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Hello anime network


i am new to the anime network and would like to get to know some people from here i am from az i was born in flagstaff az and moved to the phx area when i was very young now i live in mesa/tempe az and am 19 years old i like most any anime and have played pokemon ever since i was in the 1st grade and still play it almost every day i am in the 12th grade for the 3rd year in a row and i should have been out of school in the spring of 2009 i like almost all of the anime i have watched on this website like gost hound h.o.t.d. kiba hell girl and so many more i subscribe the the anime network so i can watch anything i want from the anime network i hope to make some friends here and maybe have some good pokemon battles my friend code for pokemon heart gold is 3782 2004 5786 just post your friend code if you want to battle or play plaza game over wifi or even talk on the nitendo wfc with voice chat from pokemon games for the ds or dsi i hope to talk to you all and have a good time on the anime network



Howdy, nice to see a new face here. If you lived in Phoenix, does that mean you’ve been to the heart attack grill? Me and some friends were planning on going to it when a band a group of my friends really life was up there, but it was during a college semester so we couldn’t get the time to do it. ;(

What type of anime genre do like like the most, could always point you in a good way to go for some.


i like almost any anime genre i have been watching h.o.t.d. and am looking forword to the next episode coming out tonight and like gost hound so i dont realy know what genre those are but i think they a good shows


Hello! Welcome to TAN, Have fun, play safe, look both ways before crossing the street, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Someone will be happy to answer!


Hornet65 wrote:

The most important rule is to look both ways. You don’t know how many times I almost got run over by a TokyoPop van.


Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome to TAN from the Tulsa branch! I’ve been through Phoenix exactly once, back in 1983, as I was moving from the Seattle area to the Corpus Christi area. I drove my family through the town at night. Phoenix was the place I had one of my strangest radio listing memories ever-I was listening to an AM station to help me keep awake while I was driving as the rest of the family was asleep. A Steely Dan song started playing-I thought it was “FM”, but when the got to the chorus, all of a sudden I hear coming from the speaker “no static at all-AM…”! I nearly died! Now I know it was an AM station, but why’d they have to make the song sound so idiotic?

Um, sorry about that… it’s my only personal memory of Phoenix. Hope the rest of your time here at TAN is more productive that the last few moments I stole from your life… :S :blink: :ohmy: :frowning:

I think my blood sugar level is low… I need to go eat something. Hey, it works for Gin, doesn’t it?


i will be sure to look both ways before crossing the street thanks for the welcome


gold1591 wrote:

Lol, good. Becausr those TokyoPop vans can get a little crazy.


Welcome to TAN, hope you have a fun time. :slight_smile:


thank you


Hey my names Adrianna, I joined because I want to learn about anime i’ve never heard of, i’m really a fan of crack and gratuitous amounts of fan service. Also doctor who but I don’t quite think that belongs here…Hi ^-^


ShadowWalker wrote:

I got your Doctor Who right,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,40285/#40!


Newshawk wrote:

[quote]ShadowWalker wrote:

I got your Doctor Who right,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,40285/#40![/quote]

Lol of course TAN has a forum about it