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Hello I'm


Hello I’m Jess but all my friends call me Tink. I’m 20 years old and bisexual and if I don’t like u I’ll let u know right away and I don’t like stuck up people that think there better then everyone cuz there not well any how here is more about me, I’m married and i have 2 little boys, and i love anime all kind idc what it is ill watch it as long as its anime. I love all kinds of music I’m mostly into ICP i been down with them for 6 or 7 years now, ICP = insane clow posse <—for thos that don’t know. Well message me add me get to know me.:woohoo: :blush:


Hello, welcome to TAN! I hope you like it around here. We try to be nice, most of us anyway, and have fun. So enjoy! Come back and post often.


Hello & Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself.




yo, what other kind of music are you into?


Do I still have to wait for six weeks to pass before introducing myself?

I am Haissan, the Pervert. Pleased to meet you


What an introduction! How came you by the nickname Tink?


Welcome to TAN.


I wanted to ask, why id you point out you were bi? is it to warn the women and the men that you are more likely a bigger pervert than I am?


Uh oh, Haissan feels like he’s got some competition and is starting to get a little worried… Haha jk

Welcome to forums please try to be nice to everyone if possible! If you do have a problem I wouldn’t recommend leaving hateful posts or threads on the forums because I’ve seen in the past that can get you kicked off pretty quickly… Just send them a private message… :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways hope you enjoy everything!! See you around!!


Welcome to our slice of paradise.


Don’t say we scared off another one. I hadn’t even pulled out the deadly cheap gas cloud affect monster yet!


I wonder why all the new females never stay??? It can’t all be Haissan!!!


Idk what was the reason you stayed when you joined Wicca??? lol


Basically, it was a love of anime. But after, it was the other members and the wonderful abundance of information here that kept me coming back. It is just a great site to visit. I look forward to it everyday and it always makes me smile!


Haha nice. That’s always a good thing. :slight_smile: I enjoy it as well. Have a ton of good memories on the old forums.


It’s not my fault. She stopped coming before I posted here…


Eh, we’re still going to blame you…


I know, I know, I have recieved official warning from a company representative about my behavior to straighten up…I feel slightly embarrassed I made that much of an *ss of myself, and kinda distinguished because it came from so high up…So I will have to change to being not the pervert anymore, although, being perverted in your story is still great.


Ouch! I guess ATMT will have to be your outlet. Though right now you’re just a little computer component. But that will probably change soon…