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Hello Everyone Sensei of daphne in the brilliant blue is here


Hi im mariah and im 14. I have autism and epilepsy. I love popotan and revolutionary girl utena and world of narue.I am the master of sharingan. I like to read manga. I will graduate in 2014. My favorite manga is Ultimo Karakuri Doji.


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                      what do u mean by that pic


You have autism AND epilepsy?


yeah my neurologist and doc said so


fillet wrote:

It’s actually quite common for epilepsy to accompany other neurological disorders.


So, AG, what kind of effects have these disorders had on your life? You seem normal enough here.


being a klutz, cant spell, not good at making friends, etc i dunno ask my psych


you don’t seem to have trouble making friends to me =)


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too old do not want


Hi everyone im back I wasnt on for 2 hours. Id like to say hi to my 3 best friends hentai, dragoon, alex94. Im here to stay. But call me Gloria. Instead of animegirl95.


Everyone makes ONE intro thread… that’s it.


but this isnt a intro thread


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It’s in the Intro Forum.


its a BACK thread


You only make a back thread when you’ve been gone for over a month or so… not when you’ve only been gone for a couple of hours.

If we all did that, we’d each have to make one every morning…


oh im sorry but can i ask u something




why wont u accept my friend requests :unsure:


I sent you a PM.