Howdy people

I guess I should have posted here before I did some of the other threads, oh well.

Hi there, my name is Chris and I enjoy watching anime. Usually I prefere movies to series since they are easier to collect. I have been an avid anime fan since about 6 or 7 years old(go transformers), currently I’m 28. I’ve seen anime go from a stigma of weird shows, and ‘how can you watch that?’ comments to being somewhat accepted. In addition to watching the shows and movies most of the video games I one are anime based RPG’s, I love squarsoft (pre square-enix) and Atlus. i look forward to reading the other members’ post and trying to catch up on new information. As a final note is it too much that I named my dog Kari (shortened from Hikari)? :slight_smile:

I forgot to add, the avatar that’s me(the shield has my actual family crest on it), there’s another pic of me in costume on my profile page

Hey Cbus, welcome to the forums. Hope to see you on in the future.

Hi and welcome to TAN. :slight_smile:

Accepted. Nice to have you.

Welcome. Come back to post often. :slight_smile:

Salve! Welcome to gang.

welcome to TAN from another new guy…

Welcome to you! It’s always nice to see new people around here. Hope you visit often. :slight_smile: