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How do I cancel my subscription?


I’ve watched just about everything I want to. Why can I not find any information about canceling a subscription? This sort of stuff should be in the FAQ.


How to Change or Cancel Online Player Subscription

If you need to change, update or cancel your Online Player Subscription membership, email and list your name, username, and name on your billing info, and Anime Network will take care of it.

It wasn’t in the FAQ since Anime Network is working on making this possible via your Account Control Panel in the future. It was supposed to be available but it’s been taking longer. I’ve updated the FAQ to include this info.


Alright, thanks for the quick response. Hopefully people using the forum search will find this thread until this stuff is finished being added to the site.


Should I be getting a reply to my e-mail or some other form of confirmation?


I’ve forwarded your question to them.


I just checked my bank account online and it’s showing some sort of pending $9.49 transaction for Anime Network. I have not received a reply to any e-mail sent to the Anime Network.


We’ve issued a refund and canceled your subscription. Sorry for the delay.


Great, thanks. It’s good to have this all cleared up. I just got the e-mail saying it was canceled.



Come back, soon. There’s more new anime coming and other cool site features.


I NEED to cancel my online VOD membership! Your company has NOT responded to the emails I have sent you from your FAQ page.


I’ve forwarded your request to the tech department. It is the weekend though, so you might need to wait til early next week. I’ll follow up with them again on monday, if it isn’t resolved by then.


how do you cancel your the Anime Newark account


Send an email to