Irl CYBB Fashion Fun and Facts

Going to try to make this game fun as possible so we can add to the excitement of TAN and have new players join our team of Friday Night Bandits :crossed_fingers:

I’m making this up as I go
will start the game following @Newshawk days on Friday but a little after the set time of 9:00 pm EST that the game CYBB starts I will say roughly 9:30 EST the sequel FF&F ( fashion fun & facts ) will then start
Rules One previous CYBB claim that you have you make on Fridays and up to 3 pics of that claim with up to 3 facts about your character and now here’s the fun part state a made up CYBB irl scenarios to your claim. Like how would you welcome they into your possessions and how would you take care of them and give them a nickname and title number and stuff like that to add fun to this game

So there you have it folks
Let’s get this game rolling

I would like to introduce to you all my # 1 Hacker Girl ( fact ) Ami Enan she downloaded into my life and it a pleasure to have her on my team she’s been a big help to me she hacks into the IRS when I do my taxes for me she hacks these takeout apps she’s just been an absolute joy to be around


Pics are not working