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Hi,I am new one

Hello Friends,

I am new here and this is my first post in this forum. So let me introduce myself. I am Cgmzsk, a software engineer by profession but I have many other passions too like cosplaying spending time with my furry and feathered friends.

I’m really glad to have come across this forum. I am sure I will get to learn quite a bit from you all. And hopefully, with the passage of time, I will be able to add some value to this forum.

Warm regards,

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Hi @Cgmzsk23, and welcome to TAN forums!

As you are new here, please look over The Forum Rules. They contain useful data, like what is and isn’t allowed to be posted in our forums.

What characters do you cosplay as? If you want, you could post your cosplays in a thread in The Fan Media sub-forum. Just remember, nothing too risque though.

What are some of the anime series you enjoy?

I hope you enjoy it here! :blush:

Hi @Cgmzsk23 and Welcome to the most fun of ur Life

@MaouSadao is the best mod here well all of R mods R special in their own way

dont be a stranger but continue to stop by the forums when U can
and dont be shy and feel free to post in the thread U find interesting.
and when U find it start and post often

enjoy ur stay that the most luxurious free forum ever

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Welcome ye hardies lets tall about good anime.

I highly disagre. Likes flat girls not juicy mellons

The only one I trust is @slowhand @Series5Ranger is allrite two

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Yo! Welcome!

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Thank you everyone! Nowaday! I tried to cosplay Yashiro Nene of Toilet bound Hanako kun. Anyone love this anime? I got a nice cosplay costumes from I think that we can make a video of Toilet bound Hanako kun at home, anyone want to take part in?

That shoes trash it shold be god with a gost and a knife butbits knot.

these are shoes retard

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My damn auto correct doesn’t work write when I’m drunk.

This is why hes my best bud. Tells it like it is. Rock on @OneWayDevil :metal: