yuzuki and is back in her own body and Yuzuki did not feel any pain with her parting. Even Kikuri doesn’t have to wind up anymore. It was so cruel when she lost Akie. Without Ai, she may think things are back to normal now, but she still has to deal with the loss of her friend and it seems she has a new power. She can sense people that will contact Ai and she hopes to stop them, but she is soon overwhelmed by it. This poor girl just can’t catch a break!
I really like the original ways people are getting sent to hell in the recent episodes. It never gets boring or old.

Episode 20 –

So this is what became of little Tsugumi. I hadn’t realized that so much time had passed. Tsugumi doesn’t seem very happy and I wonder what happened to Hajime.

Episode 21

After the first few minutes of the episode, my money was on the baby being the one banished to Hell, but I was wondering if the writers would go in that direction….and they did.
I would have liked a longer aftermath since banishing an unborn baby clearly ranks at the top of the worst/best banishments yet. Just about the most cold and cruel thing ever….and how do you explain what happened from a medical standpoint? A person is ready to give birth at any moment and then whoosh, uterus full of air.
It took me while to get used to Season 3 since it was more like “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2” than the usual Hell Girl formula. The next episodes are gonna be fun to see how the whole “New Hell Girl” storyline will unfold. Unfortunately, these will also be the last episodes since I don’t think there will be a season 4 anytime soon, if ever.

Finished up ep. 25

This series as whole (all seasons) is just way too repetive for me to enjoy 75+ episodes of.

However, there is episodes here and there throughout the series, that just really hit hard.

Such as the case with ep. 25.
Man was I bawling with this episode.

Missed underlying theme of Hell Girl.

The story is about Hell Girl constantly having to view the same tragedies over an over again. Then in act in judgement right or wrong. The Hell for Hell Girl is when she had to act in the wrong. There were subtle (or real obvious) clues when she was unhappy about banishing a person.

Sometimes this did make for drab anime, since the original episodes that were copied were not that great to begin with. Overall I enjoyed the series, can’t wait to see the finale.

I finally got to see the ending and it was well worth the wait. I think it was one of the most amazing and emotional endings I’ve seen in a long time and will definitely rank among my favorites.

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Anime Expo 2016 - July 2, 2016
Sentai Panel

12:13:43 < bay|AX|Sentai > Q: Hell Girl Blu-rays?
12:13:52 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: Let me ask you more about that after the panel

:laughing:…more like Aniplex says, “NO.”

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Series will have 6 new episodes, 6 “reminiscence” episodes; cast adds Misaki Watada

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Series with returning cast, staff premieres in July

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Anime Expo 2017 - July 2, 2017
Aniplex Panel

12:02:37 < bay|AX|Aniplex> coming october
12:02:46 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Hell Girl Season 4
12:02:55 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Crunchyroll and anime strike in july

###Aniplex USA Announces Hell Girl 4 Streaming on Crunchyroll
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###Crunchyroll Adds “Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight” To Summer Simulcast Lineup
July 14, 2017 2:00am CDT
Series premieres soon

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go90 Streaming Service Adds All 4 Seasons of Hell Girl Anime

posted on 2017-10-13 06:15 EDT
Anime available in Japanese with English subtitles

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