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I cant sub scribe to this site it wont let me


i cant sub scribe to this site it wont let me tryd paypal but this site ses its mising somethin i chect paypall but it isint dont know what to do


[size=15]Need to make changes, updates to your Subscription? Having trouble subscribing, or just have a question about Anime Network’s subscriptions?[/size]

Either post your question here or email us at and an Anime Network representative will take care of it!

If you send us an email with a question about your existing Premium Subscription, please provide us with the following information to help us pull up you account information and contact you back quickly:

  • Your Username
  • Your REAL name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Which subscription is this in reference to (online or mobile)
  • A clear & detailed description of your issue


  1. DO NOT post personal information, such as your credit card or phone number, in the forums! A representative from the Accounting Department will contact you to get that info.

  2. If you are inquiring about your mobile application subscription, please let us know which app you downloaded and what platform of phone you are using (ex. iPhone, Nokia, etc)

  3. Anime Network cannot manage your cable VOD subscription - you must speak with your VOD provider.

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