Holy Crap I did not do an Intro

Hi Everybody. I am Haissan, and I am your friend. Please don’t mind the cameras as if you are not a loli, you are not under surveillance.

Honestly tho, I have been coming here for almost four years now, so I like to just welcome the new and the old to this forum. I am full of myself, so if I ever act like I own the forum, its because I do.

Well, as far as anything goes if it comes to Vampire battles, Alucard wins, hands down. I don’t care if it is a Crusnik, Dhamphir, Unstet(sparkly vampire), Nosferatu, or any other kinds, Alucard wins. Hands Down. If Alucard is not even in the room, he wins. He is like the most interesting man in the world. He doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he grabs a Mexican because chances are, he drank Dos Equis.

I want you to know I am usually up for debate, or fight or whatever. I get stressed and such at times and well, you never hear about it so no worries.

American Lager Tastes like piss. Don’t ask me how I know, just take my word for it, American beer is not very good at all. I have had a couple of Ales and they were good. My Favorite so far is Drafthouse Amber served exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. I like sake, and the occasional rum drink. I don’t care for mainstream sports simply because it’s stupid to watch something when you can look up the scores and the break downs the next morning. I mean doing the activity is far more entertaining, like porn.

I study TaeKwonDo, and I have achieved first Dan ranking. Recently due to scheduling and other conflicts, namely energy requirements and school, I have been out of practice. I am concerned about other things too.

All in all I have to say my favorite sex position is with the chick on top. Experimentation is not unwelcome tho, so who knows could end up with something far more exotic at a later time.

I used to do Role Play on the last forum, and I had a good time doing it. Limitations were the downfall of the last one and to be frank, we grew tired anyway. Haissan and Neman are out there somewhere ready to strike tho. Have fun

ice to meet you all, please be gentle and kind to me.

Welcome to the forums, Haissan! Nice to meet you! :wink:

Welcome Haissan!

Please help yourself to the cheeseburgers and moon pies!

Well we like posters here young sir! And I’d like to welcome you as a potential poster young sir! And I hope that you do stay young sir!

A new person named Haissan?
Iz this a time paradox?

Time Paradox?

I should warn you I am a pervert

Thanks for the welcome guys, I know we will get along quite nicely! Please be good to me!

When I think of Haissan


I get all kinds of support. I like the hellsing version better…

whtever you do never look up how to lose your virginity on youtube…there are chipmunks and insanity;…


I totally don’t get that one