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HIDIVE Roku app

I received a reply to an inquiry I made about the Roku app and I was told they were trying to include in-app purchases in the app and that was what has delayed the release. I’ve volunteered my services as a beta tester numerous times and I’ve only heard crickets. I’ve done beta testing for DirecTV before and I have a background in both electronics and video production plus I own two different Roku devices so I could give them great feedback on the app… but NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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If we’ll be able to sync our HiDive accounts with VRV, then who cares if HIDive’s Roku app is delayed? But what does this mean for getting my weekly fix of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai?!



So I took a look at the comments in the above tweet. Two big things stand out.

They’re still working hard and hoping to get the Roku App on track for a 2018 release.

If you missed your chance to download the iOS app (because it got rejected from the App store), HIDIVE has been working to get a version approved by Apple. The wait still ongoing.


I just want to know when HIDIVE will finally release a ROKU app!!!


Would be nice to know . Least be cool to know what the hold up is . If it’s they are having issues with Roku’s coding then they need to hire someone that knows it or maybe they should not have been so quick to ditch the Roku TAN app . I feel they are loosing out on potential direct subscribers .


HIDIVE Press Release on Roku App Launch

July 2, 2019

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All linked up and ready to go !



I’d ask what took so long, my Roku is almost 2 years old? I bought it thinking HiDive would have their APP shortly.

Oh, well. It’s up and working.

Mark Gosdin


Found one minor glitch with the Roku app . If you click on the episode list box icons on a show that does not have episodes , 1 episode like a OVA , or its like a movie like Godzilla 1984 . It crashes the app . Easy to get back in and probably not worth messing with since it might cause other issues . Note tried this on my Roku TV and Roku Stick+ .


Thanks for the note. We were able to replicate this issue. HIDIVE’s developer team should have this debugged here soon.


Two more for the Roku .
1: Rahxephon TV if you go to switch language to Japanese it crashes the app . English dub plays fine .

2 : For shows with both a English dub and Japanese audio . If you select Japanese the subtitles menu does not appear unless you have the closed captions set on the Roku to always on . Pictures were taken from trying it on Sword Oratoria TV . Tried on several different shows to the same effect .

If the closed captions are off you get this .

If the closed captions are on you get this .


And for some housekeeping…

We can finally answer your question @OtakuGirl85. It’s out now! :star_struck:

I’m very happy that I can get rid of VRV now! Their app handles CC subtitles atrociously. However, I can’t understand why the HIDIVE Roku app can’t utilize the same subtitles as the streaming player. The Roku CC system is its worst feature. At least HIDIVE has found the way to keep the closed captioning from double displaying and having the lines of text stack over each other for any text above the lower third of the screen.

I looked at the iOS app and the FireTV app . Both handle the subs pretty much like the website . Though I think they all handle them in a similar way as closed captions ,but I think Roku just did it really poorly . I’m kind of surprised people have not complained to Roku about it . The Roku TV’s it is pretty annoying since you have to remember to turn it off unless you want closed captions on everything . Amazon’s prime video app even on the Fire still uses them for subtitles as well ,but in one of the last app updates you can turn them on and off within the app instead of the Roku side menu . I think that is the one feature I hope HiDive is able to at least do . I’m going to have to adjust the font ,size , and color for HiDive use . Amazon it worked ,but since Hidive’s also translate signs and stacks subs . I have to adjust it so it’s more visible on different backgrounds . I think in my case once I figure out that it’s just a minor annoyance .

That all said I’m happy to finally have the app on the living room tv . It lets me rewatch stuff easy compared to having to dig out my collection or turn my contraption on I put together to use multiple streaming boxes . Pretty much no use for the Fire Stick now .

I’ve noticed a problem with Undefeated Bahmut Chronicle–every time I start an episode, whether at the beginning or when closing the player then resuming play–the video is squeezed into a 4:3 aspect ration box. It stays that way for about 1:50 to 2:10 or so, then widens to the 16:9 aspect ratio. While it doesn’t prevent me from watching the video, it is annoying. So far, it’s the only series I’ve seen this happen with, and it’s happening on every episode.

I tried for a bit to replicate it on the stick+ . Not been able to on my end .

It must have been a temporary thing, PP. I’ve not been able to replicate the issue again. I will say I’m enjoying the HIDIVE Roku app immensely. There are some tweaks I’d like to see, like a sortable queue list (such as Crunchyroll has) but overall I’m pleased with the app.

Edit: I just submitted a support request email to Roku (as I coun’t find any other way to make my request known) concerning the captioning issue. The following is what I submitted:

I would like to submit a feature improvement request. The closed captions need work. At present, they are too thin and too dim to view at times when using captioning as subtitling on foreign language programming. The white lettering, when combined with the surround edging, turns gray. This makes it hard to read.

What I’d like to see is this:

  1. An option for different font thicknesses or the ability to bold the font.
  2. The ability to adjust the color of the edge/shadow in the same manner as with font color. Some of the present color combinations are simply unworkable. Please give us the option to choose our own color combinations.

If these changes can be instituted, It will improve the readability and usefulness of the captioning section of Roku devices.

I’ll let everyone know when and what they reply.

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Finally got the subs/Captions where I can see them . Using the Funimation app to show since the HiDive app does not get rid of the overlays(or whatever it’s called ) .

Text Style: Default(set by content)

Text Edge effect : uniform

Text size : Large

Text Color : Default ( set by content)

Text opacity: Default ( set by content)

Background Color: Default ( set by content)

Background opacity: 75%

Window color : Default ( set by content)

Window opacity: Off

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Wow that makes a difference @psychopuppet!

Thanks :grin: